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    In a cafe

    I enjoy the scene
    Of the surrounding people,
    Even though they're in different tables.
    I write in my notebook
    As I enjoy my coffee and muffin.
    The service is friendly.


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    Abuse abd bullying

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    My Shape and Mentality

    Having to give up certain foods,
    While forced to take up activities
    Is supposed to help me physically;
    Only crippled me mentally.
    'You don't need to eat!' Mom said.
    'Fatass!' My sister said.
    'Hey, Ugly Bitch!' Said my fellow students.
    As a result, it still takes its toll to this day.


  • musiclover46 22w

    No Such Thing

    As Long as I wonder,
    I'll be alone;
    As long as I'm a loner,
    I'm too scared to love.
    Being used, cheated, mistreated:
    There will never be any such thing
    As love for me.


  • musiclover46 22w

    10 years ago

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    My expression

    If you're insisting on these lies,
    You can kiss my FAT ASS!


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    Love the RED shawl
    Which goes well beautifully
    With the BLACK pants.
    I wonder about,
    Feeling confident.


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    Ticking Seasons

    Moving forward
    With seasons by Time;
    By day and night.


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    Olav and Rachel drove in silence until they got to their hotel. They were too exhausted to say much until Olav said, ‘I'll go and shower now.’

    Rachel gave Olav a caring look. ‘Are you sure you’re alright?’ He looked wan and paler than usual.

    He smiled kindly. ‘I’m fine, My darling. Just telling everyone about…what happened took a toll on me. Once I shower and rest, I should be fine.’

    Rachel returned the smile and kissed his cheek.
    ‘Okay, then.’

    Olav almost went to the bathroom when he stopped at the window and froze. Rachel knew what that meant: he saw something or someone he recognized.

    She then stood by him and gasped at who he was staring at: Moki, standing down at the ground, staring up at them.

    ‘What do we do?’ Rachel asked.

    ‘Now is not the time to approach him. It is almost daybreak.’ Olav then turned to Rachel. ‘We both need to rest.’

    Rachel nodded, agreeing that she felt tired.

    Olav then kissed her before he went to the bathroom and she almost went to the bedroom when she heard a noise in the hallway. She then froze. ‘Who’s there?’

    There was no response, but she saw an unrecognizable pair of shoes. Out loud, she said in a shaky tone, ‘Look, I'm not alone. If you don’t identify yourself, I’ll get my boyfriend or call the police.’

    ‘There’s no need,’ said an all too familiar voice. ‘You and Olav should know very well I wouldn’t hurt either one of you.’

    Rachel’s heart then dropped. ‘Moki?’ Her voice came out in a whispered shock.

    Moki stepped into her view. ‘None other.’

    Rachel couldn’t stop staring at him as Olav came into the room.


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    Small poem

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    Diminishing Verse

    Alone in the park
    As it gets dark;
    Looking up are so many stars.


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    Chapter 31: Olav’s Story

    A bloody tear fell from Olav’s eye and dropped
    onto his wrist.  He soon took a kleenex from Rachel’s hand. She, too, was crying at the terrible memory.

    ‘I know having to do that was hard,’ Rachel said as she rubbed Olav’s shoulder. ‘But you did the only thing you could to save him. It was either that or let him die.’

    ‘She's right, you know,’ a new voice interjected.

    Everyone turned and was surprised to see that Ralph had entered the room. He looked refreshed and calm. Everyone else was distracted.

    Olav sighed. ‘How long have you been there?’

    ‘Long enough to know that you’re a hero to my daughter. In turn, you’re a hero to me.’

    Olav only nodded. Rachel merely looked at Ralph and squeezed Olav’s hand. Nicholas was silent as Carrie and Simone beamed.

    Olav only shrugged. ‘I only wish there was another way I could have saved him. He never wanted to be one of us.’

    Nicholas then frowned before he reached into his pocket. It was a photo. ‘I know vampires aren’t supposed to appear in photos…’

    Olav let out a bitter laugh. ‘Nothing more than a foolish myth.’

    ‘Oh. Well…is this Moki? I met him at the hospital the other day.’

    Olav frowned and took the photo before his jaw dropped. It was a picture of Nicholas and Moki smiling. They looked as though they were celebrating. ‘Yes, it is him.’ He showed the picture to Rachel, whose eyes widened.

    ‘I took the picture,’ Carrie said. ‘He went by some other name. He didn’t seem angry or dangerous, though.’

    Olav nodded. ‘That’s no surprise. I’m grateful to know that he’s safe. I wish I knew where he was, though.’

    Everyone nodded in response, including Ralph.

    He looked towards the bright building, knowing that Rachel, Olav, Nicholas, and Carrie were there. It was clear they had company.

    Moki wasn’t surprised. They were all good people. He shouldn’t have left Olav and Rachel the way he did. He only was worried that monster Kang would reappear.

    Slowly, he turned away. Now was not the time for a reunion.


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    Chapter 30: Olav’s Story

    'Stay by him, Rachel,’ I told her as she sat by Moki. ‘He needs someone to be with him.’

    Rachel did as was told as I rose to my feet, my eyes fixed on Lee. She didn’t have to ask what I was about to do.

    Kang merely kept an eye on me as I then zoomed to Lee, attacking him very quickly. For a vampire, he was quite slow. I had managed to destroy him. He clearly didn’t feed very much.

    ‘Very good!’ Kang said with a great deal of sarcasm. ‘Since you don’t feed very often, you’re quite the hunter!’

    I merely punched him before I lifted him up by throat, squeezing him. ‘Why now? Why now after all these centuries?’

    He merely grinned at me and said, ‘I only thought it was a perfect time for a reunion. Don’t you?’

    I then hissed at him and threw him at the ground. I had then grabbed a broken stick that was on the ground before he turned to face me. I then shoved it into his chest.

    He laughed before I gave him a bewildered look as he pulled out the stick. ‘You missed.’

    I swore under my breath before I turned to find another. Once I had and turned to show it to him, he had completely disappeared.

    Coward, I silently thought. But there was no time for this. I needed to tend to Moki.

    I rushed to his side. If possible, he had become weaker. His skin became even paler. ‘There’s no time,’ I said, ‘There’s only one thing that can be done.’

    ‘Do it.’

    I looked at Rachel, stunned.

    ‘If that’s the only way to save him, then do it.’

    I nodded, knowing what must be done.

    Slowly, I gently grabbed Moki in my arms before I bit a tiny wound on my left wrist. Then, as I held it to his lips, I whispered, ‘Drink, dear boy.’

    To my relief, he grunted. Then he mumbled, ‘No.’

    I let out a hiss of frustration before saying, ‘Don’t be stubborn! It’s the only way you'll survive! Now drink!’

    He hesitated before taking my wrist then taking my wound into his mouth. Rachel’s eyes widened as his normally brown eyes turned red as his usual healthy brown skin turned pale.

    Finally, he hurled me away. Rachel rushed to my side as he ran to Lee’s corpse. When he realized Lee was dead, he stomped towards me. ‘What the hell did you do to me?!’

    I stared at him. ‘I did the only thing I could to save you.’

    ‘This isn’t saving me!’ He yelled.

    ‘He didn’t kill you, either!’ Rachel shouted.

    Moki then turned to her, and I watched as his fangs lengthened as his mouth salivated. My eyes widened-his hunger was taking over!

    ‘Moki,’ I cried, running towards him.

    He tore his gaze away from Rachel before running to the nearest window and leaping out of it. There was no question: He did that to save Rachel.