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  • neha_020 28w

    10.07.2021 ❤️
    One liners ❤️

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    //Your message
    was like a drop in the ocean
    was never found//


  • neha_020 28w

    09.07.2021 ❤️
    One liners ❤️

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    //I'm lost in the pages of a book
    finding words
    in the dead straight lines
    with no beats on,
    helping me to build my breaths..//


  • neha_020 28w

    I left my soul
    In search of an another
    It refused to find
    " It left you
    Don't leave your inner self now
    Let moon shine by it's own power
    Let the sun dive at it's way leaving you
    You know nothing (no one) stays around
    Still you can shine bright
    Nevermind if it pretends to be you or your tears
    Let it emit all the fire to light up
    How a moon tears itself
    Along the 15 days
    And blends as a full moon again
    Losing all the darkness in his shine
    Be that moon girl
    Stars not always be by the sides
    There are empty skies too
    So let the stars disappear
    You still can find ur brightness
    You own that sky alone
    Don't leave your soul
    Finding others
    You know they left"



    Umm..I felt something odd today....huh nvm so here's I guess something odd...��✨

    @writersnetwork @miraquill a read?❤️

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    //I'll blame myself for being ignored
    I'll never blame you for never trying
    Still I need to shine babes...//


  • neha_020 34w

    //"FRIENDSHIP" a cool word right ? Umm let's give a different definition to it..//

    ~Friendship a golden relation~❤️

    The day I was born,
    With no one by my side
    Except my two shinning stars
    But you crossed a step ahead
    Peeping in my life as a moon
    The first stage of my life
    Known for my first ever friendship....
    Just two little kiddos of 3 yrs
    Running around each other
    This phase ended with time
    Look, someone knocked at my door of life
    I was just 7 when I opened it
    New Face, new look, but the same relation
    Again life has someone along
    Putting hands in hands...
    Playing shouting and roaring afar
    Oh the time passes swiftly dear..
    'Hey gurl' a shouting spirit behind
    I turned around with a glance as I was 13
    Third face, third side with a third look
    But entered for the same relation
    Silent gossips and secrets exchanged in our pockets
    Smiling and fighting along our ways
    Teasing laughing crying at the world
    "Ohk bye", the clock made it's bang to start a new phase..
    Hush...the ride to my life moved on
    With every 7 stage of my life
    I had each of seven colours painted
    As I stepped in a new stage
    New colour would knock it's tint
    With all the new faces along our hands
    But lived just for a single relation
    That's *FRIENDSHIP*.....

    //Umm....yessh a friend is someone who lifts uh up high, walks in your footstep trails, breaks all the sadness and smiles to share with....But u know 'EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY' or say 'NOTHING IS PERMANENT'.....
    Friends are someone who enter in specific phase to give their helping hands......the time the phase is over, the hands disappears.....ooh no worries this is *LIFE, new phase new friends but with same love.....
    Friends are forever...yess read it again
    "FRIENDS ARE FOREVER" just that they come in a different look to help in different time zone...❤️



    @shruti_25904 here u go..❤️ hope it makes sense and relates to the topic...��❤️
    @childauthor_345 thankew for making meh write this...done..❤️��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • neha_020 35w

    Sorry to make this long....
    Just tried something new today...kind of narrative poetry related to today's creative arena...hope it's not boring and hope it makes any of the sense.. ��❤️

    //I feel low whenever I look up.... nevertheless describing ourselves as the way in a negative face does matter to anyone or not but effects meh hard...//

    ~Baby I'm not pretty~❤️

    Drowning my face down
    To hid my identity in dark
    No hopes to see, to stare myself in the mirror
    Oh see that dark paint, threw on my face of dullness
    My eyes left with no signs of shine
    Just the stains of my tears rolling down
    I shout upto my throat "Stay away, u can't stare my look"
    That random taunts "You gross, find urself in that ugly mirror"
    Ooh yeah, my nose
    Bleeds as it's stamped to the wall hard
    Rotten and torn lips that bends at the edge..!
    And that scrambled hair...
    Just makes the beauty to an end
    Scars of the dark deep peeled from the leaning skin
    Ooh my unidentified hidden face
    That roars to live up
    But mixes with the dark craves..!

    //The time lift when someone entered my life just to add up glitters to shine my black bolds.....Saying "YOUR BEAUTY IS SOMETHING APPRECIATED IN A POSITIVE WAY GURL.....LETS MAKE A CHANGE IN THE FACIAL POEM"//

    ~Scars to Ur beautiful~❤️

    Yelling high to make your head up
    You hid Ur face not in the dark but in the thorns of florida
    More than beautiful that spreads an essence of love
    Oh ur dark paint is something u are know for
    Black beauty that the look called...
    Look those eyes shines as crystal
    As the tears are more like pearls in the dark
    Stop running away, feeling yourself down
    Lead urself by your own outer means
    Oh girl "You are the flower hidden in thorns...
    Bloom wide to make this world stare your glance"
    Your nose, yeah it bleeds...
    To add a tint to that rotten lips
    Red and blushed that makes u more like a strong sense
    That smile, makes the world heal internally
    Lift up girl, there is something in uh..ur dept of feels
    Look those hair messily tidy
    To glame ur natural look...
    Oh ur unidentified hidden face
    The time uh lift the bunch of rootless flowers
    The world will shine by your beautiful scares
    That mixes with the dark to live up more twinkling...!



    #face #wod
    After a long time I'm inking something related to the daily creative arena..❤️ well enjoyed writing...❤️

    @writersnetwork @mirakee a read if possible?��

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    //U look urself as a thorn....
    But u are pretending to hurt
    just to protect that beauty of flowers
    in you..//


  • neha_020 36w

    ~Chuckles in rain~❤️

    "What is RAIN?"

    ~Someone's happiness....
    Where he holds up his efforts all through the sheets to draw where a stick man enjoys his first standing line rains that weighs down to the stream running silently through those two mini mountains....

    ~Someone's loneliness....
    Where he drags himself up to the window lane, making a gesture of two hands beautifully folded on the window pane lying his chin downwards and staring at the down pour without a blink and making a way for his own raindrop run from that shiny eyes....

    ~Someone's way partner....
    Where he himself run through the bare streets standing alone at the mid feeling all the texture of water falling onto his face, where the tears and the showery drops embrace each other by mixing into it, feeling that *there is someone wiping my tears off by just dropping the water way by way to mix with it....

    ~Someone's curiosity....
    Where he looks up at the dark, toned sky to pick the glimpse of that seven precious colour that pops way from one end of cotton to the other, keeping that faith, the curiosity that darkness can make us pop up like a eye catcher....

    ~Someone's childishness....
    Where he ecos his laughter of sounds with the pitter patter tones and makes childish notes, singing all the nursery rain rhymes aloud, that is when he swipes his memory as a small child again along with the whispers of rain....

    ~Someone's lifecart....
    Where he expresses and exerts every emotions of times, as every drop has it's uniqueness and he tries to feel all the unique drops by *staring at it soundlessly, *by making his own eyes numbly wet, *by laughing of his teeth against a sweet smile, *and by shouting in that soothing drips of rain....❤️




    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    hope u'll have a read..��!

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    //You flow with the dancing drips
    and the memories entangled in
    every drop making your whole
    life as ocean...//

  • neha_020 37w

    One liners :)

    06.05.2021 ❤️

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    I shatter the astroids in the space,
    that I can make a
    Meteor shower for uh...


  • neha_020 38w

    One liners..✨

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    I grabbed the star closed in my hands, just to peep secretly her shine more brighter in darks...✨


  • neha_020 38w


    I fill
    With the sunlight
    To stare the coloured strip
    That mixed with the beauty of dark....
    I wake
    With the silence
    To match with the musical heartbeats
    That can make my roars dance high...
    I live
    With all the zephyr
    To make them hit me soundly
    And make my heavy storm cool up....
    I catch up
    With the stopclock
    To feel the numbers running
    That I can stop myself at this world....
    I sing
    With the chaos around
    So I can shout in my rythm
    That everyone be deaf of what I cry....
    I bleed
    With my inking hours
    To mix my emotions with words
    That I can be a silent speaker.......



    @writersnetwork @mirakee a read please..��

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    I shed my wisdom to hide my treasure..✨


  • neha_020 40w


    I love my steps bare with no sound
    With giving a "shu" to the echoing shore
    While walking around as a fine soul
    Is all the weakness drowning me to the core....

    The one effort kept me ahead
    Dreaming far away with what I was
    But I stepped myself back
    Rescheduling all my cause....

    I leap in your life, with right smile
    To make my moon look more bright
    But in the end, I give up with my silence
    And end up hiding in the clouds with no light....

    My eyes shines with crystal of salt flow
    So I let myself be in a lone
    But....the thing I admire to is
    Hatred is what I leave in your zone....

    I'll never make u feel regret about my backward bare steps
    Acting as a part of zephyr in your life
    As my weakness wins over my strengths
    And my silence is what, left at the edge of knife....



    Can I get a read especially from @writersnetwork uh..��❤

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    Silence is my weakness as I drove myself at corner
    Silence is my strength as this makes the world have a smile on