I'm a gentle soul with a passion for writing. I'm looking to hone my skills and be more creative!♡

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  • neris24 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Insecure

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    Insecure is prison

  • neris24 10w

    Any critique would be grateful��


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    Blank Slate

    Is it true what they say?
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

    If that is so
    Then I'm afraid I've just ran out of ink

    Before me is this dainty blank page
    Just waiting to be written on
    Waiting for a story to be told
    Waiting for plots to unfold
    For characters to develop
    For the pen to simply touch the the center of its four corners

    Have you ever craved to be touched?
    To be changed
    For your story to be written?
    Or simply unwritten?
    Or would you prefer to be rewritten?

    It is all I want to do
    It is all I ever long for
    For my emotions at its peak
    To unveil something beautiful to me
    Something that will put the melodies of a song bird to shame
    Something that would rival the comforting breeze on a rainy day
    I need my inner artist to be evoked
    I need it to be shaken violently
    Like a stormy weather on a very bad day
    Rip the rooftop off my jar of essence
    Burn down the houses of my insecurities

    Reawaken my mind
    Release my thoughts from the shackles of this plague

    Allow me once again to write from my heart
    And fill the void of that blank paper and this pen


  • neris24 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Strange

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    Strange simply what's not ordinary to you

  • neris24 10w

    A song and dance

    I've never seen this move before
    And I've seen many in my lifetime
    The way you dance, it makes me want to watch you more
    This should be a crime

    Can you only dance for me?
    I promise I'll only sing for you
    I was thinking this could be
    The start of something new


  • neris24 10w

    The stillness of night

    I closed my eyes, shutting them in tighter and tighter
    Trying to make my space as dark as it can possibly be
    The deafening silence was killing me
    Why can't I sleep?

    All at once everything stopped moving
    It was as if time and the world stood still
    What cataclysmic event took place that the world would stop spinning?

    My hearing has suddenly become ultra sonic
    I can hear my neighbours breathing
    I can hear the pitter and patter of animals scurrying along the rooftops

    The owls are singing a midnight song
    And I'm no longer concerned with blocking out the silence
    I want silence but I still want noise

    Who can understand stand me?
    Who can give me what I want?

    Tossing and turning
    Crimping and stretching
    Moving to all four corners of my bed
    Looking for comfort but finding distress

    And when I least expected
    In the stillness of this night
    Sleep came over me

    The sandman heard my desperate plea
    He sprinkled gold dust on my eyelids
    Gave me sleepytime tea
    The softest pillow to ever exist
    He comforted me to sleep

  • neris24 11w


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    Have you ever made a mistake and wish so badly to turn back the hands of time. Have you ever heard the phrase, "don't cry over spilled milk". Well those were my thoughts on the night in question.

    It all started a few weeks ago. I was restocking the shelves at work when he suddenly came up to me, "where can I find the shaving cream?" He said. To which I replied, Isle 4, across from the toiletries. "Thanks" he said and he walked away. My eyes lingered for what seemed like an eternity. His walk was soo confident. I was so mesmorised by his scent that lingered. "Is this what a man smell like?" I asked myself. Mid-thought, i noticed he began to turn around. He was soo quick! It's too late to turn my head now. Like a deer caught in the headlights, all I can do now is widen my eyes and clear my throat. "Think fast Aimee. What's your excuse?" I frantically thought to myself. He paused with his sudden turn then said, "and where can I find the bagels?". I quickly responded with a shiver in my voice, " Isle 1". "Thanks......, I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name" he said while walking back towards me. My heart began to flutter, i felt like I was having a heart attack, an influx of sudden love. "I didn't throw it" I replied. He had the cutest chuckle and the most brilliant smile. "Well I'm throwing mines, my name is Travis" he replied while motioning himself throwing his name. I smiled a little. I had to restrain myself. " My name is Aimee".

    To be honest, it seemed like the start of a beautiful romantic relationship. In that moment, I was already picturing us telling our grandkids how we got together. I was caught unaware by the nightmare that you really are. It's no wonder a beautiful smile with a lick of mischievous is known as a devilish smile. I can't completely blame you. I ignored that pit in my stomach that told me you were no good. I was infatuated. You caught me and I allowed myself to be engulfed by you.

    That moment you walked up to me in the parking lot, I should've turned you down for drinks and just go home. But your eyes, they are soo hypnotic. I went dumb. You were my master and I form to your commands.

    Without a second thought, I got into your vehicle. You took me back to your lodge just beyond the tracks. You looked at me and there it was again, your devilish smile. How did I not notice the abandoned looking cabin you were taking me into? Or that the ride was soo long the sun went down?

    When you closed that door, I knew it was the end for me. I knew I would never see my mom again. Or finish school. " Let me just call my mom and let her know I'd be late", I said while walking out the door. I pulled my cell phone out but there was no signal. I inched closer to the forest trying to find signal while secretly trying to run away.

    In the corner of my eyes, I saw you staring at me silently. Slowly you drew your knife from behind your back. You were like a predator. And i was your prey.

    Our eyes met and it was like a switch flipped in my head. I began running through the forest. I knew if I could reach the tracks I can find my way back into town.

    It was dark and cold. It didn't know where I was going. I was hungry and scared. I've gotten myself into a really bad situation and I may not survive it. I heard rustling but I don't know where it was coming from. An in an instant, I felt a push which threw me over the edge of a cliff. I fell unconscious.

    When I woke up. I was disoriented. I felt a throbbing pain in my right leg and arm. When I looked at them I was horrified to find out they were broken. I could see my leg bone sticking out. I screamed as hard as I could for help. Shortly after, a young gentleman came running up to me. He crouched down beside me. Looked me right in the eyes and signaled me to be quiet. He didn't say anything really. He stroked my hair and put his finger over his lips and went "shhh". In the not too far distance, I heard a train coming. I must be close to the tracks. Then I realised, I was on the tracks! I begged and pleaded with the man to save me. He said, "shhhh, wait here while I go get help. I will be right back, just be quiet". I could hear the train getting closer and closer. I looked up and there Travis was, standing over me. It may sound crazy but...I still wait for him in silence but deep down I know that he shall never return.


  • neris24 21w

    You are a dragon
    Fierce, mighty and without fear
    You burn anyone that rises up against you
    You turn them to ashes
    Oh foul beast, where did you come from?
    Oh foul beast, how did you get here?

    You won't listen to reason
    Compromise is out of the question
    You kick mercy from your front gates
    You want your gold now
    Laid at your door at the foot of the hill

    You are a walking incinerator
    In the prime of your time
    You are soo arrogant and proud
    You don't need anyone
    You can do it all alone
    But the time for your despair is at hand
    You are warned of your impending end

    For if you are a dragon
    I will be your slayer
    I will fight your flames
    I won't pay the gold
    Your end will be my mercy to you
    I will uncover every layer of your burning exterior
    I will unseal the gates and free you from the bondage of your own mind and behaviour
    They will say, " oh, how the mighty dragon have fallen"
    At last freedom is now here


  • neris24 24w

    I'm writing to you from the depths of despair
    My sorrowful heart is sad you're not here
    The walls are all broken,for you were its strength
    Now that you're gone, my happiness ends

    These hollowed halls, once filled with love
    Illuminated the rooms and balls
    Flowers have wilted and brown is the grass
    My love for you will always last


  • neris24 54w

    Love in Vain

    Do you know what it looks like?
    Love being in vain
    Heart wrenching, nose dripping, tears flowing out in the rain

    Giving all you have, not expecting much in return
    Getting less than the bare minimum for the love you worked so hard to earn

    What is love? And what is like?
    Is infatuation clouding my sight?
    Why can't i eat? Why can't i sleep?
    Why does my heart fall with every beat?
    Why can't I think? Why can't I breathe?
    Is this love? Or is this defeat?

    Should i try harder or give up now?
    I have to be seen or heard somehow
    Is it in vain? Or is love truly pain?
    Is this the reason I'm standing out in the rain?


  • neris24 170w

    Come what may, I'll be okay