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  • muskaanbhatt_ 3d

    Ah, youā¤

    To me your presence is like a garden full of vibrant flowers and their ambrosial fragrance permeates each.

    And your absence is like a hungry toddler whose mother isn't with him and his pacifier is out of his reach.


  • muskaanbhatt_ 3d

    My face, soul, beauty, everything is all yours and only yours, I don't show this to everyone present outside, and i don't keep my personal stuff on show to others, just like some people.

    #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Humai mehfilu mai hazar logu ki zeenat ban ne ka koi shouk nahi hai
    Hum toh bas sirf us ki mehfil ki zeenat hai jahan sirf aur sirf wo mojood rehta hai


  • muskaanbhatt_ 3d

    1 line poem

    "His love is both ominous and auspicious"


  • muskaanbhatt_ 4d

    Tranquil life with true love, great parents to a decent lifestyle , with a bit remembrance of lord, what else I need in my life, NOTHING.

    #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    My Beautiful life

    So peaceful and calm
    Such a happy soul without any harm

    Getting a kiss of satisfactions
    And life is loving all my imperfections

    Grateful I am to my parents
    Who gave birth to an original not some kind of cheap variants

    Taught me about good bad and worst
    Not like other parents who let their kids to become the cursed

    Got such a loving life partner
    Who is correcting my flaws like a professional Gardner

    Achieved a lot in different fields
    Never show-offed by capturing and making reels

    Got everything which any other human needs
    And the haters still trying to find my great life's leads


  • muskaanbhatt_ 5d

    So, I wrote this one for today's @miraquill's writing contest.
    I tried to write, although it was not a worthy topic to write on, seemed so kiddish while observing and writing, and as always miraquill gives meaningless stupid topics instead of positive ones, grow up bro.
    I seriously got to know about these other features(arena) of this app today, and so this is my first time writing for any contest of this app, hope you all like including the founders.

    #pod #wod #contest #writingcontest #creativearena
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    99 Shades of Red Colour

    While ambling through my GARDEN
    I saw dissimilar coloured flowers GROWN
    All were looking dazzling, delightful and ENDEARING
    And most of all those dark imperial shaded red roses captured my heart and gave me an ALARMING
    The red colour of those roses tried to cease me with help of its luminous PETALS
    Blown up my mind with its charm and forced me to SHUFFLE
    With those water droplets on the red petals felt like clear necre PEARLS
    Gave me an another satisfaction with its petals which were full of CURLS
    That red colour was so perfect in its own way and so FLAWLESS
    I was staring them in awe and they trapped me more with their ATTRACTIVENESS

    Besides my lawn i looked up to my ORCHARD
    To see those Venetian red shaded ripped apples i walked a bit FORWARD
    They Looked so juicy with some kind of golden glints on its COVERING
    With some reluctance i tried to pluck ONE
    But couldn't as I felt its red colour was saying not segregate me from my little SON

    I walked a bit outside the garden I saw my lover waiting THERE
    He walked upto me but his coral red shaded lips made me stunned and all i did was to STARE

    With him i went outdoor and attended a wedding CEREMONY
    I was still lost in his red lips that once again red colour beguiled my heart with such a HARMONY
    This time it was the burgundy red shade of the bride's DRESS
    Staring bride's red coloured dress in desperation and felt like I am in love with red colour and now I should CONFESS

    Then again I reminded all the things of red coloured I saw TODAY
    Literally all were heart throbbing and else what good can I SAY
    Red roses to those red apples to his red lips to that red bridal DRESS
    Every red shade stole my heart because red colour was evolved in everything with such a BLESS


  • muskaanbhatt_ 5d

    I refered heart here as a fragile and delicate thing.

    #poem #pod #wod #rhyme
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Rhyme Poem

    It was her heart which wasn't supposed to be BROKEN
    Some words and feelings were left UNSPOKEN

    When on her wedding day she left her HOME

    Ocean of tears ceaselessly flowing from her EYES
    She remembered all her old things and with a dejected smile she said GOODBYES


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    Got this idea while checking my BP digitally at home����‍♂️

    Muje bas topic milna chahiye phir toh nai bina sonche, ankhe band kar kai, dimag band kar kai. Likh sakti hu����

    #pod #wod #writers
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Monostich (Youā¤)

    I saved you with my red thick blood,
    And I am protecting you with all my tears which seems like a whole flood.


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w


    Not all the poems are to be read

    Some are written only to keep them concealed
    Some are written only to share feelings and thoughts with the white paper and not with the people
    Some are written for the sake and on the behalf of heart
    Some are written to surmount the burdens of mind


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    An hour which is made for lovers
    An hour which is made for hard studying students
    An hour which is made for Tahajud prayers
    An hour which is made for deep thinking writers


    #pod #wod #like #love #writers
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    3 a.m (My favourite Hour)

    Hour really
    made for lovers

    Made for
    True love birds

    Where Together they snivel and love

    Where They listen each other's sleepy lulling voices

    Where They understand Each other's anxiety

    Where They feel each other's breathes pulchritudinously soothing

    Where they visualize faces of each other in front of them

    Where they feel each other's warmth without any touch

    Where they go into deep conversations without even knowing

    Where they speak out their hearts without any hesitation


  • muskaanbhatt_ 1w

    An Evening With You

    Such a beautiful evening it was
    Hand in hand together for a cause

    Staring each other without a blink
    Forgot the whole world and each of its link

    Your head on my lap gave me sweat and shivers
    Seeing that your heart flowed with the love rivers

    Said you are the perfect person i ever met
    Having you as my wife I will never regret

    Recreated moments with some rewinds
    Refreshed feelings with some old promises revived