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  • netfreakankit 14w

    I keep singing all my own,
    I keep singing all night,
    Open my mouth next morning,
    To whisper I belong to you.

  • netfreakankit 16w

    Even when my cup is still empty,
    I am pouring into your cup,
    But , I don't know how long,
    I want you to take my hand,
    Feel my heart,
    I know you will never be mine,
    And it terrifies me.

  • netfreakankit 19w

    Let's go back to the start

    Caught up in a circle,
    When we both have said our goodbyes,

    Did I go wrong?
    If I want you to stay,
    Even though you don't want me,

    Did I go wrong?
    If I want you back,
    Even you walk to far ,
    I can't see you,
    I can't hear you,

    Did I go wrong?
    If I want a chance to travel in your world,
    Wish to stay there forever,
    I don't belong here,

    I keep digging myself down deeper,
    I wish i could escape it,
    I wish I could erase it,
    The way you turn me,
    Did I go wrong?.

  • netfreakankit 20w

    Never thought it was you I undiscover on my end,
    Rowing toward your shore,
    Sinking into the sand ,
    Wandering in the dark,
    Can you fix me up,
    Can you love me most,

  • netfreakankit 20w

    A simple one to occupy my time,
    Under every moon light,
    I look for you,
    Its hard hard time,
    You right up there in the moon,
    Looking too close tonight,
    I feel its warmth,
    In my hands and heart,
    But why can't I hold it.

  • netfreakankit 21w

    Sometime one house is better than two,
    When two hearts are living in one.

  • netfreakankit 31w

    As darkness invades my mind,
    I am looking upright to the moon,
    Memorizing each line of the most beautiful song.
    Wondering where you could be now,
    If you still hear my heart,

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    Before the sun begins run to a quiet place with me.


  • netfreakankit 67w

    We pick up the costly bottle,
    Filled up with cheap wine,
    Drinking together as alterego,

    I left with broken bottle,
    Even it can't hold cheap wine anymore.

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  • netfreakankit 94w

    I wish you and me,
    Deep into the forest,
    Unpacked our hopeful hope,
    Look at the bright shine.

    I wish you and me,
    Deep into the forest,
    Entering into the twinkling door,
    Blooming into the night's arms.

    Whole world turns away,
    Still there is a hopeful hope,
    I wish you and me,
    Deep into the forest.

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  • netfreakankit 97w

    May the cloud teach me the art of holding and shedding tears