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  • nivyaangelin 1d

    how often do you
    care about yourself
    as you do about others?

  • nivyaangelin 3w

    sometimes you feel like
    there's nothing to love
    and to be loved, when
    you lost all the hopes
    of loving again, because
    you know it would feel
    amazing at the start but
    eventually you will end
    up worrying, thinking
    about how well you
    lived in peace before.


  • nivyaangelin 3w


    i never said out loud
    that i want to be loved,
    not like the short lasting
    day that has time running
    without knowing, but like
    the time that never runs fast.

    i never said out loud
    that i want to be valued,
    more than all the joy
    you had, more that all
    the stones you own.

    i never said out loud
    that my back hurts,
    when i sit up too straight
    for many hours, more focused
    than more noticeable.

    i never said out loud
    that im terrified about
    the day you will leave me,
    when i will have no one
    except me, to stand up
    and say, "i knew this was coming"

    i never said out loud
    that loving a dog is more
    fine than loving a human
    because i never wanted to
    value a dog more than i
    valued you.

    i never said out loud
    that im afraid of my mother's
    age, just like the sunflowers
    that eventually wilt.

    i never said out loud
    that i love fights.

    n i v y a

  • nivyaangelin 3w

    i must tell you many times
    that your place brought me
    my childhood back that i
    lost as soon as i turned
    an adult.

    i must tell you that
    the travel brought
    me aroma of my
    old memories along
    with the air blushing
    through my skin.

    i must tell you that
    your balcony brought
    me nostalgia of me
    playing hide and seek
    in my childhood.

    i must tell you that
    after coming back,
    i felt like i wasted
    my life on worrying
    about things, not
    knowing how to enjoy,
    not aware of the joy
    that you can
    bring to me.

    i must tell you that
    your place brought
    me the urge to stay
    there a little bit more,
    some more time in
    my childhood,
    some more time in
    my past, some more
    time with you.

    that would be wrong
    if i didn't tell you,
    i enjoyed the best
    in a little time,
    that i wish it to
    come back, that i
    wish to stay there
    some more time,
    like, forever !

    n i v y a

  • nivyaangelin 4w

    of all seasons,
    and weathers,
    i love it when
    sun shines
    peeping from
    the clouds and
    and the rain
    pours down

    i love the after
    rain weather,
    that washes my
    face with wind
    while we go
    fast piercing the
    air in a two wheeler.

    i love the weather
    when it's dark and
    cold and dizzy.
    i love it even
    more when we ride
    through it. i love it
    when we make
    excuses to make
    the ride wholesome
    and beautiful.

    i love it when we
    get a little wet,
    i love it when you
    ask for another
    ride and i love it
    when we make
    that happen
    once again.

    n i v y a

  • nivyaangelin 4w

    my mother's tongue lies
    dead in the field of colonial

    the fact she forgot what
    i was wearing in the morning,
    made me feel unnoticed.
    i sometimes cry over
    how fast her hair is greying,
    at first, in the front,
    then at the back.

    but she still seems young
    in my eyes until my friends
    tell me that her face gained

    i look at her eyes now,
    for it's getting milky
    and how she puts her glasses
    on for every little thing i show.
    i know everything ages,
    but she is different.

    i never see her age quickly
    but people do.
    i do not want to accept their
    views about how my mom
    is aging.

    but she lives forever,
    in the heart of mine,
    physically for next
    30 years i hope to be
    the truth that im writing
    without crying.

    but she lives forever,
    in the life that she gave me,
    which she wanted !
    but she lives forever,
    in everything that
    is inside me, in my
    bones and skin.

    she lives forever,
    in the hope that
    she'll take care of me
    like she always does.

    n i v y a

  • nivyaangelin 4w

    i might need to end it right here,
    when i started to feel like
    im getting addicted. But i don't really want to.
    Of all the seasons, i love
    the autumn where something
    somewhere sheds to
    have something somewhere bloom.
    i hope we are not making this
    awkward and temporary.

    i hope we make this till end,
    unlike the short lasting summer.
    i hope we talk things over and
    over again like the trees that grow forever.
    i know i should have ended this lately.
    But im so excited to see what
    it feels like in the last. i hope we don't
    end this until destiny has to.


  • nivyaangelin 4w

    start with
    the things
    they told
    you don't

  • nivyaangelin 5w

    i am a person
    who sinks in
    bottomless dark,
    and smiles like
    i've never met water

  • nivyaangelin 6w

    you are the jewellery
    i proudly wear
    upon my eager neck
    that only make
    people think
    we're something