I just need a pen to turn this world upside down.Never underestimate the power of words instagram- @newage_poet

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  • newage_poet 23w

    When life is teaching
    Its lesson
    In the most painful
    way possible
    You should forget the pain
    And focus on the lesson.

  • newage_poet 23w

    Life is not about
    How rich you are
    Life is all about
    Being kind
    with others
    Even when
    Its hard to
    Being kind
    With yourself.

  • newage_poet 23w

    Never force anything
    Be it friendship
    Or anything
    If you have to force
    Anything at all.
    The universe is
    Its not worth it.

  • newage_poet 26w

    When your soul is
    Sad from a very long time
    You just become extremely numb.

  • newage_poet 27w

    When life hits you
    Over and over
    Trust that one
    Ray of hope is
    enough to pull
    You back from the
    Bottom of darkness.

  • newage_poet 29w

    टूट जाता है इंसान
    जब उसको दर्द के
    सिवा इस जिंदगी में
    कुछ न मिला हो।
    नही महसूस कर पाता
    वह छोटी छोटी खुशियों को
    क्योंकि उसने बस दर्द को
    ही महसूस किया है।

  • newage_poet 37w

    Try to stay calm
    In the most painful times
    Yes there will be hurt and
    Immeasurable pain.
    But staying calm
    In the most painful times
    Will teach you
    Patience and
    Of life.


  • newage_poet 47w

    And in this world of fake people
    Kindest heart suffers the most.

  • newage_poet 53w

    Insted of searching
    for beautiful face
    find someone who can
    share your darkness.

  • newage_poet 55w

    That moment when you
    realise that your life
    is just an awkward moment
    between birth and death.