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  • ochuiaa 1w

    Slain Youth

    As the night draws near

    Fears of sounds creep in,

    With scary gun sounds

    It rains bullets in our skulls

    Run! They exclaimed as the legs

    No longer carries the head.

    With a thunderous scream,

    they shouted peace and unity.

    Their voices grow weak.

    Bathing in pools,

    Swimming in lakes of blood

    Rained by bullets as the scary-looking soldier

    Stood guard enforcing his night order,

    With zero humanity.

    They groan asking for a sane society

    Clothing their chest with green white green

    Full of hope for a better place.

    Bullet buried deep in their Chest

    Creating a spring of blood in an island

    Wreck hopes, dreams cut shot,

    They succumb to the Supreme pressure of the pellet.

    ©Ochui A A 

  • ochuiaa 1w

    By unknown writer

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    Your talent cease when you
    Stop breathing, make sure you used it
    While you still live.

    ©Ochui AA 2021

  • ochuiaa 1w

    Vacuum Mind

    Gazing at the space with a vacuum mind,

    My imagination a wildfire,

    and a troubled face.

    With agonizing flames,

    Burning with desires,

    Consumed from within,

    Never to let go,

    I watch with nothing insight.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    Be where you are needed not where you are wanted.
    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    The Why

    It glows from the beginning,

    It grows deems at the middle,

    Then it gradually turns sour,

    And finally got bitter.

    Why did we lose it?

    We abandoned the vows,

    We forgot it all, All of it.

    We thought it was a novel,

    Here we're, faced with the reality,

    It's no longer fun as we thought.

    Everything is turning sour,

    Why didn't anyone tell us?


    I mean why, didn't we get to hear about it,

    The challenges of life,

    The stress of adulthood,

    The problems of marriage,

    All of these, no one told us!


     The why is, no one can explain

     vigilant spectator,

    cause no one would tell you,

    Don't rush it, because it glows.

    The brighter the gold,

    the hotter it was.

    That is why?

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    Preparedness sets the pace for opportunities and opens doors.
    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w

    The Abyss of Sorrow

    It was a daydream

    A long time ago,

    I walk down the Abyss

    my heart a chunk of sorrow

    I pass through the Abyss

    of the Assassins 

    my soul, a cemetery of happiness,

    I grew up knowing pain as a friend

    Sorrow a pest that dwells in me.

    A demon my pets 

    I walk through the sad road of bitterness

    As I know no peace.

    Happiness, my dream nightmare

    I swim through the ocean of hate

    with recklessness

    my soul the habitual abode of the beast.

    Wailing in grief

    my thoughts wander

    In misery and misfortune.

    I wallow in the chamber of disdain

    with no sane memory

    of self-consciousness

    As I give in to the anguish of dark clouds in my head

    leaving the monster to devour me.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 1w


    The mystical pen
    I slam it hard on the empty sheets,
    As my imagination runs wide
    With my pen hitting deeper
    The sharp edge colliding like an eagle's beak
    my thoughts wide in a thematic rhyme
    Flickering like the eagle's feathers
    The pen flying across the bare sheets,
    full of energy and strength like horse racing
    through the desert.
    With no destination,
    It touches the depth of the soul,
    with its pointed edge like a knife,
    Slicing through butter.
    Awaken and filled with strength
    It pierces and shatters the hardened
    heart like the volcano to the earth.

    © Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 2w


    You are a slice of bread, mixed with honey
    I would like to have a taste of you in my rosy lips.

    ©Ochui A A

  • ochuiaa 2w

    Feelings that mar our thoughts
    translate to the destruction of the world.

    ©Ochui A A