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  • my_tiny_chapter 38w

    Hello luvs,

    For some personal reason, I need to log out and sign in using new account, which can cause this account to be lost, as I wont be able to login using the same way anymore.
    I have asked Team @miraquill to help me with retrieving this same account for me, but I am not quite sure if I can get this same account back, later in the future.
    So just in case I can't and I don't see you again, I would want to say THANK YOU to all of you, for being so supportive, kind and loving -- to me as well as my verses.
    I will cherish the time and memories here. I’m lucky and truly grateful for the opportunity to be here with all kind, loving and supportive genuine readers like you. It was truly a fantastic journey with pure souls here.
    Thank you so much dearest. TILL WE MEET AGAIN ������

    Best of luck, everyone. 

    Lots Love and Lights for all of you

    Au Revoir

    PS :

    If you would like to still read me in the future, perhaps you could search for me


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    A Goodbye

    I will cherish the time
    and memories here.
    I’m lucky
    that I’ve got an opportunity
    to be here
    with genuine readers like you. 
    It was a fantastic journey
    with all of you @miraquill.
    Thank you
    Au Revoir
    Best of luck, everyone. 

  • my_tiny_chapter 39w


    ( The closed door )

    In a world where home is
    neither a place nor destination;
    but a feeling that i have
    when i’m with you,
    I’m lost!
    Lost in the static
    of your otherworldly phase.
    I’m merely the subject
    of your change,
    floating through your cosmic haze.
    Dispersed, in opposite directions.
    Every rhythm is so uncertain.
    In this temporary blindness,
    everything is blue.
    Searching for security and comfort,
    I find myself
    in front of the reason for my sadness,
    in front of a stranger's house
    that once felt like home.
    Sure, ignorance causes
    some doors of the heart
    to close where love does play.
    the memories and emotions
    we leave in those places
    are the fragrant lilies and roses
    stained with our tears
    that we dropped at the grave site,
    Allowing ourselves
    to overcome the sting
    of losing someone forever.
    I looked back on everything,
    back to where we started,
    back to where we ended.
    I try to be strong
    but I don't have a clue.
    My heart stands witness
    to every lie you told,
    Yet it is I
    who loved for real
    that is left
    to feel the frigid cold,
    Untill now there is nothing left.
    I guess,
    It’s too late to save...
    Breathing the stale musty air,
    I lay still and alone,
    Locking the door of my heart -
    Not letting
    anyone to come in,
    nor willing to even see
    million of other open doors
    or try to explore.
    Lost, in those simple moments
    we lived out joyfuly together,
    which are now a beautiful tragic end.
    Never understanding,
    How can I feel
    the extreme pain of loss
    and deepest darkest despair,
    from something
    that reality affirms
    was never mutually there?
    I must have deluded God and myself
    into a dream,
    With every mindless prayer,
    and so many silent secrets scream.
    Forgetting what the wise once said,
    " If the door is closed,
    it's not your Home!"

    I can't believe this �� @writersnetwork thank you so much for the kind repost. ������
    Huuuuugggss ��

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    ( The Closed Door )

    I must have
    deluded God
    and myself
    into a dream,
    With every mindless prayer,
    and so many
    silent secrets scream.
    what the wise once said,
    " If the door is closed,
    it's not your Home!"

  • my_tiny_chapter 39w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #madnessc #wod

    Obscured Passion

    He walks like a dream
    at night.
    veiled, young and shy.
    Alluring, intoxicating,
    fulfilling and emptying,
    all at the same time.
    But, so quickly,
    He vanished like the wind
    that blows white dandelions
    in the air.
    In front of me,
    my love is flaunted.
    I realize
    that I never really mattered.
    I know
    I'm supposed to depend
    on myself only, 
    but how can I do that
    when I feel whole
    when I'm with him?
    This long,
    I shipped a thousand feelings, 
    only to watch them sink.
    There is no rain to chase.
    There is no time to be retained
    There is no gaining back
    what's gone.
    I pass my way into dreamland
    A train down memory lane
    A nice comfy padded room
    For the bits that went insane.
    Those dreams
    still revolve around him
    and my stomach
    feels like cherry stems
    tied loosely together,
    and even though
    the words that leave my lips
    scream no, not anymore,
    the empty feeling in my heart
    feels like a snared drum
    of contradiction.
    In silence I loved him,
    yet lost him.
    In silence
    I've longed for his hand,
    And met emptiness. 
    In silence
    I fell,
    And heard my own heart breaking.
    In silence,
    He swayed my heart
    and danced with it -
    only to see it fall.
    The face of disappointment
    strikes straight through my heart
    it takes away my energy
    and tore my hope apart
    Now, I can’t seem to find
    a bandage big enough
    to heal the hole
    he left in my dying heart.
    memories are fading,
    But there's nothing I can do,
    The damage has been done,
    And What's gone, is gone.
    Things will never be the same again.
    Expecting miracle is useless
    in this messed up madness. 
    Since, nothing will fix
    this once upon a time fairytale.
    This devotion
    will only be remembered
    as a romance with
    no happily ever after -
    The one I pen down
    as eulogy ~
    a scribbled journal, 
    a prescription for madness
    I paraded around as love,
    Where the dreams unfulfilled
    Vanished without warning
    Soaking my heart
    in distrust and mourning
    Creating in the center of my mind
    an emptiness so still.
    I may wake up tomorrow
    to realise it was just a nightmare,
    As I plunged
    in the sea of madness...

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    Obscured Passion

    Give me
    a little scrap of paper 
    to pen down my eulogy ~
    a scribbled journal, 
    a prescription for madness
    I paraded around as love.

  • my_tiny_chapter 40w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #anaphora #wod


    To him
    with whom I learned
    love's greatest responsibility :
    to keep another's heart safe.

    I want to know that I am valid.
    No need to sing me a ballad,
    Just tell me what I already know.
    No need to wrap it in a bow,
    Just be very avid
    about the fact that I am valid.
    the power of my feelings.
    Hug me and tell me
    that you want me
    as much as I want you.
    Hug me and tell me
    how much i am important
    Hug me and tell me
    how much you love me.
    at times,
    I had these grand expectations
    of you and those around me.
    And my insecurity
    demands that you capitulate
    Disappointment runs
    through my veins,
    as this love leaves only stains,
    When one become
    more self preserved
    towards themselves,
    and with her
    you choose to walk.
    That’s when
    I found my heart
    drawn around in chalk.
    It's human nature
    as I have learned,
    Our selfishness
    makes us monsters.
    Ergo, those we care for most,
    who claim
    they feel the same in return
    ends up hurting us
    with words, actions, and decisions.
    Perhaps thats the reason,
    No one will ever understand
    how important the moon is
    in the night sky.
    I lost it all in one night.
    Since time of Rome and Babylon,
    "Forever" was something
    humans thought they had.
    I walk on this unique path.
    I feel,
    I might not be able
    to conjure the same devotion anymore
    as the image of love
    has finally muddied and spoiled,
    with my zombie vibes
    and very short random talk
    discussion about “stars”
    and the atmosphere,
    I still wish the best for you.
    Truly, Im happy
    to see you happy.
    I learned,
    It is not the wound we inflict
    that matters
    But if we choose
    to run or stay to help it heal.
    I learned,
    love's greatest responsibility
    to keep another's heart safe.
    Well, who knows
    just maybe
    One day,
    you might miss this girl
    that didn't demand anything from you
    but your time and attention...

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    ( sour expectation/s/ )

    Hug me and tell me,
    how much you love me.
    Hug me and tell me,
    that you want me -
    as much as I want you.
    Hug me and tell me,
    how much i am important.
    No need to sing me a ballad,
    No need to wrap it in a bow,
    Just be very avid
    about the fact
    that I am valid.

  • my_tiny_chapter 40w


    Aap khush ho
    meri bhagair,
    toh shikhwa kaise?
    Aap ko khush bhi
    na dekhoun,
    toh mohabbat kaise?? ��

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    As long as
    you are happy
    it keeps my heart
    at peace.

  • my_tiny_chapter 40w


    To the one
    whose name is etched out
    every time my pen
    kisses the paper
    in a brief love affair.


    Mood is upbeat here.
    Resting the restlessness
    in the domain of His Highness.
    A year filled with heartbreak,
    love, friendship, and
    life changing lessons.
    Perhaps it was a year
    where something
    truly amazing happened.
    I count my blessings
    that I have been gifted
    this moment,
    for one never knows
    how many lie around the corner.
    Entrapped by colourful balloons,
    but certainly not grounded.
    I look forward,
    in pleasure;
    in fear;
    nonetheless in hope.
    Passing years
    have narrowed the space
    between my world and yours,
    Love reminds me
    that sometimes
    the best things in life
    are the ones
    that hurt the most to lose.
    I would not trade
    a moment’s loving him
    for an ounce less pain.
    So today on his birthday,
    I decide
    to take a second
    to shed a tear of goodbye
    and raise a glass,
    Hoping that
    a new love embraces him
    and shows him the way
    to a better love -- better life.
    May he finds serendipity
    of stumbling upon people
    made of sunrays and stardust,
    to forever bask in their glow.
    from afar
    my love and prayers
    shall always flow
    to shield and grace him.
    Happy birthday
    my darkest desire -
    the sweetest temptation
    of my life!
    There's a thousand
    and more candles
    for you to blow...
    May you prosper and
    Your investment be fruitful.

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    Happy Birthday

    I keep dreaming of
    The idea of love,
    endlessly seeking.
    But it's falsehoods that breed it.
    No wonder it's fleeting.

  • my_tiny_chapter 41w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #start #wod #yetc

    Hourglass in Motion

    One day if everything stops,
    memories window smiles at the past.
    Full of pictures in sepia -
    a retrospective of events
    which were long buried.
    Yet, over time,
    we will be reminded again
    That the more we look back
    the less life lasts.
    Days are getting shorter.
    Hours into minutes
    into seconds,
    squished together
    like nesting dolls
    until they are lost to infinity. 
    Who owns
    these finite moments
    immersed in the infinite?
    Inhaling and exhaling
    the fumes around the clock,
    a perception of beauty --
    a spiritual sense of blissful growth
    lost over a cosmic delight.
    we all forgot,
    Time was not made for clocks
    but clocks for time,
    and there's no turning back!
    before it is too late,
    and regrets come to greet,
    take enough time
    to appreciate
    the power of a kiss, a hug,
    and even a mild, kind touch.
    Or simply
    take life a little lighter
    and laugh a bit lauder,
    Before all is swept
    into the union of the ocean,
    and the count forever
    lost what is tardy.
    Believe me!
    It's hard to make memories
    Yet harder
    to make them last.
    Days roll by
    like clouds in the sky
    Slaves to the wind
    as they flutter and fly
    Driven past by the hand of time
    Through the midnight hour
    when all bells chime.
    Here the searching
    for reoccurrence
    serves the end.
    Chronology now,
    is kept
    by the pendulous sway
    of planets.
    Only the soul
    returns to naught,
    in perpetual rest,
    forever in motion....

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    Hourglass in Motion

    One day
    if everything stops,
    window smiles
    at the past.
    Full of pictures
    in sepia.
    over the time,
    we will be
    reminded again
    the more we look back
    the less life lasts.

  • my_tiny_chapter 41w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #love #wod

    Words used : twilight, rose, coffee, fragrance, eyes, pink, lavender, waves and shore.

    Thank you so so much @writersnetwork for another repost. I am flattered. Yipppiiieee....������


    He is my routine, my schedule,
    the ballet-slipper pink ribbon
    laced into my life.
    His lingering scent,
    balsam or
    addictive cold brew coffee,
    wafting through
    my heart's bustling café.
    A mess of indistinguishable shades
    of lavender that hum melodies
    of both obsession and safety. 
    In this entrapment,
    my body sing and rise
    to its newness.
    Twilight is turning bright
    with vibrancy ahead,
    where sunlight dances
    through the trees
    and summer sings
    on warmer breeze
    as sweetened fragrance
    softly fills the air.
    Believe me!
    Love has never felt
    so gentle and so fervent
    yet so deadly.
    So darlin'
    Consume me
    before I'm just a memory.
    Smother me,
    but don't stand at my grave
    with tears of regret in your eyes
    and roses in your hand.
    Promise me the promise you'd keep,
    like those promises of waves
    in their constant love for the shores.
    Big tides or smaller tides --
    Big ebbs or smaller ebbs,
    they somehow always end up being momentarily together.
    Persistent in reaching
    to meet each other
    even when the sands won't allow it.
    You too, darlin'
    Incline to me,
    land on my shore,
    and dissolve in me
    into tiny molecules.
    Make me too your HOME,
    for what you did to me
    cannot be undone...

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    He is
    the ballet-slipper pink ribbon
    laced into my life.
    An addictive cold brew coffee,
    wafting through
    my heart's bustling café.
    A mess
    of indistinguishable shades
    of lavender
    that hum melodies
    of both obsession
    and safety. 
    A love that felt
    so gentle
    and so fervent
    yet so deadly...

  • my_tiny_chapter 41w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    - Campari Dreams -

    Autumn like winds
    begin to chill.
    Little frosty--
    bitter breezes blow,
    night lights flicker
    the fallen trees.
    Sleep calls from a distance
    I turn on a bed
    of yesterday's sapphire tears
    and tomorrow's amber dreams.
    I contemplate the mystery
    while my surroundings
    fade to murky clouds.
    When light of love
    has so much to give
    We just stood there
    and watched
    How seared ego
    and pearly secrets
    killed us all
    for we do not know
    how to cherish it.
    Perhaps it would
    have been better
    to let go
    whilst we were still whole -
    to lose something
    beautiful and cherished,
    than to break piece by piece
    and watch what we had
    turn sour in our hands.
    Like the chalk house crumbles,
    words evolve
    into raspy whispers.
    Damage has been done,
    Marks are on the wall,
    as demons claw.
    The night
    cheered in manipulation.
    Providing secrecy
    Not security.
    And so the devil hastened,
    Refusing to open
    the rosy door of understanding
    As the lover's thoughts
    scattered in a volcano
    of hot anger,
    scattered in lavender shades.
    Rusted metal promises
    hold no more than debris.
    And that's all
    that we'll ever be...
    - A thought -
    Not even destined
    to be buried
    beneath the same dirt.
    If only,
    there were scales
    to measure
    the pain of tangerine hearts
    that were broken
    in such leisure....

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    Campari Dreams

    Sweet, is
    when you smile to me.
    Spicy, is the reason
    why I look forward.
    toward tomorrow.
    Sour, it's the taste
    of waiting for you.
    Bitter, you left me
    rotten and lost.

  • my_tiny_chapter 41w

    I am wide awake,
    wrapped in hushed darkness,
    numbness falls over me;
    Blank heart --
    blank life.
    I' ve been waking up
    to desaturation all my life.
    Rolling symphonies
    of stained black river
    Seeping into my palms
    Drip down my hands
    Smear my fingerprints
    With traces of him.
    Upon the weak willow trees
    Fallen leaves
    attract my soul,
    Eraser heads
    deleting cacophonies,
    No harmonic state
    could cause a brawl.
    looks a lot like
    a harvested cotton field.
    And if you inhale the air
    as you drive by,
    you'd know exactly
    how to describe
    the smell of neglect.
    I was fighting
    for a love that probably
    never really belong to me.
    Staring into gaunt, vacant eyes
    everything was valueless,
    all collectively disconnected
    as I ended our connection
    by smothering it in light.
    I am trying less to know him
    and more to know why.
    Funny how easy
    Love appears to be,
    It laughs with the other easily
    Reconcilable "maybes"
    That devalue our first "hello".
    Longer was never long enough,
    turned into calamities
    forgotten on the shelf.
    I wonder,
    why the coldness
    surrounding me remains
    and constantly inviting me to play?
    I wish soon that
    every single little muscle
    in my body
    would stop aching for him,
    would stop aching
    for his touch,
    or love, or affection
    in any way possible.
    Because the way
    tires leave blisters
    on the skin of the road
    when they leave too quickly,
    is the same way
    goodbyes scrape my arms.
    "Thank you!"
    My times were great
    until we parted.
    I just pray
    I left him better than
    when we started.
    I also hope
    she’s the most beautiful thing
    in his new universe.
    But more than anything
    I hope that he is
    the most beautiful thing in hers
    as he was always
    the most beautiful thing in mine.
    Even when I am not in his.
    by and by
    I shall flush him out
    Until the only thing left
    of him,
    of us
    are the tears in my eyes
    and the acid in my throat
    which with time too
    will fade into the dust
    he left me in.

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    Transient Blow

    When the day comes to an end,
    It remind
    things in this world are transient.