A 21 year old boy, who's trying to figure out the shades of love and being loved and the aftermath of love and not being loved...

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  • mysticalballads 1w

    My Babe

    You are my Inamorata damsel,
    With many glowing curle,
    Present in the golden thread,
    Which is on your head.
    What a twinkling yellow cascade,
    For my prettiest girl its made.

    Lushy white moon,
    With two precious diamonds.
    Possessing 32 glittering pearls,
    Between two red rose petals.

    Cute little red pimples,
    Near the marvelous dimples.
    The sweet pinkish blush,
    Sparkling like the plush.

    You are God's finest art,
    Your name became the
    The rhythm of my heart.

    Your face never goes
    away from my sight.
    Because of you even
    my night is so bright.

    You are my beau queen.
    Such beauty I have ever seen.

    The moment I look into your eyes,
    I freeze like the hot-cold white ice.
    You are my sweetheart I knew.
    Wish to collect the stars
    To make a crown for you.

    O lily of the Nile,
    You are so worthwhile.
    O my saccharine darling Belle,
    You are my alluring angelle.

    You are always there for me princess,
    My vast love for you is endless.

  • mysticalballads 2w

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    My Lovinger

    The hot cool moment we met,
    Is the most luxe second I bet.
    Came like a beautiful princess,
    Who was born for this prince.

    O my dear glorious sunshine,
    You are strictly always mine.
    You are my gracious looker,
    I became your beau' admirer.
    The elegant wear you wore,
    Made me, your mate to adore.

    Want to hold your sweet finger,
    And to put the sparkling ring,
    To dance with you and want to sing,
    That you are my lovinger.


  • mysticalballads 4w

    The secret message

    Wandering in my mind, you are always
    I am lost in the pearl eyes of yours
    Longing for you, my lovely sunshine
    Love you forever, my cute divine

    You are the girl of all my dreams
    O damsel, you are my joy’s extreme
    Unable to protect my little heart

    My living art, from your heist
    Adrenaline pumps to the blue sky
    Rushing high, when you smile at me
    Ramping a sonnet by seeing your lips
    Yawning cuteness of yours is a whip

    Myself, became the pilgrim of your heart
    Everything I want to ask you now is...??
    (1st letter of every line)


  • mysticalballads 5w

    Our Evening

    On your shoulder lying,
    Our knees each dashing,
    Under the sky sitting,
    The bird's song listening,

    Your sweet lips talking,
    My eyes are seeing,
    You, my heart-stealing,
    My cheeks are blushing,

    Near the spring standing,
    A beautiful wish thinking,
    A love penny tossing,
    With your hand holding,

    I wanna be loving-
    -You in our everything.


  • mysticalballads 6w

    Makes me...

    The tucking of hair behind your ear,
    Pierces my heart like a sharp spear.
    The rose posing in your black cascade,
    Makes thought of you in mine crocheted.

    The blink of your eyes for a second,
    Makes me more to you beckoned.
    The two dazzling black roses,
    Makes me spring many proposes.

    The ascending of your curved eyebrows,
    Makes me give you my soulmate vow.
    The mushy black lineament of yours,
    Makes me believe my queen you are.

    The pointed precious nose,
    Makes me stand in my toes.
    The ruddy scarlet seraphic lips,
    Makes me forget my hardships.

    The white precious stones of yours,
    Makes me long you for so many hours.
    Curved glistening sugary chin,
    Makes me sing song with a violin.

    Never seen anyone like you before,
    Made me fall for you into the core.
    Your face just wow made me adore,
    Unable to live without you anymore.


  • mysticalballads 7w

    The greatest dilemma of one's life comes only while trying to propose to your best friend...
    #dilemma #love #fear @writersnetwork

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    What shall I do !?

    Walked on the long endless roads,
    With more happy blissful fun loads.
    Having your sweet fingers in mine,
    Making me feel the most divine.

    Suddenly a rose bloomed in my soul,
    Because of it, I am out of control.
    Suddenly an arrow pierced my heart,
    Afraid to say since we may bitter apart.

    Dancing on the fire, feeling like a liar,
    You made me hug a deadly sharp brier.
    Having an idea to propose to you, my love,
    The fright that you fly away like a dove.

    What to do now? What do I have to do?
    Say to me, my dear love inamorato…

  • mysticalballads 7w

    The Boy next class

    Watching through the door outside,
    With anxious and excitement inside
    Suddenly he came as the bright light,
    Which was a beau marvellous sight.

    Searching for me away somewhere,
    All at an instant my eyes gave a flare.
    With fun and smile in my lips,
    With my two hands on my hip,

    Having a sweet look at his eyes,
    I gave my little heart as a devise.
    Pushing my hair with my finger,
    Wishing with him to have a linger.

    Went near the door to say my love,
    But the bell rang and he ran, my love.


  • mysticalballads 8w

    The final part is here...check me out for the previous part!!

    #part_2 #love #crush @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Let me say how...

    “Wha...what?” with a titillated look asked her
    Even my voice box got mesmerized by her
    Tried a lot to hold my distance from her
    But the last atom of mine got pulled to her

    Is that a lighting that struck at me
    Or her beau smile flashed at me
    Like a child, seeing candies after millennia
    My eyes were transfixed only on her

    She was like a fairy, seen in the tales
    Like a princess from the fairytale
    Dressed completely in white
    Looking prettier than the moon at night

    “Because today is the greatest day,
    The sweetest day of our life.
    You are going to travel in our way
    With me as your wife”
    Said the most pleasant voice
    Through her scarlet lips.

    “Will you be my husband?” she asked
    Before words came out from my mouth
    “Will you get up now!!” a voice hummed
    Into my ears which I am hearing for years
    Everything stood still and time paused

    Opened my eyes and it was a dream
    About that sweet day perfect in all ways
    Near me she stood with our coffee
    “Get up honey, on this day…” she said
    “Our best days started fifty years ago”
    I completed but our best days will continue
    Till our last breathe together forever…


  • mysticalballads 8w

    Let me say how...

    The sun rising with its pride
    Spreading its light so so wide
    The chilling breeze filling the air
    Making the world look more fair

    The dancing trees above the ground
    The atmosphere full of sweet sound
    Made by the birds from their nest
    Waking all from their drained rest

    The scene is at its notch perfection
    Portraying the creator's reflection
    Wait a minute, how is this so perfect?
     Never so better like this before, I recollect

    “Let me say how” said a voice behind
    At that instant, her eyes filled my mind
    The girl behind is my only dear crush
    Again she made my blood to the top, rush

    Will get jealous, the colored rainbows
    Because of her curly dark eyebrows
    Will get jealous, the frozen no color ice
    Because of her freezing sea colored eyes

    Will get jealous, the pink spiked rose
    Because of her lovely sharp nose
    Will get jealous, the beautiful red tulips
    Because of her sweetest scarlet lips

    Will get jealous, the pure white wreath
    Because of her sparkling pearly teeth
    Will get jealous, the slender horse tail
    Because of her cascade black pony tail

    Her face makes the sun seem gloomy
    She is one of the prettiest, admirably
    The Lord created her in his best mood
    On her, the eyes of the worlds are glued


  • mysticalballads 9w

    The girl next class

    My eyes ran fast everywhere,
    I found her in hell nowhere!!
    In near class there she was,
    A pleasing cute smile she has.

    At her, a short quick longing gaze,
    Made my brain run a hot maze.
    My heart beats with a euphony,
    Made me feel you as my honey.

    O, my beau, you stole my soul,
    For sure, you are my darling extol.
    All of a sudden the evil bell rang,
    It all ended like a magical song, sung.

    You are my love dearest.
    My love for you is the greatest.