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  • nikithasharmabts_rare 33w

    It really feels light, when you hold hands of the words and walk on the blank pages than speaking them.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 33w

    It's not just a second. It's like the unreached horizon, when everything feels like Falling apart and you try to throw your hands at every single thread of those messed thoughts, just to get hold of the right one to untie the maze in your mind but end up feeling numb where even smiling feels like moving a mountain.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 38w

    And, it's been a long time
    Since I showed the way to my
    Scribbled thoughts to fly wild inside
    the thick cover of my diary,
    glittering the blank pages.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 38w

    Lost in the lane of wisdom,
    My letters wander,
    Seeking for a gate to exit.

    Holding each other's hand,
    They form the mundane words,
    Quarreling with my
    silence on their way.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 45w

    I can lie to myself,
    But not to the blank pages.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 46w

    They said " She is Silent".
    Very little they know,
    She was creating havoc
    of words with her pen.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 49w

    while Juggling words
    Betwixt my hands and the mind,
    They slid under the old torn pages
    Of my dairy,
    breaking into imprecise sentences,
    And then to
    "Dark blank pages" again.
    -Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 49w

    Sorry guys. I was blank today, and was strucked into some work. I don't know how it is. But I scribbled three drafts����. Actually I couldn't write something in a continuous manner, so I wrote bit bit type of post����

    Happy bangtan day Armys����������


    Scribbled mind,
    Solving strikes,
    Unknown was I when did it start.
    I wanted to cry the melancholic smile,
    But didn't know where to hide.
    Now those tears entered
    Every creases of my heart,
    Bursting it into
    Million size.
    Sinking in my own soul
    Was the only abode I find then.
    I tried stretching the outline of my smile,
    But it was painful,
    Than to cry.
    I won the battle with
    Circles under my eyes,
    But tears flowing
    Corner of the sight.
    Zephyr flew,
    Trees grew, daffodils swayed savourly,
    Spring sprang ebbuliently.
    The rays of the sun
    Weaved every petals of the flowers,
    And trees giggled at every chirping.
    I was stoned just like
    A picture in a paranoid,
    But a purple flower was blooming in my barren land.
    Soon it was dawn,
    My eyes filled with every cold
    Warmth of setting sun,
    But I was still a picture in a paranoid.
    Soon it was 00:00 o' clock,
    And a swish of grammary
    Blocked my sight.
    I was moved out of my state,
    With my heart a beautiful place.

    A soft voice held hands of my heart,
    I was moved, with every sight.
    I held my face to look at the sky,
    There shimmered seven bright stars.
    Their shine dominated dark.
    Astonished was I by
    looking stars hugging the sky.
    The night turned into a purple empyrean
    Daffodils turned on their lights,
    Everything was changed,
    But the seven stars remained.
    Now the night was singing,
    The breeze was dancing,
    And I was smiling.
    I found myself,
    Entangled with their each word,
    Leaving my battered self,
    At the unreached horizon.
    And now it has been eight years,
    They still held their hands,
    Enduring every dark nights,
    And shining bright.

    "Thank you for giving me the Rose,
    When I was holding the thorns"
    - Nikitha Sharma

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    Happy bangtan day

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 49w

    Solitary soul sings sonnets,
    stars sew sky,
    Sea sway,
    Sand soothes
    Sweven shore.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 49w

    #temp #tautogram
    Idk what is this

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    Dwelling dreams
    Decaying diligence
    - Nikitha Sharma