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  • paperwhites 1w

    20 In 2022

    /20 Things I learned Before Turning 20/

    From your 19th self
    1st May,

    Hope is an early moon, the farther you go to chase it the perfect picture you would get. It is at the nose of the steps you take, on the lips of the conclusions you make. It is a flower that grows in your heart once you cleanse all the dirt and dust dispersed in your head.

    The sum of people around you doesn't characterize your happiness. Happiness has got nothing to do with get-togethers and the candlelight dinners. It fibs right with you on the shelves of your shadow it pursues all the highways you take until you unhook it to allow it to blossom in your bosom.

    You say peace is in watching the stars at night, patient dark sky and the moon side by and I don't rebel you're not wrong but peace doesn't end here. Peace is what you bring from uphill battles and faithfulness.Peace is in the chaos, peace yarns in pleasure. It is in the black clouds, black of smoke and storms, black of coffee beans and dahlias. It's in you, in the black hair and the black eyes.

    Expectations are just a gloss nothing more, you often wear it to fill your wishes and please your hopes. You sort expectations only to get hurt later. Yes. Expectations are cruel. Don't give birth to them.

    Success is an address, talk it often, talk it more, what you need for success is nothing but love. Fall in love with what you do and you are there, almost there, near to it.

    The other brand of love is heaven.This process is occult.There are days when you are loved more and then days when you love less and it's okay.Till the time it's equal from both the sides it's an aye. More than love what love requires to remain is respect, rate, reliance and regard.

    There in a series of sleepless nights and backbreaking days it lingers. It's pain and it's brief. It is never permanent.You can't send it back but you can learn to be with it, be with the rush and restore once it's gone.

    Your heart is delicate like a red rose yet the most beautiful thing you have. Make the most of it by loving more people, forgiving more and growing hate and hair for the less.

    The soul is pure like a prayer. It rides you to the things that give you true satisfaction and therapy. Busy it in worship, worship of love, worship of nature and every promising thing that comes across. Feed it no envy and see yourself blooming.

    It needs no themes of showpieces and craft, no glitz and glamour. It's an emotion.It's an unpaid gallery of steadfastness and acceptance.It's home. Home is what lets your disarranged self in open-handed and warm-hearted when it gets opaque outside.

    Life is nothing but a proceeding going on and off. Sometimes it gives you a polished hug and somedays rains on you unwelcomed tears, still keeps on going so do you, keep going despite what's in and what's not.

    Mornings are a prodigy. A new sunrise carries a new wish and in new wish hides a new probability. Rise with the birds, make your mornings towering and see how beautifully the day unfolds opportunities.

    They say afternoons are too listless to work, they send a sense of laziness around. No. The afternoon is a new day. There are days your forenoons don't go as prepared and you need a crossroad to start afresh just like with a new day, that's where afternoon comes into play.

    What lavenders don't heal evenings do, what nights can't conceal evenings can. Evenings are the bits of everything right.Never miss
    an evening twilight, it has a new story new day. Sometimes rested in pastels and sometimes in periwinkles.Get every parcel of your being imbued in a new evening every day.

    A woman is not defined by her body measurements the circumference of her bust, waist and hips nor her body type determines womanhood in her.It takes tenacity, tolerance and temerity to live one unrefined woman, the face and shape of a goddess.

    Let go of all the pessimistic energies you are building a cocoon from, around yourself, about whatever you plan or whatever you deliver. Exhale all that no longer serves you right and inhale everything that makes you smile.

    They say the best gift you can gift someone is time, yes most relationships die just because you don't set your foci of the time. And above that what you can gift a person is a prayer. Embark your every day with a few words of gratitude and goodness. The more you pray the more you are blessed, the more you pray for the more you are bestowed.

    Your behaviour is your second name. More than your label and stature people remember you for how well you behaved to them. Bundle your words with love and understanding, with a breath of belonging and a sprinkle of softness.

    Maturity has nothing to do with age. Yes, with age you meet more moods and get a sensibility of things. But what interprets maturity is just being true to yourself, to your family and to the doctrines and dogmas of standing as an adult. You realise communicating is
    not a must-have, sometimes silence weighs more.

    Learn to hang around raw. Don't tinge your tan, filter your flaws or screen your scars, your originality is more attractive than your put on versions.Let them not like you when unfurnished. It's calm until you are bold to be yourself.

    To your 20th self
    Approaching June


  • paperwhites 2w

    Michelle- who resembles God
    Fourteenth Era's vogue- fashion of 14th century

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH �� @writersnetwork


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    A high renaissance michelle
    Celebrated for his sumptuous style
    Fourteenth era's vogue was his smile


  • paperwhites 2w

    "She's mad, but she's magic
    there's no lie in her fire"

    –Charles Bukowski, An Almost Made Up Poem

    THANK YOU ��️ @writersnetwork

    #threewords #crocuspetals

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    Scotch Brooms

    She is a story, unheard
    her spirit free like a bird
    with wisdom ahead of time
    and wildness her prime


  • paperwhites 2w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork Please take this into notice.
    I need my posts back. Rn, I can precisely see nothing
    except the blank gray backgrounds. It has eaten up my
    peace. It sucks tbh. Kindly rectify it as soon as possible.

    -paperwhites ❤

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    Good evening peeps. I hope everyone is having a good time. Cutting to the chase, I'm not able to view my old self-edited posts. Now I know it was not that huge, but I formerly deleted the app from which I had edited them and had them penned on 'cause by then I was proficient to view and read them here appropriately. And now I've kinda failed all those writings *wipes sincere tears*. It just gets me anxiety.

    Also, I wanted to ask if the remaining of you
    are withstanding the same or if it's a new snag?
    Does anyone know a plan to get the posts back?
    If yes, please share it in the comment box below.

  • paperwhites 2w

    "Why should I be unhappy?
    Every parcel of my being is in full bloom"


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH �� @writersnetwork
    And a big shout-out to each one of you who reads
    me selflessly. You are a piece of heaven ♡

    #sometimes #city

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    Rose Skull

    Sometimes you feel like
    happiness slipping off
    your fingers and hope
    flying after it

    you don't unlock door
    to sufferings but they
    win entering from the
    fringes, like one lost
    city you feel

    yet it's not where it
    should end, heighten
    your heart over hang-ups
    and catch up with all
    unhurriedly like a flower


  • paperwhites 3w

    "She was a wild one but some
    of us need the storm to feel safe"


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH �� @writersnetwork
    Thankyou for always holding my hand, backing my back
    and forcing my feet forward. I cherish your every acclaim.

    #elfchen #crocuspetals

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    has survived
    guns and hemlocks
    her eyes scream a


  • paperwhites 4w

    "Any day is a hump day when you wake up in the morning"

    –Anthony T. Hincks

    THANK YOU �� @writersnetwork

    #week #wod #pod

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    A Week In April

    Monday is a freshly
    shopped t-shirt setting
    you forth for the week
    with a just wakeful dome
    besides the blues and
    browns coming your way
    carrying in its pockets

    Tuesday looks like a
    Persian cat after the
    shower little stable with
    scantily cupped lips and
    a wagging tail, basking
    in the sun to dry up the
    insecurities and wear
    the sangfroid

    Wednesday is another
    name for the stars laying
    unafraid with a dreamlike
    head yet a doable heart
    with twinkling eyes and
    pukka resolutions

    Thursday resembles
    the pearl bushes and
    the painted daisies, one
    laid-back yet an open-eyed
    afternoon daydreaming of
    summer and sunglasses

    Friday is a Saint who
    speeds in before the sun
    and departs after moon
    holy like love with hours
    of milk and honey and
    the pineapple skies

    Saturday is a showgirl
    dancing all the night in
    a sequin gown, careless
    like words yet feeling
    upbeat like a proton
    with mules on feet
    and merlot on floor

    Sunday is a late sunrise
    and a garden-fresh evening
    a blast of a packet of lays
    untroubled like a rain song
    and the loose fit jeans
    with work on standby
    and a walk in wardrobe


  • paperwhites 4w

    "I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
    I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in
    this way because I do not know any other way of loving
    but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your
    hand on my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall
    asleep your eyes close"

    —Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

    THANK YOU �� @writersnetwork

    #love #sunflowerc

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    Layers Of Love

    Our fates are
    star-far yet our
    souls closer than
    bones to body

    our hearts beat
    right next to each
    other like sunflower
    seeds and the sun

    Ah! how wondrous
    of us to be made out
    of layers of love


  • paperwhites 4w

    "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its
    sorrow, it empties today of its strength"

    —Corrie Ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH �� @writersnetwork

    #end #wod #comboc

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    Mixtape Cassettes

    Autumn is a refugee who hides
    in a summer concentration camp
    while there is a holocaust going
    between the wine hellebores and
    marmalade folds of coneflowers,
    the maple mats and wattle baskets
    holiday in a museum of boyfriend
    sweaters and wellington boots and
    write a eulogy to fall fisherman's
    ropes and the farmer's sickle

    We are a match of winter and
    walnuss, I sing the summary of
    love and latte while your city has
    sheltered the ruins of a dynasty
    that brings shame to lovers, it's
    quite a monotony that how all
    these years changed nothing
    between us and same has got
    added to misery and misfortune
    of love and the outcasts of it

    My mother tongue lies dead
    in a field of colonial sunflowers
    and folk nameplates of roads
    are under demolition, the city
    is a boneyard of traditions and
    heritage and people a château
    of mayhem, there is nothing left
    in archives, the history has went
    up in smoke but deep in hearts
    there's a voice that pickpockets
    hope from the West of the Sun,
    East of the Moon


  • paperwhites 6w

    "Full many a glorious morning have I seen
    Flatter the mountain-tops with sovereign eye,
    Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
    Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy"

    —William Shakespeare, (Sonnet-33)

    Form- Shakespearen sonnet/ English sonnet
    [ABAB CDCD EFEF GG], 10-syllable pattern

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH ��@writersnetwork


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    Blossoming Bones

    How can then I find it, what I have lost?
    When love left midway, peace on dateless night
    Cyder-ripe self cut behind windows of past
    When joy tossed me to a sunless sight

    I blow out the thirst of things I sought
    Fat pockets, ruffle robes and darling gold
    It makes a difference what you are taught
    You don't fancy stars unless you are told

    But what's there that doesn't lie in a prayer?
    And at places where leaves kiss the sky
    In the immediate meadows do pair
    Sugar-plum smiles and a happy goodbye

    Yes, I have met it, that what was missing!
    In bees, butterflies, blooms and birds singing