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  • naive_verses 5w

    You just made a comment?
    Nothing you thought would torment,

    Tearing someone from their crown,
    With the hopes to bring them down

    Taking them to a place where no hope lies,
    And relations that just break all ties.

    Just a small thing to destroy their life…
    Aren’t you the reason they held that knife ?

    How at night can you feel better,
    Their last notes are not love letter…

    So be kind to the crowd,
    Seems only way to feel lill proud


  • naive_verses 6w

    It’s not all gone, right?

    Oh! Look at the younger me,
    Trapped and wanting to be free.

    Everything I have ever known;
    He wishes knowing them he had grown.

    I find my younger self talking again,
    With most innocent emotions that have drain.

    The not so eligible scribbles and time torn spellings,
    Turned to masterful crafted arts in a dwelling!

    Just one hold of me doesn’t define who I be,
    The whole is different and that’s me !

    Living memories be so important,
    But so is the past that’s sometimes reluctant,
    where the not so dead me lays,
    reminds me of what’s underneath stays


  • naive_verses 6w

    Why do I feel this way? I guess I'll never know,

    Any thing is not fine, but I'll never let it show.
    All things in me feels like a mistake,
    Honestly all I wanna do is just break!

    Am I ever going to be okay? I wonder.
    I close my eyes to grip my fists tight in anger,

    Fiery hot tears run down my wintry cheeks,
    Dark circles around eyes says I haven’t slept in weeks.

    And yet to this grief, on adding a lill believe;
    A fire in my soul burned so fiercely,
    That I found me… I found me lively!


  • naive_verses 19w

    I trust you shall discard it well…
    From a lill too weak heart now I tell.
    Oth top of my voice I wanna yell!
    Somethings sure make me compel,
    Gushing out of the love barrel;
    Already making me feel unwell.!
    Will it be a place to dwell?
    Or just another near farewell?

    I know it won’t be the same hell
    cause this time you should cast on me a love spell.!


  • naive_verses 38w

    Bridges & Grudges...

    It strikes me hard to realise it later,
    when today was lesson learnt but better!

    It's not me, it's not we;
    It has someone to be!
    It's not you, it's not her;
    It had someone to be there!

    As a lie over a lie,
    would bring you near to Goodbye !
    Cry of your heart,
    Would be a point right on the dart!

    miscommunications - that's what waters the plants of grudges.
    communication - that's something won't burn the bridges...


  • naive_verses 39w

    To let go of you never...

    Oh well, it's sure done and dusted,
    A past that should be now rested;
    but the love was so hard tested,
    Will it be worth being wasted?

    Somewhere deep, while I still weep!
    I think I am kinda busted.
    Could we be one and toghether in love so deep?
    holding hands and in arms rested.

    I know for I won't forget,
    Meanwhile I'll put on my headset
    now music should change my mindset
    Once your voice was my kinda reset.

    The fact that you will not be there,
    or the fact that you will never care
    Is it something that I must be aware?
    emotions of my life so bare!

    Perhaps, in my memories I shall capture,
    To let go of you never & to hold you tight forever


  • naive_verses 40w

    Miss Understandings

    Not all words flow to the river of UNDERSTANDING...
    for some surely know to grow on the branches of MISUNDERSTANDINGS...!

    At times Known & Often Discreet...
    Almost grown - Relationships torn...
    You must have known before it's Born..!

  • naive_verses 50w

    I try to teach myself not to think too much,
    About things & beings around!
    but then isn't that me asking myself to be someone else..?

    Oh yes, we all worry and that's what and who we be...

    Trying to be a better or atleast the one that they think we can be,
    & there comes a point when you just give up on trying!

    On trying to be what we ain't meant to be!

    I have reached that point which is honestly just me whole heartedly and unapologetically being myself and saying to people that
    "yes, this is me."

    I laugh most of the times, joke around and I can be serious too and a little sad from the inside but I won't let that sadness get to you.

    I promise.
    I will love you as much as I can but if something doesn't work out,
    I am sorry for giving up in advance because I no longer have the energy to shout!


  • naive_verses 54w

    All this while we have crossed the bridge
    I still say I have kinda lost the touch,
    trying so hard but I cannot judge
    seems to me all done is a lill too much!

    I have had so many things to tell you,
    first, I dint know where to begin & how to end;
    now, I know not to begin so I don't have to end!

    Oh believe me when I say I love you,
    Like I have always done,
    I am still & will always stand tall for you
    Past every nights that brings a dawn!

    Cause I mean every word...
    & at the same end I still am saying
    we have lost the touch...!!



  • naive_verses 55w

    Don't suppress the pain - express it!

    I feel no better from a last few days,
    but there is no song I want to play!
    If there is something I want to say,
    there is no one to hear me play!

    I have a world beyond my imagination it seems,
    If it is all wrong in your understandings;
    could that still not be right for my sake?

    my pain would make no difference to many
    & the path I now choose for me maybe a mistake
    but who cares I shall own it to my grave!

    Only regret I will have is now - trust,
    That straight will go to the dust!
    Tried to hide secrets even in deserted light,
    Some such abuses, shush.. less to the sight!

    Just to have someone who could at times say;
    Don't worry mate I hear you & you're doing great!
    That would have really saved my day..!

    Nevertheless, so just reminding myself,
    While I can express, denying to suppress this pain!