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  • octuplepersonality 120w

    Floating Around

    Am I but a black cloud
    Floating around
    People who recoil and pray
    For me to go away?

    Such mistakes I make
    They grow in me
    Yet there won’t be any rain
    To pour today

    I seethe inside
    I berate myself
    I know what they all think

    I agree with them
    But I fear for them
    My storm cloud
    Of emotions could break

    But I try so hard
    To conceal myself
    To be affable
    When the truth is that
    I don’t want to be around


  • octuplepersonality 122w

    A Mental Cavern Without Sunshine

    With burdened rope that chafes my skin
    I am tied down to a wooden chair
    A wooden chair that beholds the world
    But I am unaware of its enfolding mountains with snowy peaks
    Nor can I see the thousand fountains, glaciers and flowing streams
    Which would nurture the orange foliage hovering over my head, slumbering beneath my feet

    I cannot see nor feel the permeating air that should glitter in gold and shimmer in pink
    But I know it’s there and I know it breathes
    Soaking in every joyful thought and hopeful dream
    That one day I will see this world within my mind
    Yet it lingers in absence of any such light
    The wondrous world, so sublime
    Is but a mental cavern without sunshine


  • octuplepersonality 124w

    Bikini Atoll

    Forewarning hovers like the clouds
    The thrilling wind whispers its threats
    There are birds in the sky, arrows hanging on threads
    Intrepid their flight, white wings of death
    Everything is lost, and everything is found here
    It is leaving meaning
    Before its last breath

    White clouds are above, complacent, ensnared
    And the little atoll, bright scenery of teal
    The waves will tide here, the ocean floor will seel
    Nothing to find here, and nothing to feel
    Yet eternity lies and the water outlasts
    It knows it’s destined
    It knows it’s real




    NO SEA


  • octuplepersonality 127w

    Nordic Fjord

    Tall blades of grass, all emerald and green, beholden to Asgard’s ink
    Bathed in the sun, the fjord appears
    Woven into colors that yearn and bleed

    And yet from this cliff, one’s heart could sink
    It could fall, it could dream
    It could bask in summer’s sleep
    Wandering hypnosis, along the formations ever so steep
    Possessed by infinite golden mist

    Where the sea is honey, the air is warm
    And poetry whispered in the wind cannot resist
    Like a spool, the fjord will pull at the strings of a heart
    And that heart will know eternal bliss


  • octuplepersonality 133w


    How do the leaves kiss you? Tenderly
    The fall foliage gracefully
    Drifting between us, eventually
    Landing in the the palm of your hand

    And for a moment your eyes were two pools
    But the leaves concealed them again
    Shrouding your remarkable face
    Orange and red
    Beauty misplaced, emplaced
    Landing atop your head

    And the smile on your face, though briefly seen
    Underneath the lace of maple leaves
    In coronation, I watch you crowned

    The burning jewel, brighter than the sun
    The whispering breeze
    A heralding dream
    Before the trees
    An Autumn Queen


  • octuplepersonality 133w


    I could feel you behind my teeth, your name wanted crawling out
    And I could feel you kiss my head, the way you always do
    You were in the air, your fingers fumbling through the trees
    Fumbling through my hair, your eyes were cold and bleak

    But I could see through them, the two mysteries behind ferocious storms
    Clouds that would devour me, imprisoned thoughts of you

    Feeling you inside the leaves, the wind, the grass, the rain
    I heard you when your thunder travelled across the land unhinged
    And even as you cracked and scorched my skin
    Your light was pouring through

    The radiance of your fury

    I felt blessed all the same


  • octuplepersonality 135w


    Risen from a bed of leaves
    The daughter of Artemis traverses the forest
    Through its heavy fog, graceful legs
    Naked feet stepping carefully

    And the sounds of the water, the trickling stream
    The rustling of trees enticed by wind
    Both these songs accompanied
    By her enigmatic hymn

    And through this mist, her hand beckons
    I fall into her gesture, her mystery
    Her enchanted voice, singing tenderly
    And the wind singing back

    I miss you terribly

    Terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly . . .


  • octuplepersonality 136w

    Immortal Lover

    Sinking into the pools of your trust
    Drowning within your cavernous eyes
    I could never reach the end
    But even as I descend
    The many miles undiscovered

    Wanting to know every second of you
    I am sleeping in the suffocation of you
    Falling further into unchecked bliss

    Every moment here is hypnotized
    And now I know that from this light
    Rising, gleaming like the sun in your eyes

    You’re my
    Immortal lover


  • octuplepersonality 144w

    Sink into Sin

    The flowers of the garden bloomed brightly, flourishing
    To converse with the soft luminescence of your skin
    You watched as the garden favored you
    Your sad eyes met with unfathomable color

    Of the flower petals glimmering into neon splotches
    The blades of grass that glowed and kissed at your feet
    And the singing birds that whispered hymns into your ears

    The small animals stood nearby
    And the fish of the neighboring pond stared from within
    As if the entire garden slipped into conscious art

    Spiraling and thriving

    Sinking into your purity
    And into your sin

  • octuplepersonality 147w

    #poetry #art #nature #love #winter #romance

    Inspired by MONO’s Hymn to Immortal Wind album

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    Pure as Snow (Trails of the Winter Storm)

    In silent flight, your dreams turned into driftless snow
    And as slow as they were, I waited and watched
    Until they fell into the palm of my hand

    Like memories that had never left the soul
    I thought, then, of the place where you once stood
    Beneath the old and withered willow tree
    Promising that if we ever lost our way
    We would remember to return, when the white frost fell again

    And as I recalled your words, I watched your face appear
    From the other side of the willow tree
    Finding my own dreams resting inside your hand
    Now lost within the weeping leaves

    Your eyes were brighter than the ground
    But your smile could never be so cold
    And you ran forward, into embrace
    Madly, like trails of the winter storm
    Of the two hearts that were residing just below
    With their rekindled love, as pure as snow