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  • nabeelaamir 31w

    Kai rango mein ek uska rang tha
    Ab mere lafzo ka libaas bna hai

  • nabeelaamir 32w

    Wese to lafzo ka maara hu magar
    Unki yaadon ki Shaukhiya thamne nhi deti

    Nayaab, Naazneen ye to bs bol hai
    Unke raqs ki tabeer, us aabshaar se pucho
    Unka muskurana, un parindo se pucho
    Unki aankhein, us chandni se pucho
    Unki khushboo, un phoolo se pucho
    Unke bol, us mishri se pucho
    Unka chehra, Seher se pucho
    Unki dhadkane, koi humse pucho
    Faqt mautjza hai

  • nabeelaamir 32w

    kabhi surat jo mujhe aa ke dikha jaate ho

    din meri zist ke kuchh aur badha jaate ho

    ik jhalak tum jo lab-e-bam dikha jaate ho

    dil pe ik kaundti bijli si gira jaate ho

    mere pahlu mein tum aao ye kahan mere nasib

    ye bhi kya kam hai tasavvur mein to aa jaate ho

    taaza kar jaate ho tum dil mein purani yadein

    ḳhawab-e-shirin se tamanna ko jaga jaate Ho

    محمد عامر

  • nabeelaamir 32w

    Rumi - The Timeless Wisdom

    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
    doesn’t make any sense.

  • nabeelaamir 32w

    Your appearance is your first introduction;
    But second introduction is the one which actually makes you beautiful and that is your art in any form;
    Physical appearance is just an illusion, embrace the beauty of art!

  • nabeelaamir 32w

    A Tragedy, when a matured mind and a romantic heart are in the same body!

  • nabeelaamir 33w

    Tumhari aankhein barasti raat ki trah hai;
    Jb bhi likhta hu, kashti bnake sang bha le jaati hai;

  • nabeelaamir 33w

    By unknown writer

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    My Notebook

    I have in the notebook a thousand words dance
    One in a yellow dress,
    One in a red, burning the edges of the pages
    I am not alone, in my family I carry a bundle of verses
    I am a poet of wandering love
    There is my anchor and I cut a sailor.. and a sailor digs through the depths of the waves

    I search in the hollow of the shells for a letter like the green moon that I dedicate to the eyes of my love!
    In this notebook you will find thousands of words white and red and blue ones and yellow but you my green moon are sweeter than all words,

  • nabeelaamir 33w

    Unse guftagoo kamaal ki hoti hai;
    Unse haarke bhi tasalli si hoti hai;
    Yun to kbhi sawarti nhi magar,
    Bindi sajaakar kehkashan si chamakti hai;
    Hai paani si saaf dil ki, haste hue jharne si behti hai;
    Hun main lafzo ka mohtaaz magar, is napukht ki udaan whi puri krti hai;

  • nabeelaamir 33w

    Wine Bearer

    Come! for in your love I have lost my mind.
    Once a city, now I'm a ruin;
    From your love I moved my thoughts out of my home;
    Now my bedmate is the pain of longing;
    Never mind how passive I was before I met you;
    Now I'm a real man;
    When I saw how sweetly our souls were related;
    I became a stranger to my own family;
    Day & night i consumed the tales of lovers;
    Now consumed by your love, I am the TALE..
    I Swear on the soul of all holy drunkards, I am drunk on your love!
    When I saw what was written on your wine bearer's face;
    I broke all my pens in my drunken frenzy;
    You commanded, break the chalice, I broke it.
    I detached my heart from all and I attached it to you.