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  • outofleague 7w

    It is an important aspect in our lives to achieve something that would be able to contribute towards maintaining our own life with and within the very society, state, country, continent, world and ageing history we belong to. To have something that would help us get recognised by the people we surround ourselves everyday, to associate ourselves as part of something present and happening at any moment, to be able to structure our identity synched with the functions of human ecology.

    The very process that makes any individual eligible to be any of the mentioned characters, the aware literate has to survive a series of tests so that they, without facing any objection about their abilities against them, keep the pillars of perceivable and understandable known reality to exist alongside the immortal witness that is time.

    With conquerors of the accepted competitions we also get the victims of fated downfalls. And among the latter, somewhere.. we lose a possibility of one family's tomorrow devoured by the probability of earning a needed victory. Many who took part in a legal tournament of mercilessness which upon failure curses to live in the abyss of emotional torture and decaying hope.

    What I have achieved throughout my life is all at the cost of someone else's tears, shed secretly from their loved ones every morning they wake up remembering about it, every day thinking about it, every night trying to forget about it.

    Then comes the choice of keeping the fight alive or surrendering what there is with them. Just so that they would be able to go away from the turbulent echoes that question their capabilities, underperforming to establish silence against the very design that shapes their legitimacy as an accomplished product of evolution.


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    Taught Cannibals

    Behind the mask of
    necessary ritual
    to shape legacies..

    we strangle our own
    with defeats from the conquests
    won by champions.


  • outofleague 8w

    Endangered Breaths

    Measuring efforts of confrontations
    we initiate against demoralisations;
    little motivations, piling deteriorations;
    mortal endeavours.


  • outofleague 10w

    Burying Burdens

    I am watching the painted sky
    while poisoned by a recent lie,
    no one to beg for answers why
    efforts to escape feel too high,
    with barren tomorrows I cry
    but heart insists to try and defy.

    I stand against the wind
    my faint determination pinned,
    healing the wounds on damaged will
    learning methods for the battles uphill,
    taking a step forward each day
    consoling my wish that wishes to stay.

    Two things are eating my soul
    fear and consequences taking toll,
    merciless fate is on patrol
    awaiting for advantage to take control,
    being this road's passenger sole
    feeding on faith to keep myself whole.

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    my dreams burning from cold breeze,
    locked within are those secret stories
    which may never be revealed for centuries,
    with those who let me have many families
    and intangible antagonists as enemies.


  • outofleague 11w


    I wish everyone to get
    a job with
    "Miraquill Notification's" perks.
    You can be on leave
    without informing anyone


  • outofleague 11w

    Tormenting Teachings

    Taking Turns To Test
    Tantalizing Testaments
    That Trick The Truth
    To Tell Tear's Tale.


  • outofleague 13w


    Me :
    Opens Miraquil.

    Miraquil :
    Pops out all the unread notifications.

    Me :
    Why you do this??


  • outofleague 15w


    Sometimes it feels like
    Miraquil Notification
    is cheating on me.


  • outofleague 15w

    #friend #friends #friendship
    मित्रम् मित्रे मित्राणी


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    Luck's Boon

    Like that shedded leaf which finds
    its way eventually falling onto
    the sacred pond of a mystical forest;
    I have been blessed with such fortune
    riding the directions of fate
    where the pond is Friendship
    and the forest being
    once in an eternity, Opportunity.

    Showered with hospitality
    that subdues intangible stings
    from the weapons of material facades
    I am living that life
    which is kept secret
    in the library of Heaven;
    under the section
    "More grateful than any Afterlife"

    With suprises more surprising
    than witnessing a shooting star,
    this company introduces meanings
    that soothes fresh scars accumulated
    while drifting through time.

    Whether anyone questions about distance
    noticed by their blind eyes,
    I comply with my heart filled with
    memories, promises and understanding;
    "We.. are here. Don't we?"


  • outofleague 16w

    There was a time when you were hopeful
    for the efforts and decisions you took
    guided by the principles and beliefs from
    the fate that fell at your steps to
    the fortune that made you shred your rest,
    it will bend the conditions and odds
    in your route of going forward,
    bringing a acceptable present which
    would make you say; "It was worth it."

    That's a lot of spiritually oriented terms
    jammed up in one huge (literary captivating)
    But how much exactly the spiritually
    oriented stuffs I could have avoided
    to mention something similar to
    what I have mentioned.

    You know what..
    considering the amount of fiction
    and imagery that are present in
    any one write-up in miraquil's platform
    most of the stuffs they portray
    are reflections of
    what they all really HOPE to happen.
    Just enough of what they hoped to..
    hope again.

    We notice, observe and measure to
    recognise, acknowledge and conclude
    every passed, happening and upcoming moment
    worried, thinking and expecting
    a hint, clue or sign that would
    either indicate, exhibit and/or justify
    that it was fine, appropriate or significant
    to pray, wish and hope.

    Maybe with every new experience
    we lean more towards our assumptions
    than the mind's abode where hope resides.
    that distinct, strict and/or genuine event
    when the hope will go extinct
    within one's essence, spirit and intelligence
    might be the right, awaited and destined time
    for them to know
    why sometimes “hope” doesn't work.

    #hope #contest_j

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    Calculated Worries
    Sacred Predictions
    Sacred Calculations
    Predicted Worries

    (Toe-May-Toe, Tow-Maa-Tow, Tomato)
    *Now imagine the point I am in
    on the line that connects
    hope and assumption*


  • outofleague 17w

    #nostalgic #negotiations
    *Antakshari : a game among group of people that comply with songs starting from the last consonant of the last song.

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    Nostalgic Negotiations

    How long it has been
    since that joyride of laughters
    on the table you take meal.

    How long it has been
    since that clash of roasts
    while returning from
    an evening class.

    How long it has been
    since you silently paying for
    your friends' beverages
    during lunch break.

    How long it has been
    since scaring that one friend
    who believes in ghosts
    in the dark.

    How long it has been
    since you tried to ruin
    someone's picture while
    it is being taken.

    How long it has been
    since you played Antakshari*
    while going on a trip.

    How long it has been
    since you waited for someone
    before hitting the play button
    on your laptop.

    How long it has been
    since you were part of
    a group discussion to throw
    a birthday party.

    How long it has been
    since you stopped thinking
    about the things mentioned.

    How long it has been
    since you lived in the present
    than being professional about
    your future.

    How long it has been
    since you hugged THEM,
    last time.

    How long
    it has been...