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  • not__so_poetic 21w


    Every single song
    Burst it out loud
    Louder than my heart
    Louder than my voice
    Louder than the bombs
    Louder than the cries
    So loud I can't hear myself
    Too loud for the voices in my head
    So loud so that I can be calm
    Too loud so I can pause my thoughts
    My playlist isn't for healing!
    But it's for concealing!!


  • not__so_poetic 22w

    Tell me once

    It's weird that I always come back to you
    Whenever I feel like there's no one to talk to
    Then again I push you away
    So that you don't hurt me with your love
    I know you will still not judge me again
    You being this good person makes me the bad one
    And for once I want you to stop me
    Coming back to you, looking up to you
    And leaving you without a clue
    For once tell me that you are hurt too
    And tell me to leave you,
    so that I don't bounce back again!

  • not__so_poetic 22w


    What if I don't care
    I'll just be there
    Without a fear
    Of losing you!
    I'll feel nothing
    Like we didn't exist
    And leave you here
    And that someday isn't so far,
    If you still keep that nature!

  • not__so_poetic 22w

    That mom's saree!

    It's a bad day, but this isn't a bad move,
    In hope of a change I decided to dressup and move,
    Searching for the old unattended party wear
    I landed on that third rack of the almarah,
    I found something that isn't just something in that pile of crop tops and jeans,
    A saree of mom brought with me just in case of a chance,
    Never touched not even looked back on it,
    It still smelled like home unlike the stinking almarah,
    It felt so warm unlike the cold room
    Looking at it made me realise,
    What I lost isn't that sad, what I have isn't that bad,
    I can still go back to that forever source of warmth I still had,
    Skipping the party, I changed into that saree,
    A smile wide spread on my lips,
    The just in case saree spread a lot of comfort,
    I didn't need any change, I just needed some warmth,
    A photo sent to mom and a call ended with lots of happy tears,
    It isn't a bad day anymore, this is the best move so far!!

  • not__so_poetic 22w

    18 but 22

    I'm still stuck at 18
    People tell me I'm 22
    But I refuse to believe
    I'm still in that stage of adulting
    Where everything seems new yet familiar
    I'm still at that stage of knowing myself
    Where my old self seems unreal
    I'm setting up new goals
    Trying new hobbies
    I'm trying to figure out what I want
    But I guess I'm a little late in the process
    I see my peers progressing with life
    May be it's just a little difference
    That I'm lacking behind
    At a slow pace, someday
    I will feel like a grownup
    But now, I'm still 18
    Not the number but the nature!

  • not__so_poetic 22w

    I'm not "Just" that!

    I feel like I'm not that person
    What people predict me to be,
    The idea of fitting into one category
    Is not my thing, I guess no one's is,
    I'm too hard to be explained
    Too easy to be handled
    Sometimes I dream big
    Sometimes I just think small
    Well, people predict my nature
    In their own perspectives
    I really wanted to tell them
    I'm not what they think,
    maybe not just what they think,
    I can be more, I can be less,
    I'm not just that!
    Too hard to predict it all, Because,
    I don't know everything about myself too!

  • not__so_poetic 25w

    Same day

    It feels like the same day
    The day we grew apart
    Still stays fresh in my heart
    With fear and love together
    We made those last goodbyes forever
    We meet again this day
    Once again to replay
    I still doubt if it's the last
    Like it's meant to be in the past
    It feels like the same day
    And again we replay!

  • not__so_poetic 25w

    I'm the bad guy

    How can I explain
    What do I feel
    It doesn't matter
    Cause I'm the bad guy
    You never knew
    How much I tried
    To be the one
    You really liked!

  • not__so_poetic 26w

    So, I came across this random youtuber, who was casually saying that girls who have big muscles are just like boys wearing sarees and people are laughing about it!
    -Man! That isn't a joke that's being a sexist and sick minded,
    And when I confronted someone about it, they said it's a joke, don't take it seriously!
    -Buy why?
    And I further thought about it, like we all laugh to the jokes that shouldn't be laughed at! We laughed at those transgenders, labour and roadside workers, did we ever think that all these people should be respected and not laughed at? Being them isn't something that should be shamed!
    Whenever you hear someone making jokes about gender, status, caste...all these things, just give it a thought, Is this something that I should be laughing at?

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    I feel sick
    Deep in the roots, Rotten inside
    When the light brushed
    It pricked like a thorn
    It felt like healing
    But with a pain of regret
    In the past, I saw myself laughing
    At the things that I shouldn't
    I put standards
    To give and take respect
    Why am I not taught
    That every gender, caste, creed, race, love, work, rich, poor....every f_ing thing in the world are normal and should be respected!

  • not__so_poetic 27w

    Hey me!

    How does it feel?
    To be back with a smile
    Having all the quirks of life
    Figuring out the word you
    Happiness isn't new
    May be i would've been like this
    A while before
    No worries, it's never too late
    To realise that's life's meant to be lived
    With smile and not with grief!