I'm just another light lost in the dark

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  • nbsanta 64w

    To me, love is a dream, a mere fantasy which I read and saw in all those stupid stories and movies. It's something, i dared to dream of.
    What is love for you?
    What is an impossible dream that you dare to dream of.

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    Impossible dream
    I dared to dream.

  • nbsanta 92w

    Tears have the purity of raw emotions,
    a reflection of the soul
    yet the most vile tool used to deceive

  • nbsanta 96w

    The only thing I've learned by far is don't wait, hustle for what you want. You gonna achieve nothing if you don't work for it. You can't reach to your destination without the journey. It's a complete process. There's no formula or shortcuts, every single person has to live out their own, choose a path, go on their journey and it's only you who can make it worth living and beautiful ��. No one has a right to decide a path for you to walk upon. Make your own fate❤
    With love

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    Life is too short to
    wait for the things to happen

  • nbsanta 116w

    Happiest birthday my beautiful
    Can i call you still mine, i know we are apart. It's just i can feel you till date in every breath in take in. Your love is just like air i can't see but can only feel. In battle to move on and get past you, my memories and love wins. I hold on to you in the wildest and strongest wind.I still remember each and every moment. You took a part of me and forgot to return. I miss the feeling i felt, you were around me. I am not me anymore without you, ever since you left.
    On this day, when you came in this world with an aura of divine. I wish you all the happiness and laughter my dearest.I keep you in my prayers, I'll be watching you from afar, like the sun in the bright sky. I don't have enough to praise you my love.

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    The moon to my night
    The sun to my day
    You are the stars
    That shows me the way

    Your presence is the warm hug
    That embrace my soul
    Your smile is all i need
    To light up my eyes

    For me, it's just you
    I don't need any shining gold
    You are my precious
    My shining star

    For your love
    I can cross oceans
    I can walk thousand miles

    For your love
    I can live without you
    I can kill or even die

    In this world full of hard found love
    I don't aspire to be hopeless romantic

    I am just a lover
    Who wrote these stupid words
    Which barely even rhymes

    I don't know why i love
    Maybe it was your soul
    Or those bewitching eyes
    I am still captive in the moments
    When you said, ' you are mine'

  • nbsanta 118w

    Traveling miles, leaving smiles
    Left behind, the warmth of home
    A journey on the barren land
    With no hope to reach the destination
    Sitting beside with window rolled down
    With radio turned on
    Emptied stomach, went on and on
    Rivers pass, mountains climbed
    Still no home in sight
    With heavy heart
    There's no ray of light
    All they see is hues of
    Black and white


  • nbsanta 122w

    Is kadar chada hai rang tere ishq ka
    Gulaal si laal meri rooh ho chli hai
    Chehre pe aati jaati hai jo muskurahatein
    Maine saari tere naam kari hai

    Hwa ke un jhonkon mai hai ehsaas tera
    Aankh moondte hi
    Nazar aata hai chehra tera
    Maaloom hai mujhe sab k
    Khudh se milke tune hi
    Yeh saajish rachi hai

    P.S- Don’t mind my hindi spellings, do correct them😊

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    इस कदर चढ़ा है रंग तेरे इश्क़ का
    गुलाल सी लाल मेरी रूह हो चली है
    चेहरे पे आती जाती है जो मुस्कुराहटें
    मैंने सारी ही तेरे नाम करी है

    हवा के झोंको में है अहसास तेरा
    आँख मूँदते ही नज़र आता है चेहरा तेरा
    मालूम है मुझे सब कि
    ख़ुदा से मिलके तूने ही
    ये साज़िश रची है

  • nbsanta 123w

    After all these years,
    Essence of your fragrance
    is still fresh in my reminisce.
    I remember those sparkling amber eyes
    like sun shines in the sombre sky
    Warmth of your embrace kindles me
    You Shown me parts unexplored
    within my own soul
    You touched my very existence
    with warming smile of yours
    Unwithered, blessed with eternity
    Love, our love is imprinted
    In my heart for forever and furthermore

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    Unwithered, blessed with eternity
    Love, our love is imprinted
    In my heart for
    forever and

  • nbsanta 124w

    Every tear that roll down from your eyes, reflects the burden of the past

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    Weightless emotions lingers
    In the eerie lanes of memories
    Dripping into the creak of lustrous eyes
    Flows in crystal clear drops
    Bearing the burden of zillions sorrow

  • nbsanta 127w

    If you ever feel lost,
    in the crowd of this world.
    Listen to your heart,
    it knows the way,
    Run to that direction
    and never look back.
    The light within you will come forth
    And liberate you from
    all the darkness of your world

  • nbsanta 131w

    There's no such thing like stop loving someone
    You just cant. It doesn't matter how hard you try to deny it. You just keep on loving them. For you, only they matter the most.Even if there's no guarantee that the strong feelings you have for them, will be reciprocated or not.
    That's the risk love have.You knowingly keep loving the person despite the risk and, i think that the beauty of love.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Loving you is not an easy thing
    A walk on the edge of the knife
    Just like a moth drawn to the flame
    Love is what that's become my demise
    Died a million times craving your love
    But never got what i thought was mine
    Sometimes it ache my heart, loving you
    And a question that come to mind
    Why i keep get back and look for you
    You never loved me back all this time