Never loose hope in life cuz life is a Mystery with unexpected miracles....

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  • mysterious_writings 11w

    Just when the old woman was hesitating to cross the road, a crowd of school boys passed that way.they were happy and shouting. They too did not bother to help the woman, who was uncared for. But a young boy took notice of her and offered a helping hand to her. Holding her hand firmly, he conducted her safely accross the road. He came to his friends happy and satisfied. He told them this deed of kindness might one day help his mother if need be. That night the old woman prayed to God to be kind to the noble boy who undoubtedly was the pride and joy of some mother somewhere.

    Be helpful, you never know how your help may turn to you with double force when you or your family loved ones are in need of...

    #englishpoem #mirakee #miraquillwriter #writersnetwork #writeandunite #inspiringpoetry

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    The woman was old and ragged and grey, And bent with the chill of the winter's day;

    The street was wet with the recent snow,A nd the woman's feet were aged and slow.

    She stood at the crossing, and waited long, Alone, uncared for, amid the throng of human beings who passed her by, Nor heeded the glance of her anxious eye,

    Down the street with laughter and shout, Glad in the freedom of school let out,

    Came the boys like a flock of sheep, Hailing the show piled white and deep.

    Past the woman so old and grey, hastened the children on their way,

    Nor offering a helping hand to her- so meek, so timid, afraid to stir

    Lest the cravings wheels or the horeses feet should crowd down in the slippery street

    At last came one of the merry troop the gayest laddie of all the group;

    He paused beside her, and whispered low, "I'll help you across if you wish to go". Her aged hand on his strong younger arm she placed, and so, without hurt or harm.

    He guided the trembling feet along, proud that his own were firm and strong.

    Then back again to his friends he went his young heart happy and well content.

    "She's somebody's mother, boys, you know, for all she's aged and poor and slow;

    And I hope some fellow will lend a hand to help my mother, you understand, if ever she's poor and old and grey, when her own dear boy is far away".

    And "somebody's mother" bowed low her head In her home that night and the prayer she said was: "god be kind to the noble boy who is somebody's son and pride and joy!"

  • mysterious_writings 15w

    A boy whom i know as a writer in miraquill app. His writings omg he writes alot all are related to love and memories the words which he buried in his inner self and he shares the words in his writings which he unable to share anyone....may be cos no one understands/no one cares/ no one make him feel that much spl to share every single word he wants to....

    He is so young, not his words though....

    He is deep thinker, amazing guy, friendly dude, funny meow, very understanding, he is someone anyone could wants in their life be friend with or even as a lover(hahahaha you can try him for a good partner ����just kidding) he is really caring loving boy so ya .....hahaha

    The boy i met in mirakee! ��
    Have so profound
    Heart, funny Nature, have much good amount of attitude he own,
    he is broken healing soul hahaha so don't try to mess with him if not you gone...
    He cares nothing but his people and himself....
    He says prayer heals everything, no the faith we have on prayer is what heals
    Everything, he have that faith and power to heal himself ....
    Made him what he is now a strong minded independent guy who can slove his own issues and can stood in front of any person if it comes to his mother ..... ❤️


    he tries to make feel good and advices when ever one approach him with problem or his friend in need of any...even with his own he tries to be frndly with everyone around.....

    He is calm sweet cute
    handsome Hottyyyyyy������guy ......


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    જન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના
    Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામનાJanmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામનાJanmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામનાJanmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanāજન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામનાJanmadivasa nī śubhakāmanā


    God bless you pagal meow
    Bhagavāna tamanē hammēśā āśīrvāda āpē����������������������������������������������������������

    Stay happy always
    Stay healthy ����������������������������

    Hope you like this if not I gonna make your birthday death day dear hahaha Real I gonna rip you ��������

    Everyone here wish him today his birthday...


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  • mysterious_writings 16w

    It's life it works according to our faith not according our wishes or thoughts. Sometimes it's very best good thing to do nothing then doing something...

    #quotefortheday #inspiring #stuff

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    Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not imagine, not obsess.
    Just breathe and hope that everything will work for the best.

  • mysterious_writings 16w

    Don't fall in love, if you can't be in relationship for long till end....

    The pain of love can never be understood by anyone.... it only one who in love he/she can bare.

    Every other pain can share but not love cuz no one understands....

    The one who is in love it's the only world,
    everything for that person...

    Love have power to break and make the toughest person....

  • mysterious_writings 16w

    Enjoy the present moment
    this second is more valuable...
    than your yesterday past
    And your tomorrow future....

    If you can't enjoy present
    If you don't be happy at
    Present moments
    you could loose the
    Opportunity forever....

    Life is unpredictable
    It's true you never can
    Say you are going to
    Be in next second in
    Life. Yes there is a
    Chance it's life .....
    There is a chance for

    Learn to enjoy life
    As it is in the moment
    You are living in.....


    #mysterious #one #writernetwork #lifeinthemoment #inlifeibelive #mirakeeworld #writeandunite

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    You won't like to visit
    graveyard everyday na....
    Likewise your not so good past too
    Why you go on think of past
    While you have beautiful present.

    You won't like to think about when
    Iam going to die na....
    Likewise your unknown future too
    Why you go on think of future
    While you have beautiful present.

  • mysterious_writings 20w

    When I was a child my grandparents had told me that there's something mysterious about the House they live in. Growing up I believed that it was a joke or a story that they narrated in order to fascinate me but now that iam visiting this house after all these years iam feeling some uneasyness inside me it is like iam doing something wrong by visiting that place that mysterious house hope everything going to be good there if not iam die meat.

    As I go back to my childhood where my grandparents used to say some story about that mysterious house I remember that story well.
    Flash back (about 25years back):-
    My grandparents used to come will spend days with me saying Stories how their house and surrounding people are and funny teenager love stories and scary devil stories. Once they said about the house they live it's that there live one family father mother(second wife) one daughter (first wife and his) one small boy (second wife and his). He thought If he married again then his daughter gets good mother and she never feels what's it to be have mother so he do second marriage thought she is good one. But no she is good for few days that's it after that she used to say bab about that little 5yrs she used to be beautiful baby girl. But her second mother used to tortures her never she allowed her to go outside and play with her aged children she used to do all the household chores daily she gets her skin burned until it's her 10years. Her second mother gave birth to one baby boy he is such a cute one. That lil girl loves her brother so much even after her second mother beats then to she used to take care of her brother. And that boy loves his sister so much and the father was so happy to see the both her children bonded good and may be I did mistake marrying this woman but at least after all these years my daughter is happy with her lil brother she got not only brother but also friend and protecter too.
    And she loves pets. Lil girl turned into 23 years beautiful gorgeous girl still with the torture from her mother she just be happy with her not so happy Life.
    One day one boy named Anshul sees her crying she just falls for her at the first sight feels so pained in heart when he saw her crying hard he goes and asks her
    He :- why you are crying girl. It's not suits to your face
    She :- it's non of your business mister just go from here.
    He :- he used to see her carrying her puppy and used to take her puppy to walk he thinks I know you from so long and wait I guess myself. Hey where is your puppy girl you used to carry it with you everywhere you go.
    She :- she cries even hard they took my milk from me they took him in that Dogs van i want my puppy
    He :- ok don't cry ok I will find it and till tomorrow you will see your puppy and it will be again in your hands. Same time same place ok ?
    She :- really how will you find where they taken my puppy I don't know you can't find its impossible but ya thanks for comforting me. But you can't I know.
    He :- I can I will. Don't worry
    She :- okay if you can you bring my puppy. Bye I want to go now it's getting late
    He :- ok don't forget same time same place.
    She goes to her house just got shocked to see her father died body she just collapses on the ground. Sees for anyone there in the house but no one. She cries hard calling her father but he already died due to heart attack.
    Her second mother comes and sees that her husband died she just blames her by saying I have seen you talking with a boy you cheap girl I said to be in house not to roam if you have been in the house your father might have not died like that how can I Live and what about my son who gonna look after us. But she just cries ....not saying anything all the rituals completed they put him in the ceremony and done all the ceremonial things and came home. Her mother she just can't control her anger she throws bangs that gril head to the wall it's continuous for 5 times every Bang is harder than another she just falls on the ground with oozing blood from her head forehead all. And after three days she gets consciousness and she just takes the sleeping pills box and put them into the mouth all in one go 30 pills she thinks of the boy that she spoke and thinks ohh your name Anshul you didn't ask my name na my name is Maya ...hahahaha now you never can see me but I feel I fell for you Anshul be happy in your life.
    And that her soul stays in that house and never it allows anyone to be in that house more than one month it's that ghostly house it got name of mystery house cuz many say many stories about that mysterious house and this is my grandparents story
    Flashback ended .....
    but don't know how it is after all these years is there any change or not. Let's see and let you people know about that house story when I reach there and experience myself what that mystery is. Bye dears.

    It's not good one but lol adjust I just tried it.

    #imaginerystory #story #creativeimagination #mirakee #writersnetwork #writeandunite

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    Mysterious house

    Little about me lol....Iam Laila. Iam my grandparents girl cuz I don't have my own ones my grandy says they die in one of the major car accident and I got saved at that time iam still 2yrs old. But I got adopted by my uncle and aunty they don't have any child for themselves so my grandparents said okay if they care and love me as like their own child than we are fine with it. Yes, they loves me so much I guess they are more loving parents I have than my own ones I don't ever miss or feel lonely they never lived me alone anytime supported in every decision of me.

  • mysterious_writings 20w

    Life starts all over again
    When it gets Crips in the fall
    So don't just Easily give up on the life,
    Because fall is to rise again like morning bright sun,
    With full spirit, hope and
    Faith on almighty,
    Just leave everything in the hands of karma,
    Follow the path which leads you to reach life of light again.

  • mysterious_writings 22w

    कोई भी पैसा या संपत्ति आपके माता-पिता द्वारा आपको दिए गए जन्म के मूल्य के बराबर या उस तक नहीं पहुंच पाएगी(koee bhee paisa ya sampatti aapake maata-pita dvaara aapako die gae janm ke mooly ke baraabar ya us tak nahin pahunch paegee)....

    So Respect and love your parents more than anyone. For us(human's) they(parents) hold their special space more than god can ever make his place in our heart....

    #priceless #life #parents #love #pricelesslife #parentchild #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquillwriters

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    _The value of your birth_

    No money or property would equalize or reach the extent of the value to the birth your parents have given to you.

  • mysterious_writings 23w

    #Heart #Eyes

    I just want to rip my heart out and chop it into pieces, as it is making my eyes bleed with water #blood which iam unable to control.

  • mysterious_writings 29w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Blame

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    Don't make anyone regret for taking yourside.