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  • nevaleepoetically 19h

    The Marionette

    Once you were my master
    My master of everything
    And I was just your marionette
    You puppet on your strings
    You kept your love dangling
    Cruelly right above my head
    Just there out of reach
    Teasing me instead
    As my sadistic master
    You lifted, pulled and tugged
    My fragile little strings
    Never giving me love
    Then one night you left me
    You left me on my own
    A strange feeling fell upon me
    Once where there was fear
    Now strength has grown
    As darkness fell upon me
    My soul could take no more
    I SNAPPED those strings above me
    And sent them CRASHING to the floor
    Like little glass strands they shattered
    They expanded as they flew
    My dreams once lost & buried
    Now sprouted, climbed & grew
    No longer was I captured
    No longer would I be your prey
    Now I had a life of freedom
    To thrive & grow each day
    One day feeling full & alive
    I saw you walking down the street
    With you was your new puppet
    Attached to your evil, cruel strings
    As I approached, your eyes grew wide
    It was you who now had fear
    I smiled & bravely said hello
    But seeing her, I started to tear
    I hope someday she finds her strength
    To finally cut her strings
    To fight her way back to life
    To be free again, LIKE ME!!!

  • nevaleepoetically 2d

    The Day the Music Died

    You brought music to my life
    Beats to my soul
    Words to my lyrics
    Notes to take hold
    My passion of sound
    That brought tears to my eyes
    Then you left and that was
    The Day the Music Died.....

  • nevaleepoetically 4d

    They meet at sunrise
    As the Sun lights the day
    The Moon says hello & farewell
    As he sinks fast away
    They meet at sunset
    As the Moon dims the night
    The Sun says hello & farewell
    As she puts out her light
    They can't exist
    Without loving the other
    So they remain friends
    Now & Forever

  • nevaleepoetically 1w


    September, a month of many things
    September 30, my birth, just to start
    A month of new beginnings &
    The month when my life fell apart...

  • nevaleepoetically 1w

    Remember, remember... that I am free
    Yet only as free as I strive to be.
    Remember that all things lie within
    Every happiness & every sin
    Trust my intuition
    Reach for every goal
    Don't lose myself
    Yet remember to let go
    Be present in each moment
    Take pictures everyday
    Most of all never give up
    So this year I can find my way...

  • nevaleepoetically 1w

    Rain fall
    From the clouds
    Weeping till it

  • nevaleepoetically 2w

    The darkness of the past year
    Sits with me this last hour
    As I contemplate the pain
    That's transformed into power
    Power of enlightenment
    Learning to love myself
    Yet I'm happy to leave 2021
    Forever on the shelf
    This New Year brings a new life
    Of one that I honestly fear
    New home, new job & more but
    I welcome it with cheer!
    Happy & Welcome 2022!
    It's going to be an adventurous great New Year!!!

  • nevaleepoetically 3w

    My Poetry...
    My Poetry...

  • nevaleepoetically 3w

    Purity falls
    One white kiss at a time
    Softly touching my outstretched tongue
    Pure joy

  • nevaleepoetically 3w

    It doesn't matter how shy, awkward or quiet someone may be. If they have the why, the passion & the reason behind what they stand for and then are given the right tools in which to articulate them, their voice of truth will always ring free!
    For genuine truth ignites and fuels the passion of all those seeking!