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  • pacifierpunch 5d

    Amidst all inclusion lies her own exclusion!

    There was a storm,
    loud and numb as a norm,
    swirling strongly and swaying sideways
    coaxing her to slide into dimly lit alleys,
    where whispers of mind and heart collide,
    making way for noises and murmurs that refuse to die,
    as if the drums are upbeat about entering somewhere,
    and violins are strumming strings persistently to let music simmer,
    Yet there was not a glimmer of joy,
    and all seemed like a whimsical ploy,
    May be to embrak on an escapade to wonderlands
    even though the chaos led her to hinterlands.
    She was entangled yet estranged.
    She was excited yet deranged.
    There was order yet everything was inane.
    There was dream yet everything was strange.
    The head and heart were embroiled in a scuffle.
    The soul was writhing in pain seeing writings on the wall.
    The gut was gyrating to notes of a conundrum.
    The breaths were embalmed with anxiety so dumb.
    She knew something has been switched off.
    She could sense she is sliding along the trough.
    Everything was perfect yet all it appaerd was bluff.
    Her desires were flagrant, efforts were brimming, yet her contentment was probing if this is enough.
    With all in her stride and with ripening of her ride, there was a blot of black on her impeccable whites,
    and as she tagged along the inevitable yet pulled apart by those invisible probables, she had lost all the zeal to swear by sides.
    She just longed for an intermission,
    to reflect on her progression,
    as all of the procession seemed like regression,
    and brushing aside bits and pieces of accession,
    she was waiting to find her querentia
    in a bowl full of possesions,
    for amidst all the worldly inclusions,
    she has become wary of her own exclusion.


  • pacifierpunch 10w

    When you can be anything, why be something?

    As the winds took away a part of me,
    dispersing it into silence so eerie,
    what was left behind was shrieking in agony,
    looking for quick fixes to mend the glitches,
    begging for its share of ecstasy,
    as it is still unable to fathom the epiphany,
    that what's gone was never capable to florisce,
    and redundant, it was just deepening the deficiencies,
    in the design of its elaborate destiny
    and arrangement of its dazzling journey.
    It was all meant to disintegrate,
    and to create a pitch blank slate,
    for me to write what I never predicted
    and to prevent me from re-writing what has never ticked,
    so, breaking all the famished ties,
    it disbanded what was alredy fragile,
    because, as the walls of my yearnings come tumbling down,
    the infinite space churned out probabilities of me being found.
    As I begin to warm up to the unknown and unseen,
    I became aware of the possibilities umpteen,
    And, as I part with regret and stop dwelling on cause-effect,
    I finally shed the undesirable and my idea of being perfect,
    because when I let go of what has been well kept,
    I finally let in with what I cam effortlessly connect!


  • pacifierpunch 10w

    Silence: Key to our balance!

    Like the dance of butterflies under scorching sun,
    Like an opulence of iridescent rainbows after rains,
    Like beaming stars in the pitch black night,
    and like dew drops hugging verdance in daylight,
    there is melting of divides between motion and movement
    there is amalgamation of humility with adamance
    there is fusion between freedom and fences,
    there is dissolution of timelines and tenses,
    what transpires is balance,
    what conspires is universe,
    what aspires is nothingness
    what perspires is obstinate mess,
    as if
    there is nothing to fight,
    there is no way to run away from fright,
    there is no other way about light,
    and there is nothing to be rigid and tight,
    Just that,
    there are whispers of thoughts and emotions,
    there are waves of understanding and wisdom,
    there is consensus between intellect and ignorance,
    and there is no show down between reality and pretence.
    As if there was a blank canvas,
    which is neither disposed to influence nor absorb,
    but there is a readiness to create and imbibe,
    keeping outlines and demarcation out of sight!


  • pacifierpunch 21w

    Getaway to true self!

    As I let my eyes wander to far off lands
    in nook and crannies of my mind,
    there was nothing to find,
    as if what I have amassed until
    and what all I called mine
    was just a bubble of illusions
    meant to evanesce with time borne winds,
    as if all that I have been enamoured with since beginnings
    and all that filled me with rapture and ecstasy
    was just a beeline of matchsticks
    toppling and tumbling when prodded by truth and its piercings,
    and so, I returned empty handed from my sojourn,
    yet brimming with an unparalleled feeling
    that nothing I averred to be mine was my stalwart reality,
    as I was nothing to begin with where peace was interspersed with love, away from painful duality!

  • pacifierpunch 30w

    As the ink of my dilapidated words chipped off, those shabby remains struggled to keep the story alive,
    as if they lay parched on unwilling pages staring at a faraway bottle of ink and wishing earnestly for it to spill, drenching them once again and dissolve their standstill!

  • pacifierpunch 33w

    Better over bitter!

    Broken they lie down,
    with pieces and frowns,
    searching for an inch of ground,
    when the world mocked them as clown.

    All their colours vaporized,
    all their emotions were ostracized,
    yet they waited day and night
    for a small flicker of light.

    But, those matchsticks could seldom provide,
    the fire that could incinerate their plight,
    so, piecing together their shards so trite,
    they decided to brige the gap between black and white.

    Off they go, tending to hurt with love,
    flaunting their ugly scars to the world,
    letting thoser unhealed wounds bleed
    to let their pain transform into fertile seeds
    of light that will never evanesce
    and heal everyone who basks in its glee,
    for, as they merge with their hopes and curse,
    they gleamed with their beautiful purpose.
    That's, why those who choose to rise above the jitters
    are always the one who inspire others to be better over being bitter.

  • pacifierpunch 34w

    @writersnetwork #mirror #poetry

    It's all about imposition of outer world on ourselves and living people pleasing life to gather validation. The cracks and fissures that ensue making our soul wail in pain is what makes us realize that it's okay to be *our true self* rather than catering to nonsensical senses in vain. Once you align with your inner richness, you no more will fall off the cliff of vulnerabilities and temptations into abyss of invited mess. So anyday choose to be you simply whether it is taken well by others or not.

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    Mirror mirror on the wall; only If it could mend its flaws!

    Beyond those scattered crevices on chest of mirrors,
    my countless reflections asked me whats with this bluff?
    Baffled with its piercing quest,
    I answered in jest;
    that my wholeness is simulating your brokenness
    and all that is projected is the fantasy of your inner mess!
    The mirror immediately chided
    and asked me to step aside!
    I wondered what it's upto,
    a contemplation or futile attempt to rescue?
    But, then it sat there staring at its plight
    and I intervened to interrogate it all with my might!

    Are you just fine or is it something that you have seen is sublime?
    It peacefully retorted, maybe it was earlier too entwined
    with the objects, their portraits, postures features, role plays and jibes
    and absorbing all the chaos, it strayed away from its own vibe!
    And, now all these cracks are gathering soon to portray its state of being
    in shambles and tatters for always pleasing others amidst their quirkness and bling!
    All it never cared for is its own essence in the way it existed
    reluctantly going about way of showing facades as facades and pumping vanity into despicable souls,
    only, If it could refect the rawness behind facades, usual behind tonnes of make up, clumsiness behind spotless demeanour, shakiness behind firm conduct and colours of their heart behind derived roles,
    It would have lived a fulfilled life away from cocky trade,
    basking in genuineness; calling spade a spade.
    No more it would have been overwhelmed by crannies
    if it has been itself all along; upfront and uncanny!


  • pacifierpunch 34w

    Life feels like....

    Floating on sea of life,
    on log of thoughts and emotions,
    I am often tossed and teased
    by waves and ripples in motion,
    as if coaxing me to embrace
    or topple down to make space,
    and yet unperturbed by their camaraderie,
    I was wrapped in poise so eerie,
    as if the questions have ceased
    and answers are not ready to pay the lease,
    as if my heart no longer craves for home
    as if my mind no more hankers for everything to be its own.
    There is just a sense of flowing
    irrespective of who is rowing
    and there is rapture so infinite
    as if the day and night intrigues me alike,
    Not a craving to be washed away onto shores,
    but crashing and dancing with waves, away from choices of less and more!


  • pacifierpunch 36w

    Soliloquy of soul!

    Those melodies etched in my heart,
    yet hiding in dungeons of hurt,
    came out of hideouts under starry sky,
    basking in light of new highs,
    to croon their way in abyss of night,
    overwhelming the darkness with deluge of its mellifluous might,
    splattering and spluttering on tiptoes,
    yet banging it's music into hollows of hopes,
    as if the soliloquy of my soul has woken up from slumber,
    and all it is keen is to disperse is its story unencumbered!


  • pacifierpunch 36w

    Un-learning is our actual yearning!

    Years of learning came down
    yet I could neither smile or frown!
    As I sat there staring at rubbles,
    everything seemed like vulnerable bubbles,
    as if strokes of wisdom finally laid them to rest
    and I have been freed from curse of unrest.
    As I sat there mourning the obvious loss,
    tears refused to follow their course,
    as if they were thrilled at what transpired
    and prodding me to celebrate on being rewired.

    It felt as if this conjectures was speaking my heart,
    as I was all in peace when I should be irrevocably hurt,
    because it never felt like I have lost that truckload of ideologies and beliefs
    but being liberated from bulky burden that was a friendly thief,
    robbing me of my authenticity and freedom over the years,
    and abandoning me in swamp of dilemmas and fears;
    as if threatening that non compliance will make me an outcast
    and so, oppressed, I locked myself in their insolent cast,
    dreading that my challenge will land me in solitary lanes,
    away from the world and it's definition of being sane,
    but, all I felt deep down was an excruciating pain
    for being a prisoner to such society and its ways so lame!

    So, to this day, when all the rote learning and concepts lay disarmed and scattered,
    all I could feel for the first time; a flutter of pleasure on my platter,
    as if all the emptiness is miraculously fertile
    calling me to be myself and all kinds of versatile;
    as if my creativity knows no bounds
    and spontaneity is flowing abound,
    as if, there is no limits to my pinnacles
    I am no longer fettered by fright of debacles,
    as if I am no longer a servant at whims of sickening standards,
    but ready to be a master of my own, away from patterns so wayward.
    And, that's how between thumping of followings and whispers of inner callings,
    the lightning of unlearning decimated every sting and flings,
    planting me in soils of my essence,
    letting me freely ink my chapters of uninhibited resurgence!