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    How one can treasure
    Anything inanimate;
    Is it to do with your life,
    Or your faith?
    Believe what you chose,
    Not what is chosen for you.


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    Moki's Story: Chapter 10

    Kang and Moki stared at each other, revealing their fangs to one another. Kang did so mockingly, while Moki did so angrily.

    Kang stared at him mockingly. ‘How do like this night life?

    Moki scoffed. ‘Who would? I'm not insane like you are.’

    Kang laughed. ‘So you'd like to believe.’

    ‘Because I know it’s true.’

    Kang's evil smile faded, staring at Moki in hatred. ‘Why do you fight your true nature? All you need to do is join us.’

    Moki stared at Kang with deep hatred. ‘THIS is not my true nature-living as a doctor and helping patients…that was my true nature.’

    Kang only laughed and suddenly reached for his throat, suddenly glaring at him. Moki gagged as Kang hissed, ‘Do not mock me!’

    ‘Screw you!’

    Kang then hissed and grabbed Moki’s throat. He didn’t like it when people fought or talked back at him. ‘Watch how you talk to me!’

    Moki then kicked him between the legs. ‘No…you watch how you talk TO ME!’ With that, he punched Kang.

    Kang only looked back at him and returned the blow. He was about to hit him again when a woman arrived with a gun. ‘That’s enough of that!’

    Kang only laughed at her. ‘That won’t do any harm to us.’

    ‘No,’ Mandy said before shooting him in the leg. ‘But it will slow you down.’

    Kang howled in pain as he clutched his led and stared at her. ‘How…’

    ‘I had these bullets and gun blessed.’ Mandy’s voice sounded cold.

    Kang then growled at her As the rest of the group, Nicholas, Olav, Simone and Rachel, arrived.

    ‘Are you alright?’ Olav asked Mandy.

    ‘I’m fine. You may want to check on Moki, though.’

    Olav did as was told when Rachel pointed a cross to Kang. He hissed at her, too, before leaping in the air and flew away.

    Mandy mumble something in anger before putting away her gun.

    Moki shook his head at her. ‘Thank you.’

    ‘Yes, Mandy,’ Olav said. ‘We’re very grateful.’

    ‘You’re both welcome.’ She looked around. ‘Everyone else okay?’

    Rachel nodded. ‘We’re fine.’ She put away her cross.

    Nicholas nodded. ‘Smart thinking about the cross.’

    ‘Yes,’ Simone agreed. ‘Very brilliant.’

    Mandy put her gun away. ‘Let’s get out of here.’


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    Broken Promises

    Being pushed,
    Being mistreated;
    Getting yelled at,
    Only to be told
    Not to cry because
    'It’s 6 year old!'
    No more trusting,
    No more friends...
    Let's just live alone.


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    Like a bird

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    To Fly Like a Bird

    I jump,
    Spreading my arms to fly
    Like a bird;
    To a place I can go.
    Away to home
    Or a beautiful village.


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    Hwang Dae Due

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    A Dark Twisted Mind

    I walk alone,
    Yet I look around to see
    So many people here
    Who looks among themselves.

    I'm a fan of a monster
    Who has killed many;
    He is a killer,
    Yet I'm just like him.

    I can only follow him,
    And be like him.


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    Scares some

    In the night

    Scream, moans, cries,

    And ghosts through the night.



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    Flying in the air
    As most birds do;
    We love the sky,
    And the clouds, too.


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    Moki's Story: Chpt. 9

    Nicholas gave Olav a strange look. ‘You, know, you could have caused yourself serious damage.’

    Rachel nodded. ‘It’s alright. I already talked to him about that.’

    ‘Good.’ Nicholas gave Olav a demanding look. ‘You could have killed yourself like that, you know.’

    ‘But I didn’t. Can you take it easy?’

    ‘Yes, Nicholas, please, do take it easy,’ Simone said as she entered the room and turned to look at Olav. ‘You are alright?’

    ‘Yes, thank you.’

    ‘Very well, then.’ Simone said. ‘We should get back to the subject at hand, yes.’

    ‘Where’s Moki?’

    ‘He’s out feeding. Once he found out you were going to be fine, he knew had to go.’ This came from Rachel. ‘He’ll be back soon.’

    Olav nodded with relief as they all sat down. Just before they began to talk, someone was watching them through the window with an evil smile on his face.

    Moki was done feeding upon the big wolf that had lived in the bushes. He couldn’t hunt on humans, so he fed on the wild, including bears and tigers.

    It wasn’t too long before he sensed someone was close by. This gift he had since he transformed was also a curse. However, at least his worst enemies couldn’t see him.

    He had seen a monster feed upon a human, and he knew who that was.


    He kept a good distance away, not wanting to get caught by the creature. But he knew better than to approach this bastard.

    Dammit, Olav, He thought, why didn’t you just let me die?

    Moki, Is there something wrong? Olav was conversing with him.

    Yes, Moki replied. I just saw Kang kill somebody.

    For a while, Olav didn’t seem to reply, then he said, I’m coming.

    Moki wanted to send a message back to Olav, but then Kang spun around and smiled. ‘Hello, Moki. I’m so glad you chose our kind of existence.’

    Moki only stared at him, enraged.


  • musiclover47 6w

    Past self

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    Dear Natalie,

    Congratulations on graduation high school-you achieved a lot. You still like to read and write. Maybe in 30 years from now, you'll be a published author. Who knows? You might be working in an office.

    Good luck to you,



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    Sad Stanzas

    She walked in the
    Dark forest, feeling