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  • mysteriousde 4w

    #hindi #urdu #maa @hindiwriters #ceesreposts

    अंधेरों में जुगनू सा चमकना,
    खुदा का यूँ माँ में उतरना !!

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    तमाम रंजिशों को ढलते देखा है,
    सूरज को भी यूं जलते देखा है,
    किस नाम से बयां करूं मैं उसे,
    उसे मैंने हजारों रूपों में निखरते देखा है !!

  • mysteriousde 6w

    #mirakee @miraquill @hindiwriters #hindi #urdu #random

    लौट के पुरानी दीवार पर
    चेहरा एक नया देखा,
    वक्त के साथ चलते रहे
    सफर वहीं ठहरा देखा..!!

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    सवाल कई हैं जवाब एक नहीं
    दर्द कई हैं जख्म़ एक नहीं
    जज्बात कई हैं बयाँ एक नहीं
    लोग कई हैं साथ एक नहीं..!!

  • mysteriousde 7w

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @miraquill #ceesreposts

    @writersnetwork Thank you very much ❤❤

    :( Idk what this...sensible or not

    I missed you all..
    I'm really sorry for not replying your messages but I'm literally busy right now.

    Hope you all are doing well.

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    Dead poem of life

    Barge wording and sulked verses
    Writhing my swagger poems
    Deride feedback and skeptic Body
    Like rhythmic sound and elegy.

    It is more like unvanquished die
    Every breath is stifling inside
    The grave again as blooming alive
    Hovering buzzes and mollis veins

    A red note in mysterious hive
    Withstand again and abasement lies
    As black walls for ominous life
    Deter soul fraught inside.
    ~dead pen


  • mysteriousde 8w

    #mirakee #ceesrepost @miraquill @writersnetwork #writer #challenge
    #cees_query #wod

    Sorry for late.. :(
    IDK it makes sense or not..

    Writer is the "pace maker" of dead society...

    Writing is beyond the words..
    It is not only connects the hearts of readers and writers but always left an epochal sign on the people..

    Like the fascinating science of Aryabhatta
    And those conceptual explanations of Mendel

    How did you get everything...
    From the writings...isn't it..?

    Though the society is changing
    AI is emerging but nothing can replace the one thing that is writers and the old habits of writings..

    //A writer can make, break and heal the society
    and have the power to mould the society//

    So being a writer is the toughest and most remarkable duty of society..

    /Books contain millions of dreams inside the pages..
    And every turn is the pioneer of next step../

    And that's how a writer becomes the first brick of the country..

    //One day we all will die
    but what will be left behind..are stories.
    That'll incarnate you..
    And if it happened to be a good story
    it would always be read..//

    Like the autobiography of Sir "A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"
    Always taught me never-ever give up..

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    A doctor dies for patients,
    A soldier dies at borders
    I found someone who dies in
    the papers..

  • mysteriousde 9w

    #mirakee #cees_visitors
    @writersnetwork thank you very much for ���� @miraquill

    I really don't know this is suitable or not..
    I know somewhere I'm diverting from the challenge..
    Sorry for that..!!
    But @luvnotes_challenge_host
    thank you so much ma'am for this amazing challenge..
    Though I'm not good at writing
    but I enjoyed :) ��

    Every Encounter Is A Kind Of Destiny..

    //The first visit in the heart of hills
    taught me a lot about life..//

    Time 4:30 am
    And again a nightmare frightened me
    I took my mumma's shawl and went out for peace
    I was shivering in the dark foggy night
    And listening my favorite melody..

    And abruptly I unknown sound of hush came closer to me..
    Again counting 1...1,2..2,3..3...
    manus confricantes..suddenly my
    torch fleshed..i screamed and fall down..
    A boy with shiny curled hairs was smiling.. I remember that dimple on his face
    giving his hand and helped me to get up..
    And concurrently we said sorry..!!

    Haahaa.. that was hilarious..

    He asked me for "the chai"
    So, i couldn't say No.
    'Wait..' I suddenly murmured
    "Do I even know him.?
    God.!! You stupid girl.."
    and my gullible nature became skeptic to ask his name..
    While I was juggling with these thoughts
    He said "here we are" and gave me a cup of tea..
    Gosh..that was a beautiful dawn..
    First time with the core of my heart I feel the mist that was alluring..

    He- this is my favorite spot here, I usually come..and feel relaxed
    Hope you also like.. (enthusiastically asked)
    Me- Yaa!! This is..(I smiled)
    Me-you live here..?
    He- not really.. I was in my bade papa's (uncle)home..
    Me- oh..don't..(he stopped)
    He- I definitely missed my parents but they lived in village so sent me here to study..
    Me- hmm.. I know
    He- you love snowfall..?
    Me- Yaa..!! (with dazzling smile)
    He- you know what..(he suddenly said) we meet lots of people and visit lots of places some are sudden and some are planned but, I feel everything is destinated somewhere..isn't it..
    Me- may be..i never felt that (embarrassingly smiled)
    He- sweetly smiled and asked btw your name..?
    (Suddenly I heard my name)
    Me- oh..! Sorry my friend is calling..i have to go
    He- hold my hand and said.. then promise me..we'll meet again
    (IDK why but I promised a stranger to meet again)
    She- definitely we'll...(with hopeful smile..)

    I came back home and busy in my studies..may be I forgot about him.
    After passing a year I was in a fair..I thought I saw him..and I mesmerized in those halcyon memories...
    I wish I could meet him..

    Now four years have been passed..
    And nobody knows this secret every year why I used to visit that place..!!

    //I know time is flying but I believe
    that i'll meet you somewhere in life..//

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    //he was like nautical twilight
    and I never wanted to miss him.. //

    She was solitary and gullible
    Counted numerics when anxious
    He was amica natura and charming
    meeting him was soothing..
    With the dew in the dawn of
    frozen land
    He left an epochal sign on
    her hand.!!
    The first sudden meet become
    Left a lingering touch of mystery..


  • mysteriousde 9w

    #hindi #urdu #maa #mirakee #miraquill
    #ceesreposts @hindiwriters

    I can't express you in my words
    But surely mom I think without you I'm
    just like a Riger mortis..

    एक सुकून चाहिए,
    सपने में हकीकत
    यकीनन मां चाहिए..!!

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    तेरी फ़िकर भी मुझे जीना सिखा देती है
    माँ तू मुझे दर्द में भी हँसा देती है..!!

  • mysteriousde 9w

    #life #fear #strength #wod #quote
    #motivation #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork ��you like quotes too.. Thank you ����

    For piecemeal strength
    Make sure..
    What you did,
    What you're doing and
    What's your plans..

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    Insulating your fears from the world
    Doesn't mean you are stronger..
    It is like an evasive answer
    Isn't it..??
    And this will make strength more elusive..

  • mysteriousde 9w

    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #love
    #remember #me #wod
    @writersnetwork thank you for ❤

    This post doesn't make sense
    Because everything is false~ imaginary..

    Remember me
    When you wouldn't find stars
    When darkness will shroud your scars..

    Remember me
    When people will forget your birthday
    When happy journeys will become lame

    Remember me
    When somebody will hurt you
    When everyone will judge you

    I'm not promising to be here always with you
    But trust me after life my memories will help you
    You'll never be alone my writings will be your friends
    And whenever you'll remember "us"
    Your lips will have a perfect pose~ your favorite smile❤

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    Remember me
    as a mist of first spring
    as a kiss of every morning

    Remember me
    As a spark of dazzling smile
    As a perfume of soothing life

    Remember me
    As a taste of your favorite coffee
    As a warm of your blue hoodie

  • mysteriousde 10w

    #love #broken #hindi #urdu
    #ceesreposts #wod
    #mirakee #miraquill
    @writersnetwork @hindiwriters

    तू मिले कहीं तो तुझे बतायें कभी
    सारी रंजिशें भुला एक चाय पिलाएं कभी
    फिर वही किस्से पुराने और हम मुस्कुराए कभी
    दिल ना मिले तो क्या यारा हम नजरें मिलाएं कभी !!

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    खुद से ही निकल, कई मील चले हैं
    कितने ही सफर और लोग मिले हैं
    टूटे हैं ख्वाब, कुछ घाव चुने हैं
    तन्हा रातों में, बस दर्द अपने हैं !!

  • mysteriousde 10w

    #grandparents #love #grandma #wod
    #ceesreposts @miraquill @writersnetwork thank you ❤❤

    Happiness is the time with grandparents❤

    A life of grandparents is a precious and favourite book of every childhood
    not more than fairy tales
    not more than dreamlands
    going through the happy times some memories teach the life
    the love that filled the heart
    the hate that left the scars
    all the ups and downs of life
    they taught me that family always survive.

    //I just want to tell you that
    you will always alive
    you are my world and you are
    my life..//

    //She taught me
    One day you'll be just a familiar figure for some people
    Do your best to be a good girl..//

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    She never said to rush
    She always walked with me.
    She never said that she loved
    She always hugged me
    She never asked what and why
    She always comforted..
    //Literally no time can replace your presence,
    Only you have the ability to make everything feel better..//