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  • mynameiskhan 91w

    You dont have to explore everything in life.

    The Journey of finding Yourself

    provide enough adventures!

  • mynameiskhan 91w

    Toxicity inside ,

    Toxicity outside .

    What a combination

    for raising a Toxic Society !

  • mynameiskhan 135w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Spark


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    You are the spark,

    i always afraid of!

  • mynameiskhan 146w


    Power is not only to be the "greatest force", it's actually to be the "greatest soul".
    Whoever they are !!? Wherever they live !!? Whatever their religion is !!? Which country they belongs to !!?
    That is not the point...
    The point is they are HUMANS !! And humans are supposed to live their life with dignity and honour.

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    All we want is POWER

    We don't know that,

    HUMANITY is the greatest power !

  • mynameiskhan 165w

    Stay blessed always! @zkhannn

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    Happy Birthday

    Sisters are truly the biggest blessing here on earth!
    But mine is a little bit crazy, stupid, loud, childish etc,
    yet she's the greatest support system, the most lovable person
    and Yes she's the one i love the most!


  • mynameiskhan 187w


    Sometimes you just need a little break to gather up all your thoughts...and to make them more beneficial!!!

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    Im standing here all alone ,in the dark,

    Praying for the time to stop....

    Wishing for the darkness to cover me....

    Hoping for the stars to still shine...

    Expecting for the silence to spread around...

    Wanting for the peace to show its presence....

    All i need now is tranquility..!!!


  • mynameiskhan 197w


    Im not perfect ..I do mistakes... I even don't try to make everyone happy..& i think that's the only problem because these days people only want someone who please them all the time...

    We met a lot of people who make judgements about our character without even knowing us completely...

    So don't bother your mind by thinking about ur mistakes and flaws , there are a lot of people who are thinking about the mistakes you've done today , and now at this time , they are assuming your character while watching a tv and discussing it with their family,,,, or while laying on their bed ,,,or even during driving...believe me alot of people are talking about you ,,,,AND YOU ! YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT IT !!

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    I don't talk about my flaws ,

    Because ,

    People like to do it for me..!

  • mynameiskhan 197w


    So, don't be afraid of walking alone...

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    The fear of walking alone

    can affect you..

    But ,

    Walking with a group

    of cowards can literally

    kill you..!!

  • mynameiskhan 197w

    Main to yahin hun ae dost,

    Tum bohat aage nikal gaye ho,,

    Main to darya hi hun abhi tak,

    Tum shaid samundar ban gaye ho.


  • mynameiskhan 197w


    First of all , I would like to remember all those who have lost their lives in fighting for our motherland. Because without their ultimate sacrifice, we may not have had a country to call HOME.....
    As we all know ,shelter is a great blessing. A person feels safe and protected in his own home , where he can live according to his own way..
    and on the other hand, as its his own home , he tries to protect his home too..
    So our HOME protects us, and WE in return protects our home..
    Pakistan is our homeland...and the love for this homeland is in my blood and soul.This country has educated me, fed me and protected me from all restrictions.This nation is a gift for us..
    Our great leaders decided to create a homeland where Islam would prevail .They left no stone unturned to get Pakistan. As the saying of Mohammad Ali Jinnah goes on,

    “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”
    Pakistan is a great blessing for us by Almighty Allah, and we need to show gratitude towards Him....
    So ,this independence day try to spread LOVE and PEACE ✌



    Background pic: Beauty of Pakistan��⛰��

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