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  • mysocalledthoughts 1d

    Trying to make amends,
    Attempting to understand
    The feelings forcing to recompense;
    Unburying years of trauma and sentiment
    Facing the ache instead of running
    Is the hardest thing I've attempted to do.

  • mysocalledthoughts 1w


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    Your name occasionally
    Tickles the tip of my tongue,
    Leaving my mind to step into
    Puddles extracted from
    Memories of when I thought of us
    As one. I still not fully comprehend
    What was lost, a part of me; and a piece
    You greedily claimed and left me
    Waiting with want.
    I pray you feel no grief despite my loss.
    I wish you well and with good intentions
    With your journey towards self love.

  • mysocalledthoughts 1w

    I'm trying to withdraw the shame,
    Of the pointless charades
    The breaking of my elements
    The darkness encasing my brain.
    Hiding in freight, the keeper of
    souls; Barely clinging onto life,
    my midnight knight.

  • mysocalledthoughts 1w

    Dear self,

    I see you suffering;
    shoulders weighed down from years
    of battling ache; You deserve better,
    in fact you deserve a world where pain
    doesn't rule you, a reality where you can
    be, do and feel all you want
    Where you aren't incased in no's and fears.
    I pray you get to see the world, experience
    it all; Fear, pain, happiness and rage;
    Sink the voices echoing in your brain,
    turn off the controllers and just feel
    without restraint, how your meant to
    without influence from anything and
    anyone aside from yourself.

  • mysocalledthoughts 2w

    And when my soul needs reconciliation,
    I'll be there to mend the broken pieces
    Left by those who I thought were dear.
    My hands bled as I scooped up the mess;
    Breathing through the ache, see you old
    Friend till we never meet again.

  • mysocalledthoughts 3w

    Dark clouds,
    Ominous vibes,
    Edging memories
    Laced with trickery,
    Hallucinating a dream
    Within a dream. Hoping
    For pain to sink me before
    Reality does me in.

  • mysocalledthoughts 3w

    I feel cold yet hollow;
    Empty but full of -ve
    emotions playing tag
    under my skin. I've had
    enough but I'm still yet
    to feel a touch other
    than the darkness that's
    looming from within.

  • mysocalledthoughts 6w

    I remember you, like the first bloom in May.
    Carassing my aching bones from the
    Weight I've long wished to shed years ago.
    The temptations still almost sway me
    Bringing me closer to the bliss called an ending,
    I'm tired of fabrications and I'm ready to give up
    this world full of darkness mirrored by light.

  • mysocalledthoughts 6w

    I see darkness colliding with what little patience
    I have sleeping within me. Taunting me to let loose;
    The unfiltered thoughts dwelling in the lions den.
    I wish to unleash it's velocity upon the world
    But it can't tell a foe from a friend
    And all that encounters it's rage, shall fall.

  • mysocalledthoughts 7w

    I want to give in, give up the weight
    pressing down on my shoulders.
    I've been sinking for as long as I remember,
    I should've adapted to this burden
    A long time ago but it only keeps
    getting heavier with time.