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    A failed friendship

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    Shock and sadness

    You were a good friend;
    Like a brother.
    Now our friendship is in a
    State of decay
    After you asked
    Me to be intimate with you.
    For James


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    Olav's Story: Chapter 29

    My darling Rachel and I had gotten closer over the following weeks. I hadn’t even been so happy since I was with Flora. I was only grateful that Rachel was mortal.

    But I never wanted to think upon that.

    We had walk from a restaurant to a park, which looked beautiful in the evening. Her eyes and skin glowed against the moonlight. Her smile was radiant.
    I then felt something in my coat pocket when I remembered her gift. I beamed.

    She returned the smile. ‘What? You suddenly look eager.’

    ‘That’s because I am.’ I then took her a necklace; a thick silver chain with a diamond at the end. She gasped at the sight of it before I put it around her neck. ‘It looks lovely on you.’

    Rachel smiled as her eyes glistened. ‘It’s gorgeous!’ She sighed. ‘Thank you.’ She then took a step closer to me and kissed me passionately. I then embraced her as I returned the kiss.

    We then walked in silence as I held 5her hand with smiles on our faces. We were much closer to my home when a wave of terror came over me.

    Rachel had noticed my facial expression. ‘Honey, what is it?’

    A feeling mixed with anger and fear came over me. ‘I fear that Moki is not alone and is in grave danger. We must see to him at once!’

    Rachel nodded as I lifted her in my arms before I flew the both of us home. She wasn’t panicked or frightened as I had done this with her before. I had managed to  read her mind: she was just as concerned about Moki as I was.

    When we finally reached home, we ran up to the door. A wave of panic had overcome us. I threw my body against the door, trying to force it open. Rachel did her best to maintain her calm. Once I had the door forced open, I was right: Moki’s presence wasn’t the only one I sensed. Even worse, there was more than one who was here.

    I turned to Rachel. ‘Stay up here,’ I told her. ‘I figure there are burgers down in the basement.’

    ‘Let me know if you need my help.'

    I nodded and kissed her lips, knowing that she needed to be safe. She ran upstairs as I ran to the basement.

    How do I explain what I saw? The dark basement, which was usually kept neat and tidy, was now a filthy mess. The paintings were torn, the sculptures were broken, and the few books that were kept in there were all torn.

    Yet that’s not what disturbed me the most.

    ‘Moki,’ I whispered, kneeling by his side.

    He was half conscious, and weak. Once I saw his neck, I knew he was bitten.

    ‘Oh, my poor boy,’ I whispered. ‘Forgive me.’

    ‘Your poor boy,’ a rough voice said, just a few feet away. ‘Last I recall, he was mine!’ I looked up and hissed when I saw Moki’s father grinning at me, fangs, red eyes and all.

    I glared at him. ‘Who changed you?’ I demanded.

    As if to answer us, Kang entered the room. To my horror, he had Rachel pinned in his arms as she struggled. She looked at me and Moki with concern. ‘I’m sorry, Olav. He scared me as I was going upstairs.’

    I nodded at her as her eyes widened. ‘Moki!’ She then turned to Kang. ‘What have you assholes done to him?’

    ‘Oh, don’t worry, Beautiful. We didn’t change him.’ This came from Moki's father. I looked into his mind and discovered his first name was Lee.

    Rachel then kicked him in the shin. ‘You don’t get to call me that!’ she said through gritted teeth. She also elbowed Kang in the stomach, who growled at her as he involuntarily released her before she ran to me.

    ‘Moki? Are you okay?’ She asked as we saw that he was in terrible condition.

    All he did was groan in response. I knew he didn’t have much longer to live.


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    Breaking a Heart

    Doing so innocently is impossible.
    Doing so without hurting someone is never intentional, but sometimes, it must be done.


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    A Mini Autobiography

    There's not much to tell.
    I live in BC, Canada, moved within the province.
    I've had a series of jobs; I'm an aunt of two.
    I like to write fiction and poetry.
    I'm a loner because I prefer it that way.
    I volunteer at an office, answering phones.
    I do what I can to keep my place clean.
    I enjoy reading, and watching shows on Netflix.
    I sometimes go on walks in cool weather,
    I like watching videos of cats and kittens.


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    Olav Story: Chapter 28

    I woke up in a dark room which looked like a big basement; very spacious. I wasn’t sure where I was. I sat up quickly in a panic as I wasn’t familiar with this room.

    ‘There is no reason for you to panic,’ a pleasantly accented voice.

    I turned to the direction of the voice and saw that it was Olav. He was no longer in his suit, but in a pair of jeans and tank top.

    ‘Where am I?’ I asked.

    ‘In my home. I must apologize for putting you to sleep. I was trying to keep this place a secret.’

    I nodded, sighing. ‘I see.’

    ‘As I had earlier said, I was it’s safer for you to be here.’

    ‘Thank you.’

    He frowned. ‘What size are you?’

    ‘Eight. Why?’

    He nodded and walked to the closet beside the bed. There was a fair amount of clothing in there. ‘Perfect. These are all in your size. You may use whichever you wish.’

    ‘Um, thank you.’

    He took my hand and kissed it. ‘You’re very welcome.’

    We looked at one another for a moment before we exchanged smiles.

    He then left the basement before I looked through the closet. Most of the outfits were beautiful. How is it that he had managed to have these women’s outfits? He had to have dated before.

    Yet if he had, why wouldn’t they take these outfits with them? Then I remembered what he was, and it only made sense. Most people would be afraid of him. I wasn’t, and clearly neither was Moki. They seemed to have a father/son relationship.

          For the next few weeks, we got to know one another very well. Once I was able to go back home, I packed up my things and moved out of my old address. I was too scared to live there anymore.

    I felt safer with Olav.

    Carrie smiled. ‘That’s such a beautiful love story.’

    ‘It is indeed,’ Simone agreed.

    ‘But there’s something I don’t understand,’ Nicholas mentioned. ‘You mentioned so many good things about Moki except what happened to him. Did he walk away from you guys, did he get tired of being your renfield, what?’

    Rachel then looked at the ground, appearing uncomfortable. Olav suddenly looked sad, saying, ‘That’s the one part I had hoped never to discuss.’


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    Lack of Childhood

    I can say what I don’t miss about my childhood:

    • The constant beatings from my classmates
    • The abuse from my parents and siblings
    • The criticism from certain teachers
    • Dealing with a temperamental mother.

    I don't miss my childhood, and I never will.


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    Chapter 27: Olav’s Story

    The bastard glared at me in rage as I clutched his fist tighter. ‘Who the fuck are you?’ he growled through clenched teeth.

    ‘Someone who hates to see men beating women,’ I growled, doing my best not to reveal my fangs.

    ‘I wasn’t beating her.’

    ‘You were about to!’

    Moki had helped Rachel to her feet. ‘Are you alright?’

    ‘Yes. Talk about perfect timing on your guys' part.’

    ‘What I say and do to my girlfriend is our bus-' I didn’t let him finish his statement. I merely tightened my grip on his fist, causing him to groan in pain.

    ‘I’m not your girlfriend, and haven’t been for weeks!’ Rachel shouted at him angrily.

    Clive was about to say something when I bent down to him, revealing my fangs. Clive screamed at the sight of me as his eyes widened.

    ‘Olav, no!’ Moki shouted, quickly shaking his head. ‘Not here!’

    I then turned to Rachel, who was visibly trembling. She clearly saw what I almost did to Clive.

    I then grabbed Clive by the throat and looked him in the eye. ‘You will no longer follow this woman. You will not have any interest nor have any memory of her. You’ll also no longer harm any other woman. Understand?’

    Clive nodded in a trance like state. I had him under my spell.

    ‘Good. Now go,’ I said in a sharp tone.

    Off he went, running in a terrified manner.

    I then turned to look at Rachel, who was trembling, and staring at me wide-eyed. ‘It’s alright,’ Moki told her. ‘I assure you, he means no harm. In fact, he saved my life when I was a child.’

    I nodded as I carefully stepped towards her. ‘It’s true, Dear Girl.’ I looked at the direction where the cowardly man had run off. ‘His father abused him as it was obvious that swine treated you the same way.’

    Rachel frowned at me. ‘How would you know that?’

    ‘He was about to hit you when I grabbed his hand to stop him.’

    Rachel looked down, looking sombre. ‘I should go back to my place,’ she sighed. ‘It’s been quite a night. But…thank you both.’

    ‘I don’t think that’s safe,’ Moki said. ‘You shouldn’t be home alone since he knows where you live. Why not have one of us spend the night with you?’

    ‘No.’ The brief word fell from my lips. ‘Even though I hypnotised him, he may fall out of my spell. That had happened before. Either way, he knows where you live.’

    Moki sighed. ‘Shit, you’re right.’ We both recalled his teenage years when his father hunted him down and attacked him. I attacked his father to defend Moki, which landed him in a hospital.

    ‘Well, what do we do now?’ Rachel asked.

    I reached out to her. ‘Forgive me.’ I brushed my hand over eyes, causing her to have a fainting spell as Moki grabbed her.


    An eerie silence filled the room when Rachel noticed the angry look on Simone’s face. ‘As grateful as I am to you for saving Rachel, Olav, that bastard should consider himself fortunate it was you there and not me. I would have drained his miserable life.'

    ‘Oh, he almost did, Grandma,’ Rachel said, softly.
    ‘Moki stopped him.’

    ‘So what happened next?’ Carrie asked.

    Rachel and Olav turned to look at one another, smiling.


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    Olav's Story: Chpt. 26

    Olav arched an eyebrow at Rachel as he gave her a crooked grin. ‘You think I'm handsome?’

    Everyone in the room then laughed as Rachel smiled and blushed. ‘Well, you are.’

    He gently laughed at her as he took her hand and kissed it. ‘Thank you, My Love. I feel that you’re beautiful.’

    Rachel’s smile lingered as Carrie and Nicholas studied each other lovingly.

    It wasn’t long, however, that silence overcame the room. It was then that Olav had continued with his and Rachel’s story.

    Rachel looked beautiful as she looked down from her window with her beaming smile as she waved down at me. I waved at her back before waving her down.

    Moki saw that I had waved Rachel down to see to us, and smiled at me. ‘Oh, interested in her, are you?’

    I returned the smile. ‘I simply find her attractive.’

    Moki nodded as his smile faded. ‘Olav, as a doctor, I’m normally not supposed to say anything, but she’s a patient. She literally ran into me as I was driving.’

    I frowned. ‘Was she alright?’

    ‘That night, no. She was frightened due to the fact that she was attacked.’

    I was about to ask him a question before I heard a woman cry out. I turned to the direction of the sound and there was Rachel, being approached by a strange man who was grabbing her arm. She looked frightened.

    He saw the direction I was staring at. Moki’s eyes widened as he noticed that the man was rough with Rachel.

    I tuned in to Rachel’s and that fellow's conversation.

    ‘You were supposed to leave,’ Rachel demanded.

    ‘I’m not leaving until we talk.’ The man's hand wouldn’t leave her arm.

    ‘What? So you can hit me again? No thanks!’ Rachel’s started squirming. ‘Now let me go!’

    ‘Are you going to talk to me?’

    ‘No! I want you to leave!’

    'We must help her,’ I told Moki.

    Moki nodded as he followed me as I ran towards them.

    The man, Clive, had gritted his teeth as he raised his hand to hit Rachel. ‘You’re going to LET ME TALK TO YOU!’

    I had then grabbed the bastard’s hand before I began to twist his arm as he cried out.

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    Monologue Speech

    It's so much easier chatting with technology, then trusting people.
    You can vent over the computers without being talked back to or spoken over. You won't be insulted, and maybe even get some entertainment out of it.
    With technology, you can even let your imagination run wild through storytelling or poetry. It's even great to vent with.


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    Gratitude to Shadow

    To my darling Shadow,

    Thank you for having been in my life, even though it was fo a short time.

    You were such a dear girl who brought smiles and laughter to my life, and for that, I'll always be grateful.

    You were my sweet cat, who was such precious company, more so than most humans. May you rest in peace.