Ink liberates me 🥰

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  • nora88 12w

    Who knows how depression is dressing when anxiety is high fashion but under exposed.

    Don’t speak to me about strength when I’ve worn the harassment of my own head as woes in my clothes.

    You are not qualified to speak if you haven’t beat the shit out of a thought.

    Creative ideas become fear,
    being enlightened feels like lightning and it’s thunder to wonder but you can’t shut it off.

    Try playing catch with your breath…

  • nora88 13w

    My two cents have never made sense except to my five senses.
    In my head I often forget that I tend to amuse and entertain the crowd like a clown.
    I can go on and on for another round, until Simon says get back to the circus!
    My mind, my safe haven a replacements for awkward conversations

    I disappear into thin air.

  • nora88 15w

    The number of days you lived did not define my love for you
    nor the size you were when I lost you
    or the number of times your heart beat in mine.

    whether I lost you at nine days, nine weeks or nine months, my baby you will always be

    Your mother I will always be.

  • nora88 20w


    is ignored
    when you’re alone.


  • nora88 20w

    Beautiful Lotus
    blooming in grace and glory
    arise from the muck


  • nora88 20w

    Festeja cuando encuentres

    El que esprime lo mejor de ti
    Y te rellene con lo mejor de el.

  • nora88 20w

    Suelta y libérate…

    PredilecciĂłn indudable,
    No merece ausencia.

  • nora88 20w

    Lloraré tus recuerdos.

  • nora88 31w

    stop asking questions to the answers you are receiving


  • nora88 40w

    Bond of reciprocity