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  • ocean_elie 48w

    "autumn turneds rain"

    I'm done to think that you were my home,
    I'm done to think that you were my safezone,
    you turned to be a battle, I needed to fight,
    you turned to be a dim when I needed the light

    you turned to be a monster when I needed a knight,
    you turned to be the reason of my tears when I needed someone to lift me up,
    it's painful to see the moon be obstructed by the dark clouds,
    just how you turned to be a storm , that I needed to survived

    the leaves , still falling
    the clock , still ticking
    the weather still changing,
    just how the autumn , turned out to be a rain

    maybe we should cut off the bridge
    maybe we should stop the fight and take rest
    I'm tired to feel my chest being crumpled
    I'm  tired to feel the thunderstorm inside of my ribcage

    my moon , time is running out
    our direction will be apart again
    let's wait for another eclipse
    let's wait for our moon to be reconciled once more

    PS: As things changed between us, I'm glad our path crossed, I don't regret to meet you. You bring so much happiness into my life, you'd bring colors in my colorless world, you'd bring butterflies, peace and joy..and I don't regret all those things you'd bring to me, maybe we are just—not meant to be together because we are just part of each other's story. My moon, you are free, maybe our direction will be apart, but your memories won't be forgotten, you build me yet you broke me, but atleast we met, I'd learned a lot of things because of you, I wish for your happiness, may you find the right person for you, may you find the right path that is really meant for you.. I must say thank you and... goodbye:)

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    "autumn turneds rain"


  • ocean_elie 49w

    "Beautifully Tragic"

    Before, whenever I tend to look up in the sky I only imagined your smile,
    so as your name that brings peace and harmony into my life.
    Whenever you called me by my name, it is like a beautiful melody not only into my ears but also into my heart,
    I felt my heart jumped for an instant.
    You were also my subject whenever I write a poem not because of pain but because of my feelings that's is over flowing.
    I felt that sooner or later my heart will explode causes of happiness and love that you'd bring in my world.
    But now, I don't know why things turned out to be painful,messy and blue,
    whenever I look up in the sky, the image of your smile constantly vanishing,
    it turneds out rain that still pouring hard sympathizing what I felt right now,
    I'm trying—im trying to be okay,
    and manage to smile to hide the pain inside of my chest,
    just how I tried to pull back the tears that was about to flow in my cheeks,
    but then I couldn't imagined my self to be angry,
    I cant—i can't be mad at you,
    I love you,oh i-forgot,
    I loved you to the point I can't be mad even, I wanted to...I just can't.
    We are just part of each others life,
    And we are not meant to spend eternity sharing with each others arms,
    but you will not be forgotten,
    I'm hoping that you find the true happines.
    You will always have the space into my heart because you weren't just light up my whole world and you weren't just bring butterflies into my stomach,
    but because... you made me realize so many things,
    you made me realize that love is magical yet a nightmare.


    Beautifully imperfect, flawlessly incomplete

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    "Beautifully tragic"


  • ocean_elie 83w

    "old me"

    running out of vigor ,
    can't be found myself , all over
    been feel so down and losing hues
    sorrounded by fears and blue's

    viewing my self in an old fine pictures
    where hues are painted all over the walls ,
    where sun lit up shinely in the sky ,
    and , where the moon and stars dancing through the night

    solemnly re-reading my old story,
    figuring out how my life turns out archaic ,
    where laughs began to vanished and disappear,
    where eyes began to be a valley of tears

    it's painful to see yourself changing backwards
    where you aim progression not deterioration
    where you aim happiness not blue's ,
    and where you aim nothing ,
    but a simple life , with no pain.



    PS: it's not a deterioration if you feel , you are changing as time goes by , don't think that the life you choosed is worst and or wrong , because , we are the creator of our own story , of our own life. So , this new year , focus on yourself , focus on your dreams and avoid toxic people , avoid toxic relationship , and let go the bitterness of yesterday , because this day was the right time to re paint the hues all over your walls ... Please do continue to improve and develop yourself , life is full of pain but , the lit is upon your hands just always think about what can go right .

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    "old me"

    "it's painful to see yourself changing backwards"

  • ocean_elie 90w

    "they left.."

    soundwaves , echoing in my mind
    spreading through my feeble soul,
    the ocean reflect upon my tears
    as I saw your shadows gone and vanished

    you ruined the bridge between you and me
    and rubbed out the hues we paint in our vicinity
    grief and fear , spreading through my body
    as I saw your back , turns out , at me

    the sun supplant by a dreary night
    covering by , a shady clouds
    the stars , began to vanished and disappear
    as I let out the rants , that no one could hear

    I shout , but no one listen
    I cry , but no one cares
    I'm in pain , but no one stayed
    they all left , as the sun vanished.


    ps . things might be hard , sorrowful and or painful but every pain has a brighter reason , it also molds us to become a better person. People come and go , but to those who left.. will also left lesson into our life's , and for those who stayed , supports us and lift us no matter how strong the flow of rains , right person will never leave , treasure those people who stayed into your life no matter what.
    So , don't just give up easily , always do remember that , there's always a rainbow after the frightful and scary storm.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #sun #sad # pain #struggles

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    the stars , began to vanished and disappear
    as I let out the rants , that no one could hear

  • ocean_elie 99w

    "archaic love"

    my love , my life , and my world
    you were my everything , my whole and my all
    you are a piece , I never wanted to lose
    and a Jewell , I loved the most

    through the twist and all the turns
    and in the season of autom and storms
    you never let go the rope , where our hands tied up
    and never let my tears fell-- into the ground

    your welkin eyes , that meets only mine
    your smile where the joy , could be found
    your whole that was like a purity water
    and a figure just like a lovely structure

    I thought we will grow old together
    witnessing our life shaded gray
    where our hair painted white
    and skin with furrow leather stain

    I feel unsafe and lost
    I feel empty space and unguard
    if you could only be awaken from your endless sleep
    if we could only build the life we dreamt , that are now lying with your grave

    my love , my life and my world
    time will come and we will meet again
    I know we were destined but meets at a wrong time
    I know we will be together when the right time has come


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    Time is not upon in our hands , importance is a must, don't lose the moon while counting the stars


  • ocean_elie 100w


    seeing the rain with heavy eyes
    watching it's trickle , painted with bitter dyes
    wind carried away , the laughter of yesterday's summer breeze
    and replaced by a frown of heavy clouds and a tears of rainy days

    dark clouds covering the smile of auld lang syne
    thunderstorms evolving throughout my body,
    encaging through the inner recesses of my soul
    it makes me shiver as the wind , blows out it's hard howl

    Moon's gleam obscured Beneath the cold grey clouds
    it's like the pain I'd been encaging for a long time

    rain , is'nt always about pain ,
    despite of coldness , rains and shady vicinity
    there's always the brighter side of rainy season ,
    and that is the rainbow , after the storm.


    ps: life might be stormy nor rainy that will make you shiver of its coldness , make you feel broken and in so much pain And make you feel lonesome walking in uncertainties. always remember that there will always a brighter side of darkness , brighter side of rains and a brighter side of pain ... life is really is a twist and turns you just need to learn on how to be strong to face the world , you need to fight and think that the dark shady sky will be clear and sunny SOON:)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #life #yesterday #lit #storm #rain #blue

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    wind carried away ,
    the laughter of
    yesterday's summer breeze


  • ocean_elie 102w

    "a new lit"

    in a wide ocean , I sailed alone
    with huge waves and hard rains
    holding hard my oar , to control my skiff
    finding ways-- on how, can i scape

    shivering body
    helpless soul
    I woke up in a wide empty road
    with painted dark surface , filled my vicinity

    the clouds are heavy painted gray
    the stars are now vanishining nor the moon's gleam
    untill darkness filled my ocean eyes
    and woke up in a dark room , painted with blue dyes

    I'm done cryin' awake
    I'm done , makin' my heart , break
    so , I open the window as I testified the dawn
    hoping for a new chance
    to change my own.


    Ps: we may feel weary or dreary but it is part of the process , you should be strong to face the world , to face the reality or even the present and future ... Life is about growing up , learnings and experiences , if you are sad , let your tears flown out and let your self be lonesome !
    after that , get up and fix yourself ... as you see the dawn ..There will always be a chances and hope to change yourself into a stronger and better one:) ...always do remember that God is always there for you , from dusk Till dawn:)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #life #change #dawn #lit #poem

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    I'm done cryin' awake
    I'm done , makin' my heart , break


  • ocean_elie 103w


    deathly silence
    with fearsome darkness
    gleam of stars
    are now defunct and gone
    strayed in the darkest dessert
    drowning in the deepest sea
    we are in the both , edges
    you're so far and will never crossed our paths again,
    we used to walk through the sorrows and bliss
    we both had in heart breaks and both , our heart meets
    we both hear , our laughter's , and some of sobbings
    and we both wipes each other's tears , either blue , nor Felicity
    we both gaze warmly to each others eyes ,
    but now ,
    i could only sense the coldness in my vicinity
    and felt , i was icebound by your pore...
    incaging in grief and wanna let out
    the thunderstorms inside
    trying to mend the pain solitary
    but it's hard to just enclosed the story 
    that begins like fairytale
    but then ,
    I realized....
    reality wouldn't be like , fairytales ,
    that was begin in "once upon a time"
    and end with " happily ever after "


    Ps. Sometimes we met a person to teach us lesson and to learn a lot in life we also imagined and thinks that "I will spend my whole life with you" but then fate are really is playful ... People come in our life to teach us lesson , to make our self whole and make our self better and more stronger:)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #fairytale #pain #blue #emotional

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    reality wouldn't be like , fairytales ,
    that was begin in "once upon a time"
    and end with " happily ever after "


  • ocean_elie 104w

    "sounds of raindrops"

    raindrops touching every part of my skin
    sensing the blue wind , whisper
    i hear the melody of rainshowers
    letting my tears —flown like a river

    a sound of heavy thunder inside of my ribcage
    making my whole , vulnerable
    can't be found the strength where I could stand again
    creeping encircle , with flickering  street lights glow

    every trickle of precipitation
    hearing it's heavy sound in a way of pianissimo
    harmonious with my tears Inconjunction with the Rain
    So... no one could see  , how my tears— down drain


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    no one could see  , how my tears— down drain


  • ocean_elie 105w

    " mist naked "

    I was situated naked in front of you
    offering all what I have for you
    but you keep on wrecking it
    playact for not intending to need anyone

    you are running in circles
    where you cannot find your home
    you let yourself drown in a sorrow
    hoping for a hand to wash it off

    I feel cursed by an evil wizard
    for giving my all that wasn't good enough
    wind breeze swaying your obscure sentiment that was on varied ashtrays
    hoarding the resentment only by yourself

    you are down and you feel lost
    it's okay , to let your eyes mist by your tears,
    can you open your eyes wide , for you to be able found a concealed things?

    that I was only here— , giving my whole pure ,
    offering the home where you can locate soothe,
    but it was all just a cloud castle , hard to reach out
    where you could probably envisage me
    and that you could even step— into my door.


    Ps: when you begin to love someone... you begin to give your all...

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    "It's okay , to let your eyes
    mist by your tears "

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