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  • moulikareddy 10w

    Fight for your fairy tale....,❣️

  • moulikareddy 10w

    My personality confuses people

    I enjoy being alone, a lot, but I am very outgoing and social.

    My environment dictates how I behave. Sometimes I'm loud, sometimes I'm quiet. I read the energy and adjust. There are times when I want to turn up and then there are moments where I want to read a good book, or process thoughts, alone.

  • moulikareddy 10w

    We fall
    We break
    We fail

    But then....

    We Rise
    We heal
    We overcome

  • moulikareddy 10w

    Iam Strong because
    I have been weak..

    Iam beautiful because
    I know my flaws...

    Iam fearless because
    I have been afraid...

    Iam wise because
    I have been foolish...,

    I can laugh because
    I have known sadness .....,

  • moulikareddy 10w

    Two sweet words difficult to say in life...,

    1.HI for the first time to unknown person
    2.BYE for the last time to loved person...

  • moulikareddy 10w


    Is when you stop asking people
    Why they won't call u or text u

    You just notice that and accept that
    no drama fight...,
    Simply smile...leave them ..njoy in ur own way.. nd let them go to hell...,

  • moulikareddy 10w

    Edupu ki Karanam cheppaleni vayasu lo naluguriki vinpincheyla peddaga edustam....,
    Edupu ki Karanam cheppey vayasu lo
    Evariki teleyakundaa lolopala edustam....

    Entoo ee Jeevitham


  • moulikareddy 12w

    జీవితం అనే రంగస్థలాన మైమరిపించి మురిపించే పాత్రలు ఎన్నో, ఎన్నెన్నో....

    ఆ పాత్రల వెనుక ఉండే భావాలు ఎన్నో, ఆ భావాల వెనుక ఉండే కారణాలు ఎన్నో, ఆ కారణాలను నడిపించే పరిస్థితులు ఎన్నో, ఆ పరిస్థితులను మలుపు తిప్పే విధిరాతలెన్నో....

    ఆ విధిరాతలతో అర్థాంతరంగా కనుమరుగయ్యే పాత్రలు ఎన్నో, ఎన్నెన్నో.

  • moulikareddy 13w

    Happy Sunday

  • moulikareddy 13w

    In between your goals.....,
    REMEMBER that there's a precious thing
    called LIFE that has to be njoyed...