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  • nishwaa 15w

    Bhaiyo apan abhi exist karta hai. ��


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    Craving a life
    holding sorrows
    and lifeless emotions
    that weigh more than
    the shoulders can bear
    I cut a slice
    to check if there's still blood inside,
    my shattered pieces
    demand the dark
    to disguise the
    demonic screams;
    a drained mind daintily
    distinguishing between
    chaotic paths of life.

    I throw a w a y my pieces

    and then crawl

    to collect them together.

  • nishwaa 17w

    My exams will begin soon and I'm panicking cuz im not prepared enough, so i may deactivate.

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    //ToDay is ONE SUCH DAY//

    There are days when I sit blankly
    and let my mind take over, I let
    it take over my body
    and let it wander meaninglessly
    in undescribed and unidentified
    Places. I hold no string to guide
    it the way back to my existence
    yet it comes back each time, not alone
    but with questions i hold no answers
    for, which do no good but question my
    hollowed existence and i glance over
    at the ceiling with wet eyes and
    silent screams inside.
    Slowly, I
    feel these questions fill up all
    inside me and i do nothing, just
    And you wonder why?
    ToDay is One Such Day.

  • nishwaa 17w

    Kya matlab kuch bhi likha h ��

    Good night ��

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    Amidst the dense meadows of
    mundane mindless thoughts,
    My heart weaves heathery
    wreaths of hope humming
    on the tunes of my wild emotions.

  • nishwaa 17w

    Suggestions please.

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    Guys i can't change my profile picture and i tried sending an email to miraquill so that i can change my email to the current one but it didn't help, should i make a new account?

  • nishwaa 19w

    AYO Im alive

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    FIT IN

    Paper crumpled
    full of wrinkles and
    edges torn, lying apart
    in a corner with few
    other unrecognised
    pieces never even held.
    The puzzle still missing
    a piece unable to be
    found while you hold the
    same frail piece and press
    it into the empty spot
    unknowing of the damage
    you are giving.
    Who's fault it was?
    that it didn't complete
    your scenery.
    wounds and scars
    imprinted deep, forever
    You kept pressing this
    piece in the wrong place after all...

  • nishwaa 21w

    I smell hatred~
    This is so lame and weird, sorry!

    As this year is ending, let me share something I regret writing. ��

    Corrections are welcomed.
    Idk what made me write this and i had no intention to post it, i apologize.

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    How does it feel to be able
    to live the life of your dreams?
    to be able to get everything
    you once saw others had?
    is it fun?
    to choke other's neck to
    breathe onto the air that
    flows past you but never
    gets your way
    to make them stop breathing
    so that your lungs don't die
    to snatch away their bread
    to not starve your stomach
    to drink the water that is
    the tears you gave them
    when you stabbed their backs
    and they quivered in pain,
    and the wine that adds to
    your luxury is the blood that
    drips out of their bodies

    does that quench your thrist?
    tell me
    why dont you accept it that
    it sets your soul on fire when
    they smile, even when they're hurt?
    is it peaceful out there,
    i bet the view is breath-taking
    isn't it?
    tell me, how does it feel?
    it must be fun, i'd say.

  • nishwaa 27w

    Just a thought ��

    Wrote in a hurry, motivation for y'all ��

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    So its just an unfiltered opinion, see im not sure enough but i have heard ppl say that Allah made us with mud and dust, so before we were born, we were dust, totally worthless and had absolutely no existence but Allah wanted that mud too to be in a better place in a far better way but he didn't wanted it to be given to us easily as we will not value it then, so he made this dunya as a hurdle between both these things so we learn about him, preach him and worship him and face difficulties so that we strengthen ourselves and finally become worthy enough for jannah and live peacefully with the Lord there.

  • nishwaa 27w

    I wrote to see if i can still write ��

    Thanks WN for the like ❤

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    I am a wanderer
    always lost on streets
    unknown to my mind,
    streets with forests
    growing parallel on
    both sides and the
    dim hued sky
    enclosing the
    universe that resides
    inside my chest,
    where fall is the
    only season and
    black & brown are
    the only colors known
    to me, the sky pouring
    sweet dimming blue light
    upon me with all the grace
    as I walk and walk,
    without any place to go to
    I wander lonely
    with the divine hope
    that I'll find a home,
    unknowing, that that
    is my home.

  • nishwaa 29w

    Sudden urge ��‍♀️

    //And I wish you never get to feel, what a daughter's love is like, how a son becomes your shadow and how a wife unfolds you a heaven, the same way you made others lose their's//

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    If I ever wish you kindness,
    that would be unkind to me
    and any soul you ever be with.
    For, you are the curse to
    humanity, with every breath
    of yours, I remeber the evils
    of the world leading their
    lives lavishly while threating
    that of others. Even your
    shadow makes me want
    to distance myself and
    everyone around, miles away.
    I wish you could feel
    what you made others feel,
    All the pain,
    All the heartbreaks,
    All the sufferings,
    All the changes
    You enforced into the
    Life of others,
    I wish that the suffering
    you gifted others comes
    back to you with the same
    intensity you made others
    feel. Just like that,
    Your deeds become your

  • nishwaa 30w

    The bg made it hard to choose a font color and put the text in the postcard form so here it is

    Thanks WN for the ❤

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    Dear sky,

    Promise me you'll always be our home
    the way you make us feel together being
    miles away from each other, the way you
    shelter us with warmth in the day and cool
    beauty in the night. Be the same even when
    we lie under the mother earth, be our safe
    place proving togetherness, always.

    ~ a lover