My whisky colored blood is as golden ink To create and paint words filled with love That nourish the artist awoken within.

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  • nonns_poetry 12w

    A little peace of heaven

    She floats on heaven's breeze
    painted in whisky straw-like streams
    where fish dance and birds swim
    snakes fly and butterfly's sing

    Where berries are tasty stars
    Honey forging the biggest of all
    Cuddled by sheep as clouds
    Shining on a cocoa powdered ground

    What a joy heaven would be.
    Can we go and see?

  • nonns_poetry 19w


    Eyes stare in fields where flowers dance
    waving to a burning sun with dried up tears
    singing to winds that travel beyond the abyss
    to misty seas where fear comes in waves
    and splashes to mirrors that doubles its fears
    untill nothing goes and nothing comes
    and all that's left are dried up tears.

  • nonns_poetry 21w


    Let my spirit drift
    into Milky Way's stream
    sailing to stars unknown
    for sometimes I wish I could wander
    trough the stars of my galaxy's home.

  • nonns_poetry 21w

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    My mind is
    A bee whose wings are spiked
    in a fog-filled world where butterflies
    are crawling on muddy ice-cold floors
    and cockroaches are soaring the sky

    Where the sun is the night
    and the night a suffocating void

    Oozing like blistering wounds
    boiling in infected thoughts, dreams, hope.

  • nonns_poetry 26w

    In love

    Excited like butterflies dancing
    on a blushed aurora's breeze
    my bosom tingles fierce
    like sparks loaded with love

    Firing as a gun packed
    bullets of thoughts rush
    as feelings sprout fierce
    like sparks loaded with love.


  • nonns_poetry 34w


    There it goes, a hair
    wandering the breeze
    reaped from my corpse
    like my soul traveling beyond

    I breathe like waves and live
    I fall like autumn leaves
    then, gone.


  • nonns_poetry 35w

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    Like an autumn breeze it whispers
    in chilly fields of roses frozen
    on marble painted ice that crispers
    whispering songs of forgotten secrets
    dancing their color in a sunrise coral
    humming lyrics from flowers mournful
    chanting secrets that blossoms moral
    on crispy meadows trickling remorseful

    I whisper my secrets to Milkyways turmoil
    praying them to fly in heavens silent creeks
    to find rest in fields of stars-filled meadows.

  • nonns_poetry 35w

    What if

    What if we're nothing then bees
    with broken wings all beneath
    shuffling in the dirt, crossing the earth
    trapped in places where light once belonged.

    What if rivers are reaped tears
    from legless spiders crying
    singing songs of forgotten places
    floating on webs in dark-filled spaces

    What if shadows are gone
    fleed to places where light still belongs
    what if the shadows are gone
    because Light doesn't belong
    At my side?


  • nonns_poetry 40w


    I stand here at the lighthouse longing
    for beams of love that flickers
    across a rumbling ocean on misty nights
    that are dyed in starry navy blue motions

    I stand here at the lighthouse longing
    for a long lost sail that announces
    a boat that brings my love and lust
    it is for that, that I keep longing, hoping.

  • nonns_poetry 44w


    I sigh like the tides that surge
    through fields of daisies filled
    with glares of a longing sun
    where light is never spilled.