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  • pa_luck 3d

    For any crime, Hunger is the culprit !


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    I'm a mad person.
    I'm always mad, mad at myself,
    mad at you and everyone.
    I know, i question a lot and i also expect you to answer,
    what i want to hear.
    I have doubted my importance for you,
    day in and day out,
    I have probably lost it.
    I have jumped in the puddle so many times
    that my sorry doesn't mean anymore.
    My hundreds of "love you"
    wouldn't bring you back like before.
    I seek your attention,
    like any other person would have,
    I'm no different.
    I'm just another human who cries.

  • pa_luck 1w

    When I recapitulated my day
    I felt sorry for being just me !


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    All about myself

    Sorry for making it,
    "All about myself".

    Like breaking the whiskey glass
    jerking my anxious esse
    over your birthday boots.

    For sprouting out my song lines
    running between the stage and your audience
    like waking up in the middle of a yawn.

    Sorry for forging the talks about
    how i felt over, not feeling anymore
    and then crying a chest pain for an overdue.

    For modeling the meanings
    that would satisfy my smiles
    while reassuring that I'm not
    the reason behind your tears.

    Sorry for asking for attestations
    on the heart of my cacography
    while driving you along, unnoticed.

    For proposing you my nervous love
    when i knew, you love me already
    just for me to love you
    a little more than yesterday !

  • pa_luck 2w

    When you ignore a doorbell
    After pressing the help button !


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    When home's colder than streets

    You lay curled up in tissue rolls
    fixing the snobs
    before they reach your philtrum
    calling it the longest horizon
    you travel betwixt rusted senses.

    The lost wind sweeps under your carpet
    with some sent sun and sand
    while the latched door never bothers
    to return the favoured sugar cubes.

    It's been a while, your not so ready skin
    has skimmed away the scum
    and the spittle has made a web
    catching hold the lips in between.

    Your lashes are blushing from glare
    while ignoring the rays which tap
    a pebble, a time, on the leaky pane
    you toss your turn and hide behind
    another evacuated slumber.

    There's an undiscovered hint
    right outside your snowy heart
    while you wasted all your heat
    embalming an extinguished matchstick.

  • pa_luck 2w

    You better be a wise loner than a weak lover !


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    An Ailment

    I'm a progressive malady. I barely function. I throttle throats to thrive upon a thorn.
    I'm a squawker. I squeeze peace out of people.
    I'm atrocious and shoddy and sorry. I can chew the church out of Lord.
    I have a disjunctive demeanor. I slaughter smiles into sadness.
    I'm wrong and unwarranted. I slide palms over split fangs.
    I'm a repetitive repenter. I fog breaths into plastic rebreathers.
    I'm a spoilsport and a sulk. I can sink the woods into shredded dampness.
    I'm a serious sinner. I snap pneuma like the coiled caduceus.
    I'm not happiness or hope. I suck the odour off scents.
    I'm not the one you should be with. I can make gaffes look like grievous guilts.

  • pa_luck 4w

    I was ignoring this intentionally, knowing it was parked in my backyard. The thing about darkness is, it allows me not to disclose itself. It is and it is for no good or bad to be told.

    I leave a leaf of my sheath tented. I let it skim through but never insist on staying any further. I wish it sleeps with me to shuffle everything within.

    I love that it never points out anyone particular, which might pinch off my pins. It speaks to me something that shakes my stance but i barely can find a face to slap. Its all same in its shadows, unbiased, unrehearsed and liberal like love. It makes me possible, uncharted.

    I keep a close and confidential commitment about a silly infinity within it. I have risked my life into a bet. I can never stop playing, dialing-on-a-deadline song. It takes me to a time, unregistered, under-stood, liberating like lust. It's the only go to shelf, i can spread on uncovered.

    It trades a transition for its tour towards me or rest of the town. I keep the tickets ready either way. I travel a trance to pull it an inch closer, but it says, its for all, allegedly. I can share it to have my share, unshared.


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    I'm not scared, I seek a soul within!

  • pa_luck 4w

    It's the way it works, the world
    a distraction in dimensions
    a globe surely looks larger
    make them a part of it !

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, they say !


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    The Masking Effect !

    Wish them well, loud
    louder than their cries
    it helps by handing hopes
    a shake silently side drafted.

    The coldness doesn't kill
    until the care gets addictive
    gift them a balm for burns
    and they'll cherish the chapter.

    Hold their hindered hiccups
    approving of the hysteria
    pull back for the push
    in a void only volition exists.

    Drop a dead dress on stove
    and call out for a fire brigade
    they'll forget about the heartburn
    and all the water will go waste.

    Make the distances deeper
    ploughing their psyche
    set up the solemnest doorbell
    and pretend not to be home, again.

    Let lies build up their life
    but keep questioning the truth
    this makes them think, they're thinking
    enough of a reason to redress.

  • pa_luck 6w

    This is how it looks to you
    This is how I translate !


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    "No, not that dead skin
    but the dermis right beneath it
    which has the apt garnish of
    freshly freed scarlet ichor."

    My tongue teases those
    chapped lips, bites off the kaput
    then sobs over the asymmetry
    while cosseting the baby bark.

    I keep shuffling the diktats
    dictating a missed decision
    with my mucky mind to the
    minion mistaking my descriptions.

    "Now who takes care of
    the bandages not overlapping
    the suicidal cuts in a row-
    Each one, Teach the same one."

    While pulling a thread out of scale
    my circuit collapses in a circle
    throwing a noose over an oppo
    only as an incident not intended.

    The ruckus about creating one
    is leaving a pair of scissors open
    and slide the fingers to clean the blades
    for i like to swap morals and mistakes.

  • pa_luck 7w

    My man is a caption
    Not a person in the poem
    Nothing less than nothing
    I push him
    Not just bargain a favour !


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    My man is a common man
    not so common though
    camouflages to avoid attention
    i bring him escape
    not just let him thrive.

    My man is a myth
    not a methodological mystery
    primed pork on the table
    i slice him into reality
    not just redress like the best boy.

    My man is a mother
    not a compromise in labour
    slow motion show of routine
    i use him as a ready reckoner
    not just keep as an update.

    My man is a disbelief
    not an angel at an angle
    some calculated underestimate
    l lean on him
    not just hook like belongings.

    My man is a conclusion
    not a jeopardy at play
    sick leave submission on a go
    i mess with him
    not just disagree to budge.

    My man is black
    not a black man
    absorbs me immensely, instantly
    i like him really
    not just love like a love laid.

  • pa_luck 8w

    Impotency is no love for life while being in love !


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    I, can't keep my back up
    poke my head straight
    often fall for or apart
    round the clock, clicking.

    I'm, caught up between hands
    half held half handed
    given up for a headache
    finding a cure in, blessings.

    I, save a move more for more
    while dropping a high five
    before its inception
    work done infinity, misleading.

    I, let the ground absorb me
    spill like a spoilt autumn
    pick up a yawn till dawn
    sleeping off the efforts, soiling.

    I, well up after closing
    on chances taken or not taken
    for the sake of comfort
    couches in godown, rusting.

    How hard is it to
    not loosen up too much
    give a damn head shake
    and just throw up, flushing.

  • pa_luck 9w

    There's a reason
    and it isn't me
    that brings him a smile
    but it's enough
    for me to have one.


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    It's Okay

    There's a sun
    and he ain't on fire
    because of me
    but gleams enough
    to send me a ray.

    There's a march
    and they aren't alive
    ample to sail through
    but they form a queue
    which spares me some space.

    There's a montessori
    and it ain't aging
    along with the banayan tree
    but this spectrum of time
    is the necessary reality check.

    There's a distinction
    and it isn't the differences
    that marks the silhouette
    but shades sufficiently well
    to shape my identity.

    There's a risk
    and i ain't taking it
    after risking it all
    but it does reminds me
    of unseen sides of phantom.

    There's a creator
    and he isn't procreating
    after his human edition
    but it helps my intert state
    as we are running out of ideas.