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    Three things you should have faith to become your better self....



    People around who loves you❤️

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    Never try to chase someone's life or advice blindly. Prudently try to implement it on yourself.

    Because individuality and experiences differ alot.


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    aggreved me...

    I am back with the third lesson����. I know, today I may sound you annoying. As you are not in good brain this time. But don't disappoint yourself. Because what you always consider, not necessarily happen...��.

    It may be the case that you have expected something to be your best creation. May not only face denial, but also a criticism. That almost break you into pieces. Because you have been worked hard. Without knowing, whichever direction you have been chose is wrong.
    Not everyone is gonna understand the situation. But you don't have to lose the hope.

    Stand by your side to the end, clarify the misunderstanding. And accept your fault, to the same way, you have been accepted when,

    �� You have changed your school, and you are having no friends right now
    �� You were not doing certain things In a good way.
    �� You really played dumb at some serious situation

    You don't have to lose your calm and keep on going. If you find that something is slipping from your fist, even you have tried lots. Keep it going. Give some time to yourselves. Because your emotions are not gonna change all of a sudden.

    After listening you become dumb. And your mind totally get numb. Sit silently for two minutes. And try recount, how this really happened. And don't even dare to leave it forever like coward.

    You may not be feeling good or getting confidence in that certain thing. Keep it aside for a rest ( for some days only ). Don't let it to become your another fear or sour experience.

    So now I am going to end this up here only...��


    PC :- It was in my draft from 3 today I decided to complete it...��

    #openletterc @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld

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    【 Part - 3 】

    ◆ An open letter to myself ◆

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    #epigram #wod

    I don't know if it's right to elope from something. That u are not able to manage. But this is what I do...�� And indeed I create another for me��

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    I don't like holding distractions, So I leave it there
    And move for the next..


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    It's a old and random draft....❤️ After a long some typical #nits_writeup ����

    I hope u guys will enjoy ��

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    Spoon:- I hate him because, his splitting hands ( ) twirl with my noodly's hair.

    Fork:- Haan! Because she likes me..
    But don't like you..
    That's why she slips ASAP...


    Mumma Plate :- They again started fighting..

    { Meanwhile a plate hitted the floor, with the sound of " Chann" }

    Baccha plate :- mummy see what happened to our Sapna..

    Mumma plate :-

    ( Everyone singing " Chann" se Jo toote koi Sapna...)

    Papa plate :- please someone bring the water....

    Baccha plate :- Jug soona soona lage, jug soona soona lage re...

    Papa plate :- Haan ?

    Baccha plate :- I mean there is no water in the jug..

    Wine glass :- " Mujhe peene ka shauk nhi, peeta hun gum bhulane ko "...

    Steal wife glass :- Whenever you will see, he is drunk...all time filled with wine..
    What will happen to him..
    ( Hey raam ! Mere to karam hi foot Gaye..)


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    Wishing you a very happy birthday dear " KRITI"...❤️

    Smallest member of our Squad...
    Ups�� by age only.... neither by thoughts nor by knowledge.

    Chal tera birthday yaad nhi tha to tu gussa thi..ab nhi bhoolega...badi jugad se pata chala kyun ki����

    Hamesha yhi chahungi..tu aur tarakki Kare..padhe- likhe aur khush rahe.��

    When I first met with you, last year. You were like a DIVA in the mirakee.
    But after knowing you, I found that you are self- motivated, naive and innocent, also.
    I don't know why, but I was never ever able to understand you as my friend.












    Because " tu meri chhoti behen hi hai" vali feeeling kabhi jaati hi nhi��

    I love seeing my past in you, my converse inside you. And how you try to cope up with all the difficulties. ( Quite similar �� )

    I wish for you the great heights of achievements and happiness.
    It was fun to spent the "mesmerizing moment" with you all.

    I will never want to lose any of you...❤️
    In love with your every write-up. Especially focusing on social evils.
    And also your names��
    "Pluto", "corona bhidos", "rare breed" ����

    Keep growing and searching more and more funny names...��
    Enjoy your day to the fullest baccha.

    No need to throw the party, for enjoying. Just sit alone and praise your self. Forget all your sad moments. And get up ready for the new life..����

    At last " Longing to meet you chhotu��".
    College khulne de phir tere se Milne ka mahaul banati Hun��..��
    See mere hath aise birthday testimonials me bahut dheele hain mere..but tried to make your day more special from my side..❤️☺️

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    You are like the bunch of rose,
    Full of different shades with flair.

    Minding your own protection,
    With those throne.
    Spreading happiness solely❤️


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    Vulgarity with decency ��

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    Umm I am again writing something for you. May be after a long time��.
    Yeah ! It's been many months. As I have been promised last time, to say something more. If I would feeling so, then here it is again.

    I have seen that you are getting better and better, by the passage of time.
    You also started uncaging yourself. Doing what you really are. And standing for it as well.

    Never ever lose your hope or confidence. I am repeating again never ever. It may be that things are getting wrong. But don't leave what you like. You may not be getting first place or being praised enough. On which you had full confidence. Because sometimes it happens.��

    Think again that you are not doing this to impress, but for yourself. It may be for any good purpose also. Sometimes conveying right message becomes most important. Than the praise...❣️

    It may be the thing that you are restricting yourself. Just because you are not enough confident. But sometimes being the part of, also becomes necessary.
    It may be no one likes it. But still do it and praise yourself. Just because you have presented something, coming out of your comfort zone. Because your sickness of being introvert, is known by you only...��

    Don't expect much from others.....I said "NEVER".
    Trust yourself you will do good. You have the ability to achieve and making the way for it. But never fear to take initiative.
    As if you are ready to full your baggage with praise... Then learn handling criticism also.

    Now concluding with this only...
    Thanking you

    Loving soul❤️

    #never_give_ up

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    【 Part - 2 】

    ◆ An open letter to myself ◆

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    More me it holds the same definition.
    And the mode to achieve it is " Meme".

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    Me as a teacher...

    " Baccho is topic ko, is meme ke sath samajhne ki koshish Karo"...