complete in my own way living alone is a feeling that attracts everyone else

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  • murtaza_niyazi 15w

    Aek rishta

    Kae jisae wo bana gayae thae aashiyan aarzoan ka

    Wo aaj weerana bana padha hai

    Jis dil sai batein hoti thi din bhar
    Wo aaj sunsaan padha hai

    Dil tod kae dil rakhnae ka hunar humnae unhi sai to seekha tha
    Wohi to ashiq e mastaan thi hamari

  • murtaza_niyazi 18w


    Acha chalta hu phir aek baar
    Yae jahan bhi tumhara yae taqdeer bhi tuhmari

    Yae tabeer bhi bhi tumhari
    Yae aarzo bhi tumhari

    Hum to bus isae jiyae jaa rahae thae

  • murtaza_niyazi 18w


    She is my shadow
    She does what i like to do
    She says what i like to hear
    She doesn't get angry even if i break her apart
    She is the sea of patience and love that One just sinks in
    She isnt my wife but she surely is my life
    She is the pacemaker of my heart
    She is my shadow

  • murtaza_niyazi 18w

    The conclusion

    What i said in previous 2 posts is true i could show a pic for that but i am not allowed to share the pica here i guess

    So there is a senior of mine who used to study about 14 hours a day and had forgotten about the social and physical life
    Today was his paper of NEET PG and now where most of others are saying that it was hard it was medium and stuff

    That brother told me it was one of the easiest paper i have given till now

    I knew everything that came

    And like everytime i marked the right answer i got a feeling of happiness

    He too repeated the same lines saying
    If u work hard enough and keep your goals above these matters than when u get the achievements these things are more fun

    So my sincere advice again is be free from this shit of relationship and other related stuuf

    Everyone is a lone warrior of his own battle

  • murtaza_niyazi 18w

    What life is
    part 2

    Continuing the lines i just want to say to all readers life isnt about how many moments u spent together but ita about how u felt in those moments

    I state my next point as a doctor

    Whenever i read a clinical case the first line is always ""the patient""
    So yes your degrees dont matter in this world to the extent but they matter (if u earn well u can go to atleast a good hospital where u get attentive care)

    Neither does is matter who u are with

    Lastly i want to say respect all those who care and love u
    1) your family
    2) your friends

    And ofcourse your gf if u have one

    Stay Motivated the feeling u get when u look at your achievements is far better than the feeling of this bf gf shit

  • murtaza_niyazi 18w

    What life is
    Part 1

    To all who haven't understood what it is

    Life is a moment of joy or sorrow
    But that life dosent come gifted my friends

    For a free life that u can feel pain and sorrow in one has to put his life in work

    This is a genuine thing and i feel it
    Looking back now at the medals and trophies and the prestigious certificates i earn today while many of others cant even dream of having them now is something that brings happiness to me
    This happiness lets me forget all the pain i took,the separations from ones i thought were my life

    I know oneday when you will u will understand that it was important than

    An yess you (shumaiz) are the one i broke my clavicle for in a try to impress

    And now when we arnt together but the broken clavicle still i understand how foolish i was

    Yes u are the one for whom i got so many fractures while learning basketball and leaving football
    Seeing my hand that are a little disfigured now reminds me of the moments we spent on the window of tution just looking at the rain
    Not speaking but understanding everything

    I know the distances of metres have become miles

    But still u are there as a sensation

  • murtaza_niyazi 21w

    Pain and sorrow

    The smiles you found heavens in have faded now
    The hearts lasts for the happiness it once had

    All it needs now is someone to say everything will be alright again

  • murtaza_niyazi 21w

    Ghar sai door

    Izzat karo biwi ki
    kae kya hota hai ghar chod ana mehsos kia hai humnae

    wo bachpan ki yaadein
    wo dostu kae saath guzari lambhi ratein
    Wo galiyan, wo mashjid wo barsatein
    Yaad aati hai bht yaad aati hai

  • murtaza_niyazi 22w

    Me and my physiology

    In the lonely world of mine there lies a hope
    In the empty heart there is a will

    In this world I feel the most lonely
    And that was my choice

    A guyton hall in my hand and a lemon scented candle burning
    Light on dim and i lay on bed
    Flipping through the pages and enjoying the pain i feel

    Ahh a better love story doesn't exist

    no more relationships
    No more guilt
    People left and pushed them further away
    Remeber the axiom of medicine is "i dont care about anyone"

  • murtaza_niyazi 29w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Expectation

    Read More

    Doctors should always respect expectations