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  • my_escape 15w

    जब मिलते थे उन दिनों, बात करना तो बहाना हुआ करता था और तुम्हे सतत देखते रहना उद्येस्य।
    अब नजरे ही मिला नहीं पाते, मानों प्यार गुनाह हो जैसे।
    बातें सारी अनकही रह जाती हैं, और खामोशी अब तुम समझ नही पाते, मानो जैसे मेरी खामोशी की आदत हो गई हो तुम्हें।
    तब बहाने ढूंढते रहते, और अब जब बहाने करने की जरूरत नहीं, फिर कहां गुम हैं हम?
    आज भी तुम्हारे कमरे के उसी कोने में हमारी बातें और हम थमे हैं, तुम्हे ढूंढ नहीं पा रहे, आगे बढ़ना जो तुम्हे पसंद है।
    प्यार है तुम्हे? ये न तुम कभी बताओगे और न हम कभी पूछेंगे,
    हां, पहले बातों से पता करते थे, और अब बात ही कहां करते हैं?

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    अब बात ही कहां करते हैं?

  • my_escape 15w

    Despair in the core
    And screams of silence
    Castle built over years' adore
    Has lost it's essence...

    Forging into nowhere
    Yet somewhere I have to,
    In the dunes of sand, bare
    I wonder where it's upto?

    Why nothing feels alright?
    When love was the intent,
    Why happiness seems a fright?
    How tragic is the present!

    The clinks of wind chimes
    Reminds me of the breeze
    Now all the good times
    Are at inaccessible degrees

    Beheaded is the joy
    And fury run in the veins
    I shout out void coy
    Only anguish pertains!

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  • my_escape 28w


    And when I thought
    Everything was falling apart
    I heard faint voices
    Not in words of bunch
    But in core of my heart.
    And I could retrieve
    The lost ME.
    In the crowd
    Of thousands,
    Where one's existence
    Is quite alien,
    I dared to keep up my spirit
    Amidst of incessant worries.
    And bashing down
    All insecurities,
    And the unceasing quest
    Of acceptance by the world
    Suddenly headed towards closure.
    Because acceptance by self
    Felt justified,
    When no one dared
    To be empathetic.
    The world could be
    A horrid cave
    Or a blissful space
    And what makes it up
    Is your mindset.

  • my_escape 39w

    The paradox

    Amidst of all the chaos
    There's a spine chilling silence
    That stabs me every second
    Demanding an interrogation
    Of what now, if yes then where and how?
    And I have answers for all
    But not lucid enough to be executed.
    The irony is that
    Both agreement and refusal are acceptable
    But I cannot do either
    Cuz neither of these
    Will make me at peace and ease
    Instead will be the dreaded roots
    Of all the upcoming worries

  • my_escape 43w

    A promise unfulfilled

    May be in the whole lifetime
    We meet someday
    Under the blue sky
    Or in the darkest of the night
    And have a zillion thoughts in our minds
    To share and to enquire too
    But choose to be silent instead.
    In that second of the hour
    When realisation struck us hard
    The moment, our presence there
    Will either kill or heal us entirely.

  • my_escape 59w

    And when I thought
    It's getting all messier
    With all the silent screams
    Dark horrid thoughts crowded
    My mindspace to utter extremes

    He was rather a beautiful calm
    Taking a break from the world
    To focus for the better was his norm
    And love was never low
    Even in the mid of storm

    In the faintest of voice
    And with a simple smile
    He described all of these
    As phases of time and life
    That bend us to indifferent degrees

    Uncertainties will be settled
    So will the situations
    Losing hope is a fool's job, he said
    I cried, let's fly together to the horizon
    And he calmly denied

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    Holding on


  • my_escape 60w

    I still hope
    We meet here
    At sunrise
    To see divine rays
    Of hope and love

    I still hope
    We meet here
    At sunset
    To blind our sufferings
    And all that led
    To misunderstandings
    And drink the potion
    Of bliss and serenity

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  • my_escape 66w

    Being a bird

    A year I thought,
    But it was actually more.
    When suddenly no situations
    Seemed perfect
    Without having imagined
    You in the plot.
    If you cannot love me
    In whole or till infinity,
    Try understanding me
    At least in fractions,
    Which is solely enough for a sky
    That I dream to fly in
    With grace and love.
    Even if the ending isn't togetherness,
    There would be moments
    When I would be alive actually!

  • my_escape 71w


    Sometimes ego
    Sometimes difficult situations
    Sometimes misunderstandings
    Sometimes self doubts
    Sometimes selfless thoughts
    Sometimes a big question- Does he/she feels the same way?
    And thousands of emotions are left unsaid
    The beautiful canvas which could be built
    Now remains the disheartened ugly clay
    Which could be mend into one
    But not the real elegant one.

  • my_escape 76w

    How would our life be?
    Driving down a path unknown
    For it is destined to somewhere
    Yet it only matters
    If the destination means something

    How about we pause and reboot ourselves?
    Where will it lead to?
    To recoveries will it signify
    Or it would latch us up again
    With our utter failures?

    Where do we stand exactly?
    For grounds always vary
    For all human beings
    And no one can actually stand
    On the exact view of mind

    Is it fine to feel lost?
    Or is it a state of depressed mind?
    Why loneliness is always considered horrid?
    For it makes us unsocial in the social world
    While sometimes it's filled with peace and gratitude as well

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    Lost somewhere