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  • ochuiaa 3h

    Plea for Help

    My aching heart longs for aid
    My hurting soul seeks peace
    If your eyes can see the broken me
    Oh, make me anew.

    Let my soul be refresh
    My heart heals for I have tasted pains
    My soul a sorrowful pool for
    my eyes bear unspoken emotions.

    Let me not drown in my pool of tears
    For my heart to feel your love again
    Let my soul rejoice in you again
    Allow me to see the goodness
    that abound in your kindness.

    For I was born in Grace
    And your riches
    are sufficient to make me whole
    As I long to see your face again.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1d


    Many have been grounded

    others stray like wild Dogs

    Some killed

    in a quest for a roller coaster

    I found no smooth sail

    Aching heart

    itching soul

    dying spirit

    I have met and spoken with motivators

    yet, I am my elevator

    many times, I feel attacked

    Some I feel pressured

    Their speeches a hurt iron

    to my fragile Self

    As I remain my only challenger

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 3d

    Shades of Love

    You unravel the shades of cloud over me

    Let the fluid of your veiled mind flow

    like Dewey's eyes

    Like a brine of the Atlantic.

    Make it bare to the fuzzy spirit.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 4d

    The Regret

    As the second ticks
    So my days' count
    My existence fading away
    Like a shadow

    I think I am at my prime
    Why do I get aged and young
    A mystery I try to unravel

    I wonder how it happens
    without my knowledge
    Every day I aged

    With untrue tales of my prime
    as the second slide bye
    Never to return again

    Now, I lost this phase
    Grey hair Emerge from
    one to two then its turns all Grey
    I screamed at the sight with terror
    And with Dewey's eyes

    Thinking of the lost opportunities
    In regret
    As the clock ticks
    Signaling the end of time.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    Hope and Despair

    Sometimes we feel empty

    Needing someone to fill that void

    Needing a true companion

    Needing that special one to hold us

    and whisper sweet nothings to our ears,

    Yet, we find none

    So our thoughts travel in the vacuum with despair and emptiness

    Waiting and longing

    While we watch our hopes get crushed like sand.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    Drained Life

    Exactly like raindrops
    My life-draining
    Drop by drop

    Gradually my hope is gone
    Yet, I keep dragging
    Until my neck no longer
    Carry my head

    All memories oozed
    All hopes gone
    No more tomorrow
    As I lie lifeless
    With all visions gone to waste.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    The Shadow of me

    A wild Rose

    wrapped in thorns

    A bright smile lace in darkness

    A sorting touch oiling the wound

    Lion's heart in human skin

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w


    Our minds are paired
    I am not impaired
    I look for a solution
    to mend the Notion

    Given that hearts of men are evil
    in this world filled with the devil
    Attempting to secure my heart in a place
    with no assurance of a lace

    Running like a deer
    Together with my dear
    As I get to know it a dream
    Hitting hard like a drum

    With the heartbeat
    like a musical beat
    I am in this race
    For the Romance
    Not for the mess.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 3w

    The Secret I Carry

    I swim in a pool

    As I tell it to none,

    Just no one.

    I kept my lips sealed

    That not even I could unlock

    the untold stories to it.

    As I jailed it with no

    Release Date.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 3w


    Strong and resilient she remains
    For she's the gateway
    Wide apart, she emerges
    With splendor.

    As she creates the path
    Smooth and sleek
    Bearing the pains of a child's birth.

    As she lay flawless
    with all emotions buried
    Just to make a path,
    As she endures hardship.

    Gulping and absorbing it all like mother Earth,
    she remains strong and silent just to see me glows
    as I walk freely with no glitch.

    For she sacrifices herself
    Assimilating all of it
    for me to enjoy its comfort.

    With a bright beautiful smile that concealed
    Every pain with assurance.

    As she remains faithful in her path
    What a caring creature?

    © Ochui A A