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  • notebook_ 8w


    I've heard this word quite often,
    more than my name perhaps,
    more than the number of times
    I've smiled.

    Be quiet!
    She's quiet.

    I don't cry often.
    I don't remember the last time I did
    for myself.
    I've read poems and shed tears,
    I've heard of deaths and shed tears,
    I have had waited for someone with tears,
    I've longed and yearned to shed tears.

    They say cry,
    tears pull your weight down
    to break the tiles and reveal the floor.

    I don't want to see the floor,
    It's all cement, all bricks,
    my floor is someone else's roof,
    How can I bang the air on their heads
    for them to scream at me, be quiet!
    It's already wet,
    It's already wet,
    How many more times should it drip?

    The cloth is heavy,
    Wringing doesn't help,
    Hanging in the sun, burns it
    But it's still wet.
    It's dry on the outside
    It always looks so not watery
    I am quiet.
    Well, she is quiet.

    I know how it feels,
    Water on your skin,
    But none to let go of,
    Only that I don't show
    or I seldom do, makes it dry
    drier than my skin in winters
    drier than the sand of deserts
    but wet
    like the windshields in winter mornings
    like the sand on a beach, heavy.

    And I am quiet,
    Because I've heard more of
    be quiet, don't speak.
    To be accustomed
    of an understatement
    She's quiet.

    Only I know
    I am quieter.


  • notebook_ 13w

    Sometimes, it's better to leave one or two words rather than narrating them everything.

    #quote #silent @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    at times
    being silent is the
    mere endurance.


  • notebook_ 14w


    If souls had colour,
    mine would be a shade of wild.
    Like ocean,
    and sunset together!


  • notebook_ 17w

    in the sunless weather
    of the freezing winds,
    i see the fainted clouds
    that reverberate some caresses
    of your hands on my back
    in the form of constellations.

    i look up, gaze for some nanoseconds,
    and i see, the stars,
    and i realize that,
    how stellar distances apart we are.
    and i, unknowingly wonder you speaking to me
    that these glimpses,
    of the caresses
    are only a mark of the past
    measured in light years.

    i never knew
    about light years
    only after you've told me
    that they are used to measure
    light travelling in vacuum in one year.
    you, you are my light.
    and i miss you each day,
    in a regular pattern of
    three hundred and sixty five or sixty six days.

    my bones
    radiate starlight
    and it feels like
    the universe, you - my universe,
    has collapsed somewhere deep in them.

    i remember
    the taste of those tinted lips
    which smelled of psychedelic smoke
    that made me nostalgic
    of a love that wasn't meant for me, but happened to me.

    the phosphorescence of the silver light
    wrapped me in its breath,
    and somewhere i heard
    a voice, your voice my forgotten love,
    that made my ears numb,
    my mouth silenced,
    my body trembling,
    and my heart stuffed
    with an unknown, strong desire, a known longing,
    and an image of arms in arms,
    and an irresistible anxiety to be again in those arms.

    the wordless feeling,
    that felt upon my unstable mind,
    made me reminisce
    of the persistent memories
    of a forgotten love,
    a love that remained in my heart,
    in the form of,
    that i saw in stars, sky, silence, and skins.

    #nostalgic #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    In the sunless weather..

    in the sunless weather
    of the freezing winds,
    i see the fainted clouds
    that reverberate some caresses
    of your hands on my back
    in the form of constellations.


  • notebook_ 17w

    I am the horizon
    between the daylight and
    the night.
    Yes, this is my pride.
    And as I sit under the tree, waiting
    for the apple to fall,
    I discover
    the colours appear
    through the waterfall.
    The sun, the moon, the earth
    and the sky, all
    that my intended self
    integrates from the shatters
    of the jigsaw
    that is this mother nature.

    #growth #wod #poem @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    A point, where you feel
    You're expert, from that point
    Your growth terminates.


  • notebook_ 17w


    Shades of white light are dimming
    As the blackness of the dark,
    Engulf my senses in a pool of red!


  • notebook_ 19w

    #concretepoetry #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Oh! My Love
    From where should I
    Start? Should I jot down
    The deepest secrets I have
    Deciphered in your eyes
    Or should I pen down
    About your sweet
    Voice which

    To love you even more!

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    Love you even more!


  • notebook_ 24w

    Came forth to live here,
    A tribe of jolly kinsmen!

    Among the gushy streams rolled merrily,
    The tribe of zesty kinsmen!

    On meandering ways among the mountains rested,
    The tribe of mighty kinsmen!

    And for the lust of the earth wasted-
    The tribe of pointy kinsmen!

    Let me know if you cross the path..
    With our lost tribe of kinley kinsmen!

  • notebook_ 25w

    On drifting through the curves of the galaxy,
    Stardust imprints left by you,
    Could brighten my soul,
    Long enough to stay as a star!
    So that with every passing night,
    I could smile at you.
    I'll wait for you to lighten me,
    With an another TWINKLE!

    #twinkle #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    My twinkle..

    Up there in the sky,
    I often look at the infinity!
    In the darkness of night,
    Sitting in the lawn nearby!
    Wondering that I too can shine,
    Like these stars up high;
    That I too can fly,
    Like these firefly.

    Stars twinkling like always.
    But that day was different,
    Not like mine always.
    As I sat below the sky,
    You laid your head-
    On my lap,
    As I looked down
    As our eyes locked.

    I could see the twinkle,
    Not of the stars in the sky,
    But in the infinity of your eyes!
    For a while, of myself,
    And even of the stars and sky,
    I forgot the dreams.
    That I saw, with open eyes
    So also my wish to fly high!

    No dreams; no stars;
    Has ever brought me,
    So much of delight.
    As much as you could, that night!Bewildered between you and my dream,
    I committed to take you along,
    For when I'm the star,
    You're my twinkle, in that sky!

  • notebook_ 25w

    A clown came to the circus and brought his doll with him. The clown laughs loudly and the doll would have been happy with more noise. The loose clothes worn by the clown tightly wrapped the nose. He had a very big stomach and also had a beard-moustache set. Joker used to come in the burning fire performing tricks in the circus. Joker sometimes brings lion, bear, sometimes dance comes alone.

    Sometimes he would catch the horse and sometimes the horse would bring it by catching it. People should be happy to see Joker performing many other types of feats. Sometimes he smiled fast, sometimes he started crying. Sometimes showing a big stomach, sometimes it would hang upside down. Sometimes he would race fast, sometimes he would come down from the top. Seeing him, the children shouted a lot, they used to whistle very fast. Joker is everyone's laughter but he never smiles from his heart!

    #joker #laugh #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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