His Poetess (#Nm #1314) BLESSED LOVE AND LIFE❤�� All content published here is my original writing and under copyright©

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  • muskaanbhatt 3m


    I kept painting my sadness
    On my old canvas

    Everytime you kept eradicating
    With the mismatched brush of cherishing

    Using black as the only shade
    Portrayed my agony I sorrowfully conveyed

    Honing my grisly canvas you splashed the black hue
    Delineated my dark canvas with your lively colours and gave it a vibrant veiw


  • muskaanbhatt 21h

    These 2 minute 2am thoughts always hit me hard����❤��

    Whenever he reads my poetries, don't know what kind of shimmer I get to see in his eyes and smile����

    #pod #wod #two #heart
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    2 a.m Thoughts

    Mai ku na karu atibar us ki wafa pai
    Jaan tak de di thi usne ek dafa mere liye
    Aur ku na kare wo be bepanah ishq mere se
    Akhir humne bhi khoon bahaya hai uske liye

  • muskaanbhatt 21h

    T W O


    One blood red, full of life
    Other dead and dull
    One with no scars
    And other full of cracks and rifts

    The red one was glowing with love feelings
    While the other was dying inside without any revealings

    One was defining it's original purity
    While the other appeared shattered with no original clarity

    The red one appeared simple but not so idiosyncratic
    While the other looked bold yet it was highlighting its presence so antic

    One was holding happiness of the whole world
    While other was hiding pain behind those rifts mended with gold

    One seem soft, sober and inexperienced
    While the other looked beautiful, but had suffered many crumbles which made it experienced

    One with perfect fettle, hasn't seen the traumas of life yet
    While the other had lived it's life everytime in breakdown and in mending its cracks with no regret

    The perfect one was pulchritudinous yet not strong as it hadn't endured ache a single time
    While the broken one was showing it's beauty with the strength it has got, of mending itself and cleaning it's own grime


  • muskaanbhatt 1d

    Some lines from my dairy ����❤
    #pod #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Samunder ki gehrayi sa hai mera ishq
    Dhoob jawoge par satah nahi pawoge
    Kinare ki talaash chod kai
    Tum bhi gehra ishq kar bethoge

  • muskaanbhatt 1w

    Some random lines I created while counting sheeps , during the tries of taking day naps������

    #pod #wod #place @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Kisi kai liye bala
    Toh kisi kai liye bhali hu mai
    Jiski jesi niyat uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye zehmat
    Toh kisi kai liye rehmat hu mai
    Jiski jesi sonch Uske liye wese hu mai

    Kisi kai liye khoobsurat
    Toh kisi kai liye badsurat hu mai
    Jiski jesi shakal uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye sachi
    Toh kisi kai liye jhoothi hu mai
    Jiski zuban jesi uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye achi
    Toh kisi kai liye buri hu mai
    Jiska qirdar jesa uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye ameer
    Toh kisi kai liye gareeb hu mai
    Jeski aukaat jesi uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye padhi likhi
    Toh kisi kai liye anpadh hu mai
    Jisme jitna ilim aur hunar uske liye wesi hu mai

    Kisi kai liye imandar
    Toh kisi kai beimaan hu mai
    Jiska jesa imaan uske liye wesi hu mai


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    I am weak with syllable counting , I wrote without counting, I mostly notice pattern, lines and fullstops, and check commas and syllable (sounds) not mostly ��

    #pod #wod #haiku #life @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    HAIKU (Life)

    Attempting, losing winning
    Trying repeatedly
    Life's like an obsessed ambition


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Not a worthy piece to read, but a worthy one to he and me��❤��

    In just 48 seconds, 6 likes, 1 comment, 2 reposts, is it that good����

    "Staunch here means loyalty
    Candor means honesty and
    Probity means honor"

    #pod #wod #moment @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    His love
    Full of compassion
    And obsession

    His love
    Build with assurance
    And anticipation

    His love
    Stands with solemn
    And staunch

    His love
    Define it's candor
    And commitments

    His love
    Shows it's piety
    And probity


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Sunrises are heart as it's more visible from your home❤��

    "Rove here means wander and coy means shy"

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #moment #unnoticed @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    That Unnoticed Sunrise

    Sunsets are liked by many but those unnoticed sunrises are love
    Only those have that chance of watching it who prefer early rove

    Ambling in the dawn twilights ,and waiting for the sunrise in the blue hour
    It's single glance seems enough to my exasperated tired soul to devour

    Gazing it unblinkingly with eyes full of tears of joy
    That few minutes of heart catching view appears not enough to my soul so coy

    Such a magical scene yet go so unnoticed
    Daily observed by early birds which look invisibly caged

    Moments of mesmerizing beauty not always adored by unfaithful sakers
    As it's glowing light sometimes tends to be a curse for some late wakers


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Kuch khayal, my urdu isn't that good but still ❤

    While having my hot shake, I thought of these lines��after having food my brain works well��

    Talking to him, Thinking about him while I went deep in his thoughts and remembered all the things related to him and wrote these true lines ❤

    Nayeem is his name and here it means rare blessing or king, it has many more meanings when used differently ��

    #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Khass ho tum
    Ek haseen raaz ho tum
    Bharsu ki mangi huwi dua ho tum
    Bhule se bhi na bhule wo etihas ho tum

    Mere marzu ka ilaaj ho tum
    Andhere aangan ka chirag ho tum
    Dil ko rahat dene wala wo karar ho tum
    Sab kai hath na ane wala wo khazana ho tum

    Un waadiyu mai basa huwa wo sukoon ho tum
    Zuban kai sakht dil kai naram ho tum
    Subah yaad rehne wala, wo ratka khushnuma khawab ho tum
    Meri har muskaan ko barkarar rakhne wale wo naayaab nayeem ho tum


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Konsa din tha?

    Konsa din tha wo aj bhi yad hai
    Mile the jab pehli dafa tum kuch anjaan ban kai
    Laga sara waqt tham sa gaya
    Jis pal bina han na bole humne iqrar krdia tha