retired into an endgame

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  • near_lane7 3w

    Where are you

    Missing my life
    It has gone far and astray
    Where are you my life
    I can't find you
    All its left are these out of bounds dreams
    Thought I had put them away
    Into the back pockets of my soul
    Obviously they are coming
    One at a time
    Reminding me of my consciousness
    It shall gently lift me
    Out of depression
    I sigh

  • near_lane7 5w

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    Myriads of geese flocked to the south west

  • near_lane7 7w

    Habits never die

    There maybe proof
    Some may be useful
    Others not so
    Easily dismissed
    The not desirable ones
    In young years ignored
    But done again and again
    Decades pass
    Some just don't work anymore
    While others just settled for good
    Age tells
    No way fighting them
    Reminders of a youth
    When told not to do so

  • near_lane7 7w


    Can't get enough
    The series keeps running
    Immersed into a community
    Put onto a large screen
    Much fun to watch
    We speculate we cheer
    A world in front of our eyes
    So much joy pains forgotten
    Feasts followed by dances
    Musical magic
    filling halls streets and downs
    The living is easy
    We share
    Being home bound

  • near_lane7 7w


    Thrilling thoughts floating
    In a sea of elevated lust
    guilt and desire dance
    Amidst a crowd of truth and objection
    While tensions rise
    breaking the barrier of doubt and fear
    Demons are the partners
    Embraced as they appear

  • near_lane7 7w


    Sparingly lit
    Bodily glories
    Resistance broken
    They feel they touch
    An ultimate union
    Embedded in memory
    Forbidden but lived

  • near_lane7 8w

    A light in the sea of darkness

    A man's brain
    Is spewing fearful ideas
    His eyes closed
    A disturbing darkness
    Not daring to conquer
    His troubled loose
    Yet a tiny light dances
    his willed state of chaos
    It moves faster and faster
    His eyes can't stand the pain
    Eyelids' tensions give in
    To yield to daylights' approach

  • near_lane7 9w

    Memories brought into realty

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    Jacket of time

    Sitting together apart several chairs
    Several whiskeys and peanuts
    Topics aren't scares
    Number one this jacket
    Of motor cycle distinction
    Lent or given to a son
    Late teenage years
    New friends and new prospects
    Said jacket found its fate
    Smell extraordinary
    A skunk attack in the day late
    Now all these decades later
    Subject number one
    Details and memories
    The older one let's on
    eBay to the rescue
    A similar one to be found
    Around the globe it will travel
    To the son
    As the father was told
    Memories and realities
    Combined in an evening of connection
    Life can be good without
    endless correction s.

  • near_lane7 13w


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    Clothes abanded
    Cool air brushes his skin
    No feelings of anger
    Peace comes with in
    A quiet overcomes
    Until the morning bell rings

  • near_lane7 13w

    Fall is here

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    Down the Street

    Mansions in color lined by
    majestic trees
    Manicured lawns
    Scissors snipping with
    With the precision
    of a barber's cut
    Fall the period of senescence
    The resting period of nature
    Storing energy
    For a next rise of the sun
    Yet humans want tidy
    Cut, cut, cut