Doesn't seem like a lot of time, by the way.! Let's start with forever! :)

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  • myownideals111 11h

    No relief.

    I want to sleep.
    But I can't.
    I don't want to be awake.
    Awake, fighting.
    I want to escape.
    But there's no way.
    I want to sleep in
    A slumber in which
    Time passes with
    Speed of light.

    So that when I wake up,
    I'll get minimum vital
    pain of every day.

    I'm so tired.
    But I can't sleep.
    Stuck in a timeline.
    A dangerous one.
    Where my demons
    Attack me from all sides.

    Could it be worse?


  • myownideals111 16h

    Best friends.

    It was such a nice feeling
    Knowing how close we are
    And completely platonically.

    You didn't always need to be
    In a relationship to love someone
    Truly and purely.
    Even if they were the
    Opposite gender.

    We were best friends and
    I knew that whatever happens,
    I could always turn to him.

    -Unknown author

  • myownideals111 16h

    He doesn't know.

    ....And the boy doesn't
    Even know,
    All the quotes and poems
    Are all about him.!


  • myownideals111 1d

    Doesn't exist.

    I love you from
    The bottom of my
    Because my heart
    Doesn't exist.


  • myownideals111 2d


    Out of all the weapons in the
    World, Silence stabs the hardest.
    No matter how painful or sharp
    your weapon is, it always leaves
    the deepest scars.


  • myownideals111 3d

    It's real.

    Someone claimed to me,
    "Forever is nothing.! Get that fact."

    Years later,
    His glistening eyes looked
    Into mine and he held
    My hand and said,

    "Forever is Real.~"


  • myownideals111 5d

    You are.

    I mean each and
    Every word coming from
    These lips.
    Each. And. Everything.
    I can say it again and again.


  • myownideals111 5d

    I love you.

    I mean every single thing
    Poets say about love.
    I like each word that
    Comes out of your lips.
    I adore every action
    You pull out.
    I see you in the curtains
    Of my eyelids.
    Every time I close my eyes.
    I smell you in the scent
    Of the finest roses.
    I touch you in the softest
    Elements of nature.
    I meet you in the most
    promising dreams of mine.
    I feel you in the air
    Caressing my face.
    I believe the love
    Poets claim to have.
    I forget the time, when
    I'm talking to you.
    And I think I know you
    From forever.
    It doesn't feel like just a
    Short time.
    I mean every letter,
    I say to you.
    Looking directly in your eyes.
    And I love you from
    Here to Paradise.


  • myownideals111 1w

    So, this was something I posted a long time ago. But removed due to some reason. And now it's back.!!
    And for the people asking me who it was for, well, it was specifically for no one related to me.
    It's just my friend's story that I saw and she also used to tell me. So, I binded that in words.
    I just hope you like it.
    And for her consent, I already have that as long as I don't reveal her name. So, don't come at me. I have her written consent.!!!!!

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    Maybe he loves me, who knows?
    Maybe he can see me dying,
    While I'm busy hiding the scowls
    Maybe he can tell my smiles apart.
    Maybe his soul identifies mine.
    Maybe he's not bothered by people.
    Their opinions and rumors about me.
    Maybe he finds my frustration cute.
    Maybe he gets all worked up
    When I tell him I feel acute.
    Maybe he feels weird around me.
    For he loves me but denies
    Maybe he doesn't mind my looks
    While he gawks at me with smiles.

    Maybe his thoughts are full of me.
    Cause he casually answers my name
    Without thinking much
    When a question's raised.
    Maybe he thinks it's easy for me
    While I'm here fighting with my emotions.
    Maybe he sees me as a buddy.
    But in front of me, he becomes giddy.
    Maybe he thinks nothing of me like that
    Cause I can feel that in his talks.
    Maybe I made a mistake telling him
    We should be friends
    And he should not get his hopes high
    Maybe he was all calm because
    It wasn't his intention ever.
    Maybe I should have thought more
    But I don't want to keep him waiting for me.
    I don't want to press a stop on his life.
    But Maybe I should have confessed
    That his sweet little chats
    kept me binding with life
    Or I would have given up already
    Maybe I should have told him
    Love is eternal and beyond barriers
    Not age, not time spent together.
    What counts is the feeling provoked
    With each other
    Maybe I should have confessed of
    The vibrant mood he cultivates in me.
    With his phrases.
    Maybe I should have informed him
    About my infinite love for him
    And maybe he loves me too
    Who knows?

  • myownideals111 2w


    You just gotta be with
    Yourself through the
    Cause you've got no
    One else.