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  • musings_of_a_writer 2w

    A drunk story

    I saw the fireworks in the sky from my balcony, I dialed a number, within seconds ;I could hear my favourite voice

    'Happy new year',he wished with joy in his voice
    'Happy new year to you too', I replied with a chuckle
    then there were few minutes of silence
    What next ?? I didn't plan this conversation like I always do
    'I need to confess something',I blurted after much struggle
    'I think I'm in love with you'
    'What?' I saw a change in his voice happy yet confused
    And I continued, ' and I swear the dialogue was not told under any influence of alcohol'
    'Really???' I can still sense confusion and doubt in his voice
    'Okay,may be a little; less than 10'
    I told with a giggle
    'I want you to say it without any'he demanded
    'Then there is problem' I chuckled
    'What??' He asked impatiently
    ' A beer makes you look cute
    With vodka as a knight in a shining armour you are there
    Without it you are adorable too
    But the thought to be in love with you is a complete nightmare'

    I could hear a loud laugh from the other side I so wish I could see that
    'You're incorrigible but please don't change' he said in between his laughter
    'I won't' I said with a smile

    'Okay I need to join my friends shall I keep ?' he always does this;takes my permission to keep the phone,after I told how it infuriated me when he just kept his phone telling he has a lot of work..

    All this little things he does for me makes me happy... But I never say he must understand and I know he knows.

    'Yes...go and enjoy. And happy new year once again' I said
    'Happy new year to you too...and love you'
    I wanted to say ' love you too' but didn't
    I said ' I know and take care...bye'

    It was a happy beginning of a new year indeed

  • musings_of_a_writer 5w


    Itni bhi kya naraazgi
    Ki tune khafa hona chhod diya
    Aisi bhi kya galti ho gayi mujhse
    Ki jo chehra tujhe sabse jyada bhaata tha
    Usse hi tune muh mod liya

  • musings_of_a_writer 10w


    The only time I lied to you was when
    I found you breaking into my arms
    The girl who had a smile etched on her lips
    Was crying inconsolably;trembling in my arms
    I tightened my arms around you
    Biting my lips to hold my tears
    As I was scared too
    I was blank I didn't have any words of comfort for you
    I was going through the same storm
    Everything was devastated inside of me
    But I had you in my arms
    I couldn't fall weak
    I wanted to fall on my knees and howl so loud
    That even the walls would have been afraid of my screams
    But I didn't break I stood there like a statue
    You matter to me more than my own pain
    And it was piercing my heart to see you in tears
    That time I lied saying
    'Don't worry , everything will be fine'
    Though I didn't have the slightest hope they will
    And wiped your tears and hugged you again
    As if imbibing all your sorrows into me
    I muttered the same words again and again
    And tightened my grip further
    As if even my soul wants to keep you warm and safe
    Then when you stopped crying
    I thought I saw rainbow on those teary eyes
    We passed the storm together
    I know my girl is strong
    But if such situation comes again
    I would lie again
    As I know I did no wrong

  • musings_of_a_writer 13w


    It was a lazy winter morning
    I snoozed my alarm for the fourth time
    I could hear my mother in her loud dominating voice
    telling me I was late for work; again!
    My father muttering the benefits of waking up early for the hundred time
    And my brother complaining about the partiality towards elder sibling
    Just another regular day.
    I woke up unwillingly looking at the clock
    It was a normal day at work too
    While returning, I had loud music buzzing in one ear
    and another blocked with the noise of traffic
    I was crossing the road at red signal when I suddenly saw a speeding car
    Then there was darkness and just voices faintly dropping in my ears
    Is she dead?
    Call an ambulance!
    Inform the police!
    When I opened my eyes, I saw my father, his glowing face have turned pale
    My mother, who was always seemingly happy, crying inconsolably
    My brother did not cry but that little chap had turned into a stone it seems
    And I saw a few familiar faces
    I tried to call them but they couldnot hear me
    I had a bad headache and then I dozed off to sleep
    Then again I woke up it looked like another day
    My friends and relatives have gathered in white
    All our mourning for me telling all positive things about me
    I wish they would have told me in person
    I saw even that teacher who had nothing good to say about me at PTM
    Dropped a tear while talking about me
    I wondered whether it was genuine nevermind!
    I saw my friends gathered in one big circle
    Are they planning a planchette to call me in broad daylight
    Ah! I laughed," I am so blessed"
    Oh! I was.
    I wanted to give them hi5, wanted to call them names and tease them about their exes
    I wish to touch their hands so that I could feel my fingers again
    Will their hug turn my cold heart warm?
    I don't know
    My mother was still inconsolable
    my father's eyes sunk in their socket; he looked like a zombie
    and my lively brother was standing like a statue
    I wanted to pat him and say I know you would take care of everyone better than me
    I will be erased soon from everyone's mind
    But there was so many things I wanted to do that it ached me to leave
    I wanted to tell everyone I loved them
    I wish I had slept less and spend more time with them
    I wish I had visited more places; made more memories;
    had taken more responsibilities,
    I can't go now
    I don't want to sleep forever
    But I was fading
    'No!' I woke up from the trance; breathing heavily;
    It was a dream; I sighed with relief
    My mom asked me whether I had a bad dream
    'what time it is?' I asked
    '5 p.m.'
    It was a Sunday and I had slept for 16 hours straight

  • musings_of_a_writer 19w


    Come to me like
    This is all you ever wanted
    Want to be that someone you could call 'home'
    Come to me like
    that caged bird that meets the sky
    Hope my love doesn't chain you or ever make you feel alone.
    So what if you have been broken and have been played with the words that were fake
    But that's life,my dear; with little pain,little love and a few heartbreaks
    Don't worry, I will pick each pieces and seal those cracks with heart's gold called love
    I want my love to strengthen you never weaken you or fall apart
    Come to me like the turbulent river meets the sea
    No matter how big the boulders are they do meet finally
    So come to me like
    You and me are meant forever
    Let's stay together, love and die
    As if that's the destiny
    Don't come in search for better beginnings;
    Come to me for happy endings

  • musings_of_a_writer 22w


    Only the night knows
    The loneliness of the paths
    Only the night witness
    the defeat of the day
    Only the night knows the hope in the eyes
    And the hunger of dreams
    Only the night knows
    how the happy face drowns in melancholy every single day
    Only the night knows the longing of the heart
    And the trouble of the mind
    Only the night knows how fear crawls under our bed or peeps through the cupboard
    How anxiety ,in it's sturdy arms, keep me wrapped
    Only the night knows how eagerly we wait it to be over
    And pray for the day
    Only the night knows how broken we feel in it's presence
    But the night only wants to comfort you
    So maybe it secretly waits for the day too.

  • musings_of_a_writer 41w

    Tum nahi aaye

    तुम नहीं आये
    हम इंतज़ार करते रहे
    कुछ फूल लाये थे तुम्हारे लिए
    वह भी मुरझा गये
    न कोई वज़ह मिली न कोई पैगाम मिला
    वक़्त ने उन ख्वाहिशों को भी दफना दिया
    जो तुझसे मिलने की थी
    नजाने कितने बहार आये गये होंगे मेरे आँगन में
    पर मेरे जीवन में सिर्फ़ पतझड़ था
    क्यूंकि उसमें तेरी कमी थी

  • musings_of_a_writer 52w


    I find myself trapped in my mind so often
    The key to escape I have
    But seldom use
    What if ? Should I?
    million of questions that can reverse the arc of my smile
    So uncomfortable but they feel so safe
    So weary but yet so appealing
    Lost in absurdity of my thoughts
    I lose track of other's chaos
    Creating my own chaos
    In my own head
    I know many of my creations never went out of that door
    Neither will I.
    Or may be I can escape.
    Should I ?
    What if ?
    I don't know.
    I'm Trapped,

  • musings_of_a_writer 56w

    Dekhte toh sahi

    Dekhte toh sahi
    Kis haq se yeh kehte
    Maine bhi mudkar kahaan dekha tha
    Jis din juda huye
    Maine uss raah par chalna chhoda tha
    Ittefaq se mil jaye toh nazre chura lena
    Us dard se rubaaroo hona humein manzoor nahi
    Dekhke undekha kar dena agar ho sake toh
    Yeh kabhi nahi puchenge tum dekhte toh sahi.

  • musings_of_a_writer 64w


    किसी ने पूछ लिया तो
    हाल- ए -दिल बता बैठे
    उसने दो बातें मुस्कुराके क्या कह दिया
    हम उसे प्यार मान बैठे
    जज़्बातों को छुपाये कैसे
    आंखें आइना बन बैठे है
    यूँही अनजाने में
    कई बार इज़हार कर बैठे है
    बेखबर है वह ये कह कर अक्सर टाल देते है
    ऐसे ही दिल को टूटने से संभाल लेते है
    पता नहीं कुछ नया पाने की ख़ुशी है
    या कुछ खोने का डर
    बस इसी कश्मकश में दिन गुजार लेते हैं