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  • nakkupulli 1w

    #song @writersnetwork @miraquill

    I can't tell any one song there are a lot of songs that really teach me a lot and they are from different languages. First song I want to mention from Hindi that ' chal wahan jate' hai by Arijit Singh my favorite lines are from this song is' koi subah wahan Raat se na mile' it is so enchanting and thought provoking and at the same time soothing and relaxing. Next one is from English which is ' all of me ' by John legend . Actually in English there are lots of songs , other songs which I love the most is 'in case you didn't know' , beautiful in white , little do you know. From bengali I love to listen ' Tumi robe nirobe ' ( rabindra sangit) . From Spanish I love to listen ' El destino ' , por primera vez, they all are very soothing and comforting. There are a lot more songs I love to hear songs a lot from different languages. As music doesn't have any language. What touches to the heart is the language of love and music is the language of love. Here , I am going to write a poem including the lines of all my favorite songs.

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    Por primera vez ( for the first time)
    Koi subah wahan Raat se na mile,
    I would be waiting for you,
    As I would be lying If I said that I could live this life without you
    Little do you know how I'm waiting for you
    I'm missing your smile and missing your way
    I want to make you as the part of my life because you are my perfect imperfections and my all of me,
    I remember when we first met you looked perfect that night you looked beautiful in white
    Tumi robe nirobe
    As I know you do
    As I know tu respuesta " tu estas mi El destino".

  • nakkupulli 1w

    Stars are countable

    Ronit was upset about his failure. He was disappointed as he didn't manage to teach well in the class. It was his demo class in Vidya mandir school. He was very confident that he would easily teach better because he had 2 years of experience in the other school and had known how to teach and handle the students . However, his demo was a total contrast ; it was a disaster for his teaching career . He had no idea that something would happen like this but when he was asked that question, he lost his confidence and collapsed . He had no idea what to say next . However, he managed to utter some words to answer the question. It made him more nervous, for he thought that he had said something wrong now he felt that he had lost the trust of his students and couldn't gain it back just after few minutes class was over. As soon as he went out the class, the whole class roared with laughter. Ronit immediately knew that he only made himself a laughing stock there. He was now criticizing himself on the inside and torturing him by self depreciation. Now , it was time for the second demo class . In his mind there was an inner conflict which produced two voices .
    First was saying, " you are nothing you always make such foolish mistakes . You can't be any good . You're so reckless. How can you be a teacher. You never were a good student. You just ....."
    The second voice was saying, " oh , it doesn't matter . It happens , sometimes you don't know something and that doesn't make stupid or fool. It only means you have to work harder and focus on that side . That's all. Don't get upset, just relax ."
    He was now not at ease . On the inside he had a war between his two voices which were making him wince . He entered the second class for his demo class but his expressions were not the same as he started speaking. He was showing the confidence in face , however, he was not feeling confident. His voices were still torturing him and making him more perplexed and even was making him stumble every now and then. He could now notice the giggles and chuckles of the students which discouraging him so much and making him mispronounce the words even more . He stopped for a while to take deep breath as he had understood that with this mental state he wouldn't be able to teach properly. He could now hear a lot of noise and could see the total avoidance of the students. His voice was being suppressed by the their noise and his two inner voices .
    The period was over . He was called in the principal office . He was told that he would be called after considering all the things. Ronit was listening him absentmindedly. He didn't have any expectations that he would be selected. He had himself know that he had not taught well , actually it all happened because he made a tiny mistake in the teaching the students of first demo class which was of 10th class. He taught about noun and its types . He told almost every thing that he knew but when he was asked whether the star was countable or uncountable. He got a little confused and said it both. Just after a minute he said " actually, it is up to you whether you count or not some may count it so it is countable and some may not count , so, it is uncountable. I think stars are countable, I count them daily ." The bell rang and all the students laughed behind him as he went out . He then thought that his answer was perhaps incorrect. All this made him upset inside and made his day worse which he assumed to be crucial for his life.

    He was now at home contemplating about that happened in school. It was night , he was beside the blind of the window looking at the sky which was filled glittering stars. He was staring at them broodingly and just said to himself, " indeed , stars are countable , I can easily count them . " Soon ,the phone rang , the voice from the other side said something. This made Ronit's eyes delighted . He was selected for the English teacher . He was also told that his style impressed the students. They were all praising him as they never got bored . Ronit thought that the students were laughing as he was not teaching well because he also stumbled and said absurd. But it was all his overthinking which was creating commotion inside his mind. Now, everything was resolved. He again stared at the stars which seemed to be laughing at him as if wanted to say yes " we want to learn from you".

  • nakkupulli 2w

    At the moonlight's edge
    The stark shadow lurks around
    To get stagnant life

  • nakkupulli 2w

    Of love
    Tempts behind
    The silence of

    Ties breeze
    Of your smile
    With knots of your

  • nakkupulli 3w

    The sighs scream
    , For
    The sighs scream

    The love I cherish
    Sun rises
    The love I cherish

  • nakkupulli 5w

    When the moon wants ( part :- 2)

    All things happen for a reason, there's nothing in this world which doesn't have a reason or purpose. Some find the purpose ; some become the reason. Some find the reason and become their own purpose. Neha had also entrapped herself in the thought of the reason and purpose. In her life ,her purpose was to get settled with Saran. Although she had a bright career in being an air hostess ,but she thought it the other way. She decided to become a faithful wife to Saran and decided to live with him happily. However, that time she was only brooding about Saran's intermittent phrase ' when the moon wants' which he used to use to divert her from the current topic , the same he did the last time. Now , she had an intense curiosity to get what that phrase really meant.

    It had been 2 hours having talked with Saran through the phone. She was still so lost and restless ; thought of calling him again , but a irresistible courtesy had stopped him to do that . She had asked him the meaning of that phrase many time before but never had he told anything about that phrase and left it a mystery for her who was , presently ,at unease and puzzled. She always considered that phrase amusing, she never thought so hard on that topic , however, something strange was forcing her to think it deeper as if that was the only way to understand what it meant . She was pacing on the floor with her phone in her hand . She continued to move from one corner of the room to the other for 10 minutes in her internal conflict, all of a sudden, she flung her phone on the bed with a deep sense of frustration. She, then, stopped and let herself fall freely on the bed . She stretched her one of hands and took the phone which she could feel beside her . She dialed Saran's number in hope he would take her call . He took the call and addressed with an authoritative voice " hell,yes, now what's the matter ? Sorry, I'm little busy , if you don't mind , I'll have to hang up . I'll call you later ."
    She immediately replied with a hesitation," no , please, don't hang up the phone , I'll just take a little time . I want to ask what that phrase does mean?."
    " What phrase ! What are you talking about? Look I'm so busy , I have to go." Saran told her with a irritation as if he had no notion of what she was talking about.
    Being upset by his reply, she responded with disappointment, " why are you so irritated? You are behaving as if I've done something wrong to call you . Okay, if you have problem; I don't want to talk to you either . Don't tell anything about that phrase." She hang up the phone angrily. She was distraught with his behavior. She was fretting so much and in her indignation; she threw up the phone on the bed which slipped through its edge and fell on the floor. She immediately stooped to pick her and checked whether it was safe or not . She found the it got cracked from the back . He expressions were in utter distress ; she sat on the chair by the bed and lay her phone on a table just behind her chair. They had fought like that several times before but never was it so fierce . It used to be very light and humorous. She decided not to call her back until he called her and told her sorry for his behavior. For getting instant relief she set out for an errand. On the other hand , saran was as well not feeling well because of the way he behaved with her . He was looking for the job which he was unable to find and due to the stress he gave his bent to her and talked to her harshly. Now, he was regretting and thought of calling her back but her question for which he had no answer. He himself didn't know what it meant, he used to say that to divert the topic . However, he didn't know that she would be that eager to know about it . Now , he was thinking ' when this moon wants us to be reunited'.

  • nakkupulli 5w

    Caliginous aisle leads igniting gut into nocturnal ombre urn surreptitiously

  • nakkupulli 5w

    When the moon wants ( story part :- 1)

    Saran finally picked up the phone which was going off on and on. He moved his lips between an utter urgency and a reluctancy and said ," hello, yes dear , I was just waiting for your call" .
    "Liar , you were avoiding my phone." Said Neha with an emphasis to prove her argument. They both had been in relationship for 5 years. They both wanted to settle together, they both wanted to marry each other but their destiny had something else. Saran, for a year , had been looking for a job after being convinced by her to leave writing that was not enough to sustain themselves after marriage. That time , her stolid response made him perplexed but he somehow managed not to give way to that response. He put a great effort to hide his anxiety by clearing his throat and said a bit confidently ," that's not right, I'm not liar . Trust me ; I'm telling the truth". She didn't say a word just after he finished, then few seconds later . She said softly, " Did you get the job? When will you get the job ,when will we marry? Tell me baby." The last word vanished all his anxiety and hesitation. It gave a kind of zest that he felt in his veins that he got confident and told with excitement " Baby , don't worry, everything will be in right time. We will marry and everything will be okay. "
    " Have you got the job?" She ,at once, asked the question again.
    " Well, yes " , he lied without any enthusiasm. And further added ,"look this job is amazing, I'll get good money, soon , we will get settled."
    He had a hopelessness which he didn't let choke his voice , but , he got muted all of sudden , she waited for his next sentence, thinking he had finished, she said in childish manner , " really, but when?"
    " When the moon wants?" The response came rapidly like a gun fire as he would know what he had to respond. However, Neha got irritated; she didn't like him saying that. Because whenever she would ask about their marriage or settlement , he would often divert her by saying that sentence as if it was the solution to every problem. But what it meant Neha had never known and saran would never tell her. That time, however, she was adamant, she wanted to know what it meant. So, she asked with a little sarcasm.
    " Oh ' when the moon wants' tell me precisely when will your moon want and if you can be grateful towards me so please tell me what does this mean ?"
    " Oh you want to know. You will definitely know when the moon wants." He said humorously and suddenly someone called him and he bade her bye and hang up the phone. Neha was annoyed with all that . But she trusted him and somewhere believed that the moon would definitely want them to be together.

  • nakkupulli 6w

    I am snowflake

    I am snowflake of the eyes,
    Frozen inside in the unexpressed emotion,
    With the shriek and the cries,
    I don't let myself fall as the tears
    As people will put their contemptuous glance
    I can't fall , I have these fears
    But I come out as cold sweat
    To show the deepest trepidation
    Then appear with a fret
    On the frowned forehead
    My existence is real,
    As I am the snowflake , but people think me fake
    My expression is a pretence
    My appearance is fabricated
    How to prove my innocence
    That I'm not complicated,
    I'm all, inside , water ,
    But negligence makes me rock
    '' oh you hurt , so harsh you're.'' say the folk
    But it is not the truth
    I want a delicate caress
    To feel my presence
    To savor my incense
    To melt me into the water of love

  • nakkupulli 6w

    Hushed house cries,
    Trying to tell his grief
    Of his hollowness

    His walls wail,
    Suppurating their hidden hollowness brazenly
    On sweating floor

    The house feels
    Ashamed of their wall's sobbing
    Scold for foolishness

    The walls become
    Silent spectator of their decadence
    And suffer estrangement