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  • naveensm_ 190w

    Every human has two parts within him, the good part and the weak part. We must appreciate the good part and accept the weak part or rather build the weak part. That's how a bond develops!

  • naveensm_ 192w


    He broke.
    His dreams broke.
    His hopes broke.
    Infinite sleepless nights.
    Drugs addict.
    Yet his love for her kept him alive.
    Unkowingly she buried him while he was still alive.
    Her bestfriend got friend-zoned yet again!

  • naveensm_ 192w


    Look into the near future instead of looking into the far future. Life will get simpler then!

  • naveensm_ 192w

    Right and Wrong!

    Even, doing a wrong thing is a right thing to do when you don't have to regret that wrong thing later.