too flawed to hold uh down>>

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  • narcissus__ 2d

    Janim den Mubarak ho khush raho...
    Allah pak tumhy zindagi ki sare khusiya de...✨
    Jin ki tumhe talab hai��

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    As our birthday is on same date happy b'day to us ...have a bouquet of happiness....n good health as well...

    Thkx for the instants 'delightful Moments ... n calling those nicknames r knee slippers ....most laughing one ur aeh...

    I genuinely appreciate those things uh did for my reliance..........n ur time as well..

    I only wna give uh a favour dun do the things uh can't explain n where I'm supposed to estrange. Uh....

    have a bright future....n live long
    Enjoy ur rest of life with peace...
    Where ever uh go....

    I can't figure out what is our realtn n destination but it's far better than common law partners
    Nd the bond is uniquely Loving one....since I'm obsessed with it

  • narcissus__ 6w

    Ur estrangement while using this accent was the moment of demise my luv:-)

  • narcissus__ 11w

    Her inner peace is lost

    Head is hefty nd she's
    Whole crestfallen

    Still the little inner anticipate lift in her thoughts makes her breath....

  • narcissus__ 16w

    Bundles of aches effecting......
    I can't count even the evocation of one minute

    I don't know who was precise at that moment...
    Ol I know other side was in more spleen
    N I was only hushed at tht moment.........

    They ceased it as a resolution
    Wtelse their choice......

    May be this was the finale here .
    May be this was terminus.....

    But I dun know why the hope of yearning
    Is still alive .........

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  • narcissus__ 22w

    Chlo chod daitai hai Un kay liye likhna
    Jinho ny likhnay kai liye kuch nhi choda...

    Chalo apnai qalm ka rokh badl nai
    Ki koshesh krtai hai...

    Chalo yeh baigaireth rastai chod detai
    Hai :)—

  • narcissus__ 23w

    Shab e furket mai
    Shab e wasil ka dard mehtanai ki chah mai behtha hoon...

    Woh bzm
    Woh logho kai hojoom ka woh Manzir
    Bholnai ki chah mai bhehta

    mazar jaisai manzer ko
    Bolanai ki chah mai bhehtha hoOn
    Ksi ko
    Wafa e Shair bnanai Ki chah mai behtha hoon..

  • narcissus__ 23w

    Aye khuda

    Safar sai shuru howa hoon
    Safar mai hi khtm na kr ...

    Ksi Ki Nigah sai door rehna chahta hoon...
    Ksi ko nigah sai door rkhna chata hoon

    Silsilai jhutai thai faslai badh gyai
    Yeh fasanai Dekh dekh k Khud sai hi bagawat krnai lga hoon..

    Bewajah apna wajood gamzada rasto mai dodhta gya....

    Woh phoolo ki bat krtai thay
    Hmai dhool hath mai dai k rukh badl deya...

    jalti Tapesh sitaro mai
    Nam aakho ki tabeer hogyi

    Dohra rhai hai logh
    Apnai whi nasaz silsilai


  • narcissus__ 24w

    These sunsets are
    Really painful

    But still the hope for
    sunrise keeps us going 🤗

  • narcissus__ 24w

    She was a sufferer
    Of time .......

    She lived with tenderness since long
    Her throat many times become
    Victim of torment.....

    There were many queries for many ppl
    But everything was purposeless....

    They were bustling in their own world





    She Only believed in

    Animation ......
    In In her lives💕💞💓💗

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    Let’s beam a lit
    Till we get a
    rzn to laugh abundantly

  • narcissus__ 24w


    Woh badl gyai toh badl jnai doh
    Hamarai pss muntazir rehnai ki koi wajah na rhi.....

    Woh chlai gyai
    Jatai jatai jutojo k saray surakh
    Metha deyai.......

    Chalo mukafati AML pai aehtimad
    Kayim rha hamara bi🤝