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  • ninadkadam 160w


    As a fresh year stands at the door, the hands of time are ready to bid another year goodbye! As I look back,

    I've learnt that, I can go on waiting for someone or something, only cushioned with 'hope' and nothing more or I can put my head down and put in to one side. I've learned that as long as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the darkness beside me doesn't matter.

    I've learnt that as hard it is to accept, my heart isn't safe any more and that no matter how hard I pull I can't stop love from taking it away from me. I've learnt that not everyone has a place in your life and that's ok.

    I've learnt that I'll never be adequately prepared for what life throws at me. I won't have the right words when it matters the most. I won't have the right answer when 'fate' himself is staring down on me.

    I've learnt that there are goodbyes in every point of life, that you just remember some more than others, and those are the things and people who matter the most. I've learnt that it's okay to be scared, to cry, to feel the pain when it hurts like hell, that happiness is a visitor, enjoy it while it's there, it's not here to stay.

    So here comes another chance to go round the sun, to trust the universe once again. Here come another 365 lessons...


  • ninadkadam 168w

    I'm jealous of the sunlight,
    It touches you in the ways I can't!

    I envy the moonlight,
    It'll sleep by you in bed tonight!


  • ninadkadam 175w

    Darling, don't ask for my hand,
    let us not just stay on land!

    Don't ask for a dance,
    let's not get stuck in romance!

    Point to a peak,
    with a view mystique!

    Head to a mountain sublime,
    lift me up and watch us climb!


  • ninadkadam 183w

    बचपन में पारियों की कहानियां सुनकर नींद आती थी,
    कल एक परी ने मुझको रात भर जगाया है।


  • ninadkadam 186w

    This roaring thunder
    And then this relentless torrent!
    Maybe, afterall,
    The sky is one of us!
    Someday it was betrayed by the sun or the moon
    or the stars.....
    Who knows!
    I feel its rage in the thunder,
    And then comes the rain
    Like tears.....!


  • ninadkadam 189w

    Most nights,
    The dark velvet sheet,
    the ageless moon,
    those twinkling stars in the sky
    are too much for me to take in.....

    Most nights,
    You are the night sky!


  • ninadkadam 191w

    कई बरस बीत गए मेहबूब से जुदा हुए,
    लेकिन तस्वीर उस्सी की लगती सबसे प्यारी है।

    उसकी खूबसूरती को कागज़ पर नहीं उतार पाया मै,
    मगर कोशिशें दिन रात जारी है।

    ' निनाद ' इंसानों का तमाशा लगा है यहां,
    शायद ख़ुदा भी पेशे से मदारी है।


  • ninadkadam 191w

    शायर होना कोई शौख नहीं यह एक बीमारी है,
    मगर सियाही में डूब जाने की मेरी तैयारी है।

    यह कलम मेरा कोई तलवार तो नहीं,
    लेकिन यह अकेला सारी दुनिया पर भारी है।

    इस जहां को शब्दों में उतरना आसान तो नहीं,
    मगर लफ्जों से कोई खेले तो हम वो जुआरी है।

  • ninadkadam 194w

    I take you for granted!

    I don't know how you always read my mind,
    How all my misplaced things you manage to find!

    How simply you set things right is truly magic,
    As if you have a wand to swish and flick!

    What a blessing it is that you are my mother,
    When you're around I need no other!

    When we're not together, miles apart,
    It doesn't matter cause we both have one heart!

    You must be the perfect human ever to be,
    Cause you are my mother,even the gods jealous of me!

    After a day which has been too real and rude,
    The warmth in your eyes brightens my mood!

    Although mother, it seems that I take you for granted,
    I promise you,
    Eachday I strive to be the child you always wanted!


  • ninadkadam 201w

    Life isn't just about the sweet,
    It also needs a bit of salt
    If you only expect sweetness,
    Isn't that your own fault?