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  • nehahemaraj 4w


    All that counts,
    Are the pristine kisses,
    Imprinted on the length of my body ,
    Beneath the amethyst starlet welkins.

    All that counts,
    Is the synergized euphony,
    Of our fervent hearts,
    That reverberated in every atom.

    All that counts,
    Is the warmth of the yellow tulips,
    Betwixt the pages of eld red hardcover,
    Delineation of our amaranthine love.

    All the counts,
    Is the obfuscation of milieu,
    As our flesh, mind and soul,
    Amalgamated to form a masterpiece.

    But, all that honestly counted,
    Is the cold touch of your goodbye,
    Mabbled in the white fabric,
    Embodying all the remnants of our love,
    Out of blue,
    All that can be counted metamorphosed into all that cannot be counted.


    #miraquill #writersnetwork #matters
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • nehahemaraj 5w


    Serene esplanade,
    Accompanied with pale winds,
    Leisure plumed from debilitated soul,
    And wassailed to pave way for contentment.

    Subfusc sorrows hanging by a strand,
    Delicate, yet persistent,
    Encounters the fear of abandonment,
    And horror of firm replacement by elation.

    Salty sillage courses through the sinews,
    Encapsulates the consciousness,
    As the tranquility instills within,
    Yellow melancholy questions its existence.

    Among peonies, gardenias and lilies,
    Miniscule touch of weeds is adornment,
    Amidst amaranthine ecstasies,
    Cordolium is indeed, an embellishment.


    #miraquill #writersnetwork #esplanade
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • nehahemaraj 6w

    As the untarnished sun,
    Veils beneath the inconspicuous horizon,
    Creating a melange of deepest shades,
    Of orange, crimson and amethyst.

    Plum canopy graciously making its way,
    Pulchritudinous glow of the welkin,
    With shimmering stars embedded,
    Darkness is undoubtedly enticing.


  • nehahemaraj 8w


    Stygian susurrus of yellowed leaves,
    Amalgamated with alabaster white,
    Soothing euphony of the zephyrs,
    Reverberates in the kernel of soul.

    Gracious waves with jocund ebbs,
    Melancholic kisses to the shore,
    Carries the scintillating moonglade,
    Along with the ethereal silence of the gentle undulations.

    As the mazarine drapes frolic elegantly,
    Letting in the tranquil breeze,
    That recedes with warm hushed pecks,
    Solitude, mabbled in harmonies.


  • nehahemaraj 12w

    Dear sky,

    Sunburn is painful,
    Thus, I chose moonburn.

    Elegance of your undulation,
    Betwixt azure blues,
    And sapphire hues,
    The latter won my admiration.

    Delineating the potpourri,
    Of tristful realities,
    To the sole listener,
    Silvery, refined celestial body.

    My dear welkin,
    Could you please do me a favour,
    Hold me close to your bosom,
    Like the way you've held the moon.

    Yours always,
    An ardent admirer!


    #miraquill #pod #poetry #sky #moon #postcard
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • nehahemaraj 15w

    //NECROPOLIS, 7:00PM//

    Tristful amethyst dusk,
    Chirps speeding along the zephyr,
    Thund'rous roar intimidating the cheeps,
    Raindrops, nowhere to glimpse.

    Beside the monotonous sepulchre,
    Mangled four walled organ,
    Tarnished due to hoary cordolium,
    Strives to function in incessantly.

    Modicum of solitude of April night,
    Making its narrow way,
    Through the prosaic moribund reality,
    Death, burlesque of metaphors of life.


    #miraquill #pod #poetry #necropolis #dusk
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you very much for the repost ❤️❤️ @writersnetwork

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  • nehahemaraj 16w


    Daisy white demitasse,
    With asymmetrically chipped edges,
    Around the circumference,
    Preserved in the clinquant coffin of metaphors.

    Copious taunts and rejections,
    Strive to camouflage themselves,
    In the frayed sleeves of blue sweater,
    Bequeathed with love.

    Bronze tinted first love letter,
    Fragile as butterfly's wings,
    Presented with exhilarating angst,
    Tucked away beneath the raiments.

    Bits and pieces,
    Preserved for eternity,
    Relentlessly invigorates,
    The moribund soul,
    Sometimes with kisses, and,
    Sometimes with knives.


  • nehahemaraj 17w

    #miraquill #pod #poetry #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I'm soo happy!! Heartfelt thanks to @miraquill @writersnetwork ❤️❤️

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    Painting my nights with happy lies,
    Triturating in the melange of suppositions,
    Blended with crimson regrets,
    Resurgence of agony of aeons.

    Is there an answer in those blank pages,
    Once saturated with pulchritudinous love,
    That firmly clung onto the sheet,
    Without bothering to peep into the sepulchral reality.

    I was never a speck of dust,
    But the paramount core of it,
    Howbeit, cascading into the right hands,
    Metamorphosed into a prismatic art.

    Swaying with the wind and leaves,
    Susurrus lulling me into a deep state,
    Weaving our tale of masterpiece love story,
    To the universe, a paradigm for aeons.


  • nehahemaraj 26w

    #miraquill #pod #wiremesh #dust #separation
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Here, the beautiful bonding and painful separation of the wire mesh and the dust has been unwired.

    Thanks a million for the repost!! ❤️❤️ @writersnetwork

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    Gauzy, greyish wire mesh,
    Compact within the framework,
    Savours the soothing solitude,
    In its idiosyncratic elysium.

    Contemplates the milieu,
    With lancing stygian stares,
    Dawn to dusk,
    Unless occluded by the blinds.

    Microscopic specks of dust,
    From the encompassing sphere,
    And also from the faraway land,
    Adhere to the thin wire.

    Odyssey of pulchritudinous love,
    Initiated with fond cuddles,
    Graceful melange of heart and soul,
    Pneuma, now craves for eternal company.

    Alas, beautiful never lasts longer.

    Immersed in the closed container,
    Deluge of liquid, suffocating,
    Agonising separation from love of its life,
    The quiet death of paradise.


  • nehahemaraj 27w


    Phantasmagoria, swaddled in satin fabric,
    Sprinkled with sequins of hope,
    Constructed a gilded castle,
    At the pointed zenith of chimera.

    Fantasy dripped in lacunae,
    Betwixt the walls of reality,
    Bounced back with despair,
    And clinged to the clouds of despondency.

    Amalgam of spurious notions,
    Shoved it into the hearth of death,
    Deliquesced the black ash,
    And carved the illusions on papyrus.