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  • nexxtasy 34w

    My unhinged lovers cast crimson flames that surround my aching heart.

    The toxins leak from their manipulative hands seeking devious ways to enter my withering lungs.

    Constricted till they burst
    Refueled by lust
    I can no longer trust myself to find a true connection ever again.

  • nexxtasy 39w

    I've enjoyed our mesmerising encounters underneath the captivating horizon.
    Casting overseas and within unknown galaxies our connection enlightens the madness of manifestation between our hyperactive minds combined.
    The intensity of this structure prevents me from uniting with another distant yet lost soul worthy of my purest potential.

  • nexxtasy 42w

    Your nonchalant behavior echoes through my constricted comfort zone.

    I suddenly crave an existence from a distant land with a familiar guidance that preserves my remaining gratitude.

    My anxious conscious weaves its wary nerves around my roots of wonder to warn myself of an unexpected exposure to reality.

    Inflicting the post traumatic mannerisms to rot in the toxic soil where a tedious abundance of healing was found.

  • nexxtasy 52w

    How did I manage to let ones self stray once more.
    Sinking and sulking further into a repetitive darkness.
    I'm caught in an astral current of intense impulsive decisions.
    Although having a clear focus on all aspects I yet can not obtain control over the spiraling emotionless void.
    I've analyzed it to far to overcome, the inviting empty distance feast on misery and weakness.

  • nexxtasy 53w

    Sweet subtle northern lights, guiding my aurora to an unknown spectrum of euphoric wonders.
    Confused contortions,
    losing the connection that once mended the madness.
    Forgive my infatuation with despair


  • nexxtasy 63w

    Am I truly alone in this realm of darkness how unfortunate as I had to suffer and conform in this corrupted social justice.

    As the world crumbles around me I cast the final living part of my tortured soul to the comfort of my own solitude.

    How far can I repress the traumatic thoughts until they become purely inponderable.


  • nexxtasy 122w

    As tempting and sweet as intimacy might seem, I know deep down were simply not meant to be.

    The late nights I cried till I choked.
    Replaying the feelings I never spoke
    The mind and body tend to weaken and begin to loose hope.

    Did you ever love me?
    Were you ever once by my side?
    Guess I'll never know how you felt until the day I lay frozen in my warm wooden box with you peering over me wishing I were still alive.

  • nexxtasy 127w

    As I tremble from spiraling nerves
    I'm constantly overwhelmed in my mind by the abundant amount of corrupted false fantasies .

    I'd rather be isolated in the realms of lucid dreams where I'm surrounded by paths and visions only I can control

  • nexxtasy 133w

    By Nexxtasy

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    I've attained an anguishing attitude unfortunately constructed to warn off dark predators who feast upon the low self esteem who were once devastatingly damaged by seeping sore sorrows of a shattered heart.

  • nexxtasy 133w

    overwhelming consumption of swindling emotions

    catastrophic nerves align the membrane

    dreamt up perspectives of us being inseparable

    yet I cant control the thought of our endless desires shifting the pain