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  • muskaanbhatttt 17w

    Sister, The thing is from onwards, I don't know anyone here, so not going to talk about anyone anymore�� I wanted to did this thing a very long ago but couldn't because of various issues,which I had already mentioned in my new year post and because of when I tried to sort things, seeeing their side used to mess up my mind again, but then last month they tried to say whatever they wanted to say on this app about me through bio, posts and comments, but still I used to ignore and not to write but something hit me again and I started the same writing bad in comments like they used to, jabkii mai hardly hi comment karti thi pehle, so it all started again, started last year on some misunderstandings and went through all the things some real some fake, kuch bate sachi kuch bate banayi gayi, it happened from both sides, small understandings created big problems, some fake allegations and what not, they pointed things about me some real and some really not, I did the same, it was started by them may be as a joke we both took it far but I am ending this by taking my hands back, but somehow saying or writing bad, was not giving me any happiness but mind used to force as because of things you did or may be I did, even after that day, I still was talking nicely with you but don't know why you blocked from that time and starting to believe which really aren't true, I mean when you know tomorrow we are going to settle in one place then how can you think I may be saying fake lies ir something, kya tab apko ptaa nahi chalta kya, fake things wo karta hai jo apko kabhi nahi milne wala hota hai, and this thing really pissed me and used to black out my mind, started by you guys, continued by all of us and today I am ending , jo ki mai new year se kafi phle se karna chahti thi but I couldn't, insan ata tha to sort out but wahan kuch aur dekh kai insan peeche hat jata tha, not only I, you also hurted me, may be we both, but today I am saying sorry from my heart nad from onwards If we will meet in future, in sha allah, I will show you my whole stuff and at the end of the, apko toh ana hi haina rishta lekar mere ghar����but want to say I really really respected you and samja apko pehle se apni family would be member but things turned wrong and some misunderstandings really went too big, wesa toh kuch real mai hai bhi nahi jo apne frame kar rakha hai ya jo mene kia hoga.
    Anyways sorry and thanks alot for always supporting me.

    Don't ever think I was feeling good for doing anything bad against, it may be looking happy stuff but it was giving me so pain because mera dil wesa nahi hai ki jise family kahu phir use bura bol kai hate karu but something's made me do all this, even everytime I used to say stop it and just sort it out as my heart was feeling bad all the time ,no worries of you never now want to make any contacts with me,your choice no worries I may try to forget but ap kai liye bhi asan hoga can't say anything,aftee this if you stilll want to continue your misunderstandings or still want to frame things about me no problem,i won't ever feel brothered or bad anymore because a sorry means a permanent apology for me,i wanted to end it far before but you never addressed Me directly when you were having problems against me even I tried many times but couldn't,even I was planning to talk with you as well as bro but I didn't I thought it will be not be good,but it's okay now, it has reached its end��

    Hope you read it. ❤��

    Stay blessed, and be happy always, may Allah give us all huge success in life��

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    A sorry note

    Na hum bure
    Na ap bure
    Buri toh bas chand galt fehmiyan hoti hai
    Jo kab choti se badi hojati hai pata hi nahi chalta


  • muskaanbhatttt 17w

    Sach bolne wale insan ko hamesha kaid ki jata hai aya phir jhoote ilzamu mai phasa dia jata hai kuki wo bina dare samne sach bol ta hai jabki jhoote insan parde kai peeche chupa kai jhooth aur ilzam laga kai logon ko badnaam karwate hai aur khud azad ghoomte hai.
    Well I don't give a damn, I wasn't interested in writing or spitting on their faces but logu ka brain wash jhoot se krne wale logu kai liye sabak dena zaroori tha taki next time se wo attention mai rahe.

    To know the whole thing
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    #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A Shout Out
    Dear Haters

    Truth stands alone directly on face while as lies and fake allegations and drama are used indirectly behind the curtains and through people not through the main attacker itself, you play in gangs, I fight alone, it defines how true I am and how bad you are, that's why truth wins in the end.
    And thats why today you are suffering and I am not, that's karma, you get what you had already done with people, and besides what you had done with me and with other's secrets and all, in front of that, the way I had punished you is nothing, remember that, you haven't seen the real suffering yet, do wait and watch now


  • muskaanbhatttt 18w

    All about him��❤

    P:s Yayy, I got 70+ likes, 14 comments and 23 reposts in just a day, and without using this ID and without liking and reposting from long period of many hours, and I literally comment 2% on others posts, not just 30+ likes, without showing my personal real stuff to unknown strangers as dps, tags, writing material meaningful,realistic,heavy hona chahiye then you will get everything without no time,sirf topics and tags given prompt se milne kai elawa writing bhi milni chahiye I guess��������

    #pod #wod #portrait
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    His eyes seems like sparkling pearls
    His hair so straight with no curls

    His alluring deep brown eyes when he stares me
    Made me go insane o thee

    His long black lashes when he blinks
    Captures my heart with invisible links

    His blackish brown hair, always styled some different way
    When everytime he spruces it, and makes my eyes not to look away

    His beard is all a less haired French style
    Which suits him and makes his looks versatile

    His red lips glows whenever he smiles
    Can hear his soothing voice even from miles

    His height is flawless from every angle
    Which makes me observe him without any wrangle

    He smells like my favourite red roses
    His scent makes me forget other fragrances

    His walks are simple yet full of swaggy attitude
    Which makes me believe you have a strong aptitude

    Your smiles are like colourful blossom
    And your laughter seems like a whole blooming flower kingdom

    Your presence makes me forget the whole world
    While your talks fill my stomach with gold

    His face is a mix of innocent and angry child
    And his moods are all mild


  • muskaanbhatttt 18w

    Actually from past years, I quit listening too much music of any kind, just because it has a lot of bad impacts on human soul and body, spiritual, Physical, mental ,and religiously.

    So, I listen not very much, I avoid basically all hindi stuff, i am mostly into punjabi, Russian, Arabic and Turkish music.
    Which is as same as me, touching and realistic,but one hindi song is my evergreen favourite, and that will always be, that's (TUM HI HO) Aashiqui 2.

    So I wrote feelings related to that song.

    #pod #wod #portrait #favourite #song
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    You are everything,which I need
    From peace to pain, you are a positive deed
    You are the reason of my living,
    And for you I can even bleed

    You gave a hope of living to an alive dead soul
    With your love, you filled my heart which had a deep hole
    Picked me up from dark , enlighted my life with great blessings
    Completed a half soul by putting your name with mine,and showed me my goal

    Cared for my happiness, like a pearl in its shell
    Whenever I fell from failure heights, everytime you asked me am I well
    You gave me solace like no other
    Held my hands and took me to your place where you kept me like a precious jwell


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w

    Diamonds are found in locked places not in lockless garbage dumps����

    Aetihas gawah hai, keemati cheeze ho ya insan, unhe parde mai rakh kai chupa dia jata tha,besh keemati khazane dafan kiye jate the sab ki nazar se bacha kai, rakhe jate the, taki koi unhe chura na sake, na chou sake, na dekh sake��

    #pod #wod #home @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Rare Priceless diamonds can't be seen,and touched by everyone they are not on display shows instead of they are kept under a lock like a pricy treasure while as useless stones are found everywhere, anyone can have them, everyone can see or touch them, and they are all around on the street display shows, and are never kept locked like a treasure, so there is no comparison between the two, and it can never be.


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w

    A bad try for a meaningless prompt��

    Why always stupidity, can't you give something meaningful and Realistic, why always false imaginations which isn't going to give you anything in real life

    #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Queen of darkness
    When meets the king of lights
    From hearts removing some hollowness
    Their bond defines the miracles of beauty to the eye-sights

    She comes in when he lefts for another stint
    Creating solar eclipse looks like in each other they died
    Some days they both seem like meeting in the sky giving two different glints
    They never long last but the power of their presence remains beside

    He reflecting his crepuscular rays
    While she adorning him with her glowing light
    They see each other for few minutes during the day
    Making selenelion, and staring each other from a distance before the night

    He is invited in the dawn
    While she in the dusk
    melting the frozen snow during winters in my lawn
    And she reflecting her light on my old book shelf full of dust


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w

    Some random lines for you love❤

    #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Meri kitab kai pannu pai siyahi toh nahi par khoon zarur hai

    Jo baha dia hai mene katra katra tumhari yaad mai

    Bate tumhari ya tumhara ishq likhu

    Khatam khoon hojayega mera par tumhare liye likhne ka junoon nahi


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w


    Exhausted me
    Begging for some tea

    Sick stomach feeling aches
    Saying I can't manange to have more tea intake

    Eye lids requesting, close us for a moment
    Brain saying then who will prepare your assignment

    Tangled Messy hair giving me headaches
    Tiredness has locked me in chains

    Not able to do any work and chore
    He saying have some naps a bit more

    Laying like a half dead on my bed
    Surrounded by pet cats,scratching my skin and making it red

    Tired soul wanting to have a hot shower
    But all I am doing is staring the bathroom from like an hour

    Family talking and discussing
    While my battery is shut down and their lipsync seems to me like they are cursing


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w

    So, the prompt trees make me believe was given by #yourquotesbaba , I wrote there and shared here too.

    It has a deep meaning when trees live again, when life enters in them in spring and goes through all summer but dies and their greenery vanish away,leaves fall in autumn till winters, but to live a green life again, they have to die once again.

    #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    There is an another life coming on your way
    Which is worth living
    But to live that life
    You have to die first


  • muskaanbhatttt 19w


    Let me drown in the intoxicated rivers of love

    Where I can lost my mind and indulge myself freely in it

    Without stressing about the society's norms and views