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  • optimist_wordsmith 4w

    Beware of poem in poetries
    Rhymes are seldom and artful accessories.


    Clay cup once fallen down , she nurtured with her tears
    showered the pieces with hope , and filled the cracks with her affection
    And outlined a bewitching soul .
    Her features changes but she remains the same .

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    Bracelets are more lovable than ornaments

    In lust of heights , cried many stones
    Crackers substitute now , who claps alone
    It turned tempered and fallen whilst Tyndall
    Leaf kissed or hurted surface , now stem's daughter claps alone
    Eyes grasped crowd before it was another sandstorm
    Dunes are lone betwixt highness , oasis clapped alone .


  • optimist_wordsmith 6w


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    The boat is lagging a hand
    Whilst bottomless sea , o'er lone sand
    Would you be a voyager , with optimistic oars
    Weaving a magnetic multiverse by bewitching doors


  • optimist_wordsmith 7w

    Paint me black and I'm still breathing
    Paint me white and I'm still gazing
    At the healing of promising walls &
    Chopped wires whilst billion calls

    Don't count the pain , count on aids
    Cause I'm mirror today admiring your shades
    You ain't the flower , hailing to fade
    Taste a cup of world , which I'd made

    No more vertices , the corners are cuts
    Drop-down a Poaceae and a fist designing huts
    No jute , no rope , just half sinked voice acts as nuts
    Not a poetical but paradise exists betwixt and bygone ifs and buts.


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  • optimist_wordsmith 9w

    @purpleparadise ; poetry is a grave for tears
    But when composed with your soul , it's flowering infinitely many years . ❣️

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    She , Euphoric Entity

    You once told me
    "The storm blown and shown
    The miseries filled in gaps of my bones "
    From the shade of those dated words
    The metaphors wearing my identity
    Want to hold the serene palms of yours
    Stepping while happy rain
    Adjusted with perennial smile
    I want to travel o'er enso
    Where there will be no sight of end
    by you .

  • optimist_wordsmith 9w


    Thank you so much for EC �� @miraquill
    @lovethatneverfades ��

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    Mild melancholia

    Rhyming like thunder in darkened night
    Stealing steams of symphony with sight
    The strips arranging the threads of pearls
    The veil caged canyon as a pondering whirl


    A broken slate
    On unknown date
    Bagful of horror &
    A heart beating late
    Hand holding cart
    In hustling hard Mart
    An eye staring fiction
    A dream coming as dart
    A visionary vision and
    Hopeless division in mind
    Hands are not so grown
    That it can survive a blow of wind

    Author's tears are seen
    In splitting of scene
    Gloomy yet serene

    Paper dress itself with the love of Origami
    Earth covers her anger with suit of tsunami
    Vagabond has a tulip grown beneath laburnum tree
    But dirty hands of labouring child can't find the handwritten glee .

    ©optimist_wordsmith || aspirant of being a glass panel

  • optimist_wordsmith 13w

    Repeat retailing rhymes
    Soaking serenity
    May my mind
    Loop a beat at
    First front .


  • optimist_wordsmith 16w

    the sea throws sweetness sometimes ,
    It's only the assertions that makes it completely marine .

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    Forest is acrostic of affection , tied with autumn whistling once a while .

  • optimist_wordsmith 34w

    Immortal ignite

    Sail with my words , dive in my prose
    Paste thorns on my poem , fly high possessing my rose , o my rose
    Cage the footprints the sand created over my memories
    Cast oceanic metaphor , when tear frighteningly come close

    Grab the tulips , lilies and childish hypoerboles
    Prepared to bury the pain shading perfection in remembrance of you
    I'll frame , I'll claim , I'll smile running over meadows' dew
    Until my night is ascending in charcoals whitening my heart in pins of clue

    Surely a thunder is waiting to swallow my soul
    Hold firmly the oscillations when tik tiks tremendously frowl
    Until my reincarnations refrigerate that four word-ed world
    Magnets will pull magical melodies , in early chirpings and late night howls .


  • optimist_wordsmith 37w

    #if @writersnetwork , thank you for the heart

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    If I'll become soil again
    Will you transform me into vibrant pot
    Or leave me at the responsibilities of time to diffuse myself in the swamp .

  • optimist_wordsmith 46w

    Yaha rishte salamat hafte bhar nahi thairte

    Tumne to umr bhar haath thamne ki baat kar di

    ~ dear ❤️