Everything around you is an inspiration You need only be still to see - PalmTrees Poetry ��

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  • palmtrees_poetry 28w

    I am not asking you to stop running;
    Please don't mistake me;
    What I mean is that you must stop once
    in awhile when the breeze is gentle
    and you just want to sit
    and stare at the waves hitting the shore

    What I also mean is that you must
    occasionally attend to the scars beneath your feet
    Scars caused by the sharrred pieces of you
    that you worked so hard to conceal

    I am not asking you to be afraid
    I see through those flashbacks in your eyes
    Loved and in love some time ago
    Only to be humiliated and traumatized

    Take in the saltiness of the air
    Bury your feet in the sand
    Lavish in this temporary tranquility
    Before you decide to be off again

    And, should you ever grow tired of running
    Your legs too weak to carry you afar,
    Think back to this here, utopia
    Where, once upon a shoreline ago
    You almost believed in who you are !


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    photo credits // ��- terest

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    The Run Away...

  • palmtrees_poetry 28w

    I wish I were a bird
    Free flying through the world
    Amidst this lockdown and virus
    I'd be high up twirling in the horizon
    Gliding effortlessly
    Defying gravity

    I wish I were a bird
    Soaring with powerful wings
    I'd flutter through the covers
    Peaking into claustrophobic houses
    Then as soon as I'd tire
    I could rest by the branches
    Changing each view as I wish
    Not dictated by a remote and its batteries

    I wish I were a bird
    Emancipated from this human world
    Free of its hate and poison
    Just living my life in the moments
    Following the colours of life
    Finding out where the earth meets the sky

    Oh ! How I wish I were bird...


    Photo credits // ��- terest

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    #readwriteunite #mirakeepoets #freebird

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    how I wish I were a bird...

  • palmtrees_poetry 28w

    Moon Gazer

    It's crazy how I miss you everday
    I've sent shooting stars ever since, your way
    The moon, it keeps me company every night
    He says he has seen you some several times
    I ask him if it's ok that one day
    We trade souls for awhile
    So I can see you again...


  • palmtrees_poetry 28w

    The Sad Bride

    I wish it
    that I'd be walking to...
    down this aisle


  • palmtrees_poetry 29w

    Princess Autumn

    They all had envied
    The magic that she brings
    Changing hair colors
    For a number of trees
    Her aura just right
    Not too cold by night
    The humans basked
    In her beauty and light

    She represented change
    She represented harvest
    Her colors ranged from red to ocher

    But those who weren't
    Captivated by her spell
    Knew all too well
    What those signs had meant
    She screamed in red
    High pitches of orange
    Wailing for the "Fall"
    That was before them

    Then day by day
    She faded away
    Mother Nature losing
    Her child yet again

    The wind howled her name
    The trees shed their leaves
    To farewell a noble princess
    Of the House of Seasons, Number III


  • palmtrees_poetry 29w

    Lost at Sea

    At exactly 1400 hours
    My surf board drifted to shore
    All whom were searching for me,
    Knew now that I'd been no more
    The waves had grabbed a hold of me
    Gravity pulling with its might
    Like a new found doll
    It continued to hold me tight
    I remember taking my last breath
    For a split second,we became one
    I suddenly understood the language of the sea
    When it came crashing down & bellowed :
    "Hush now Child, it is done!"

  • palmtrees_poetry 170w

    Born Strong

    Tell me,
    Does your heart ever skip a beat
    When you glance into the crowd
    To see a figure that looks just like me ?

    Mine does all the time....

    Then my heart beats through it,
    Snaps the heart strings connected to it
    And reminds me how much
    Of a tough cookie, I was born to be


  • palmtrees_poetry 171w

    Stayin' Woke

    Cutting off the chains
    that bound my heart to you
    Punching the life out of me
    That lived only for you


  • palmtrees_poetry 180w

    Today we salute you
    And remember all your names
    Today I recalled the memory
    Of receiving your news in vain

    I'd prepared myself for the moment
    A thousand times in my head
    But nothing compared to the reality
    That you'd never be around again

    And though I have your armour
    to remind me of your valour
    No amount of medals could
    Replace this void of absence

    Our brave war soldiers
    Our gallant and fearless men
    We forever cherish your selflessness
    Lest we never forget

  • palmtrees_poetry 180w

    They say if you love something
    you've got to let it go,
    if it does come back to you than it was truely yours..
    Do you believe that?

    They say that everyone has a soul mate but life isn't always fair with having you spend your forevers together..
    Do you believe that?

    They say if you're finding it hard to sleep at night, it's cos someones up thinking of you..
    Do you believe that?

    I believe they're all just myths..
    Myths made up by lonely people
    Afraid of letting go
    So they leave the lanterns
    In their hearts ablaze
    For the hope that their lost love
    finds their way home


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    Hopes or mere Myths?

    You tell me?!